10 Year Old Gives Birth

Krishna Poonia has medal to win and promise to keep

Mon, 28 May 2012 23:52:17 -0700 NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Indian discus thrower Krishna Poonia has no problem buying a T-shirt for her 10-year-old son Lakshya Raj, but the message he wants emblazoned on it gives her pause for thought. Poonia threw 64.76 meters in an event in Hawaii earlier this month to break India's national record but when she spoke to her son by telephone thousands of miles away in Jaipur, all she got was a … http://in.news.yahoo.com/krishna-poonia-medal-win-promise-keep-065217452–spt.html

Olympics-Poonia has medal to win and promise to keep

Mon, 28 May 2012 23:30:00 -0700 Indian discus thrower Krishna Poonia has no problem buying a T-shirt for her 10-year-old son Lakshya Raj, but the message he wants emblazoned on it gives her pause for thought. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/29052012/2/olympics-poonia-medal-win-promise-keep.html

London 2012 – Poonia has medal to win and promise to keep

Mon, 28 May 2012 23:20:00 -0700 Indian discus thrower Krishna Poonia is hoping to come back from London with a message for her 10-year-old son. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/29052012/58/london-2012-poonia-medal-win-promise-keep.html

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From Google Trends Feed: doc watson bath salts 10 year old gives birth roy oswalt ted cruz zombie apocalypse medal of freedom tony parker terrell owens hatfields and mccoys spurs manhattanhenge katie couric chris hayes … http://trendsfeed.blogspot.com/2012/05/top-news-doc-watson-bath-salts-10-year.html

Mich. woman gives birth after being shot | News-Magazin.Net

A 10-year-old indigenous Colombia girl gave birth to a health 5-pound daughter by cesarean section, according to ABC News, making her one of the youngest girls. http://www.news-magazin.net/mich-woman-gives-birth-after-being-shot.html

10-year old girl gives birth! |

birth! Last month a 10-year-old girl gave birth to a 5 1/2 pound baby. Unfortunately, due to her undeveloped body the hospital had to perform a C-Section in. http://thatswordisbourne.com/2012/05/24/10-year-old-girl-gives-birth/

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  • Anonymous says:

    BTEC Business School Problem? I picked BTEC business to do in year 9 as a GCSE option. In year 10 we had a teacher for about 6 months and then he went away to help his wife give birth and we had supply teachers who didnt know what they was doing. The teacher never returned and we got a new proper teacher at the end of year 10, later to find out the old teacher taught us all wrong. After a few months in year 11 i got taken out of business to do extra english and one of my business teachers rang my mum asking if i wanted to still carry on or not and the answer was no as i was to behind and had more subjects to focus on.
    Now here is my problem, today i got told if i didnt pass business i would have to pay £50, even though we both decided i would drop out of it. Am i in the wrong or has the teacher made the mistake? I am confused if it is my fault and would not want my mum to pay it

  • Anonymous says:

    Answer My Challenge! Brainteasers? I have the following brainteasers:

    1. Drake,Hannah, and Marmaley were siblings… Drake was 14 yrs. Old, Hannah was 12 and a half yrs. Old, Marmaley had an age 8 yrs. Late than her brother and sister… So how many yrs. Old is little Marmaley?

    2. There were six pigs… One died, another died the next day… One pig gave birth on July 15… It was 6 days ago when the first pig died and 5 days ago when the second pig died… What date did the first and second pig died?

    3. There was an Elephant that was 6 years old, it’s brother were 15 years old older than her… If you add 6+15 how many years old is her brother?

    4. Artic bought a milk on 5/24/12 and its expiration date was 7 days away… So what was the expiration date of the milk?

    5. There were 15 cows… The cows were set in a pattern that was sweet milk cow and salty milk cow…. The first cow had sweet milk and the second had salty milk… Over and over it was sweet then salty, if the sweet were first in the pattern, what milk did the cow give in the last place on the pattern?

    Answer the correct answers and you’ll get 10 points!

  • Almarama says:

    How To Lose Belly Fat After 2 Pregnancies? I’m very active naturally. I train 3x a week on the Spinner bike (45min), weight train twice a week with a program devised by my personal trainer, swim once a week and do yoga once a week. That is basically my weekly fitness routine for the past 2 months.

    I am (or used to be!) a pear-shape, so have always been bigger on the bottom, but I’ve always had a very flat stomach that looked like I did a lot of ab work when I didn’t. I am (was) just naturally built that way.

    After my first baby, my figure bounced back without any problems, and by the time my baby celebrated his 10th month, I was back to my former athletic self and ran my first 10k race since giving birth.

    I fell pregnant a second time, but my body took a real beating with the second pregnancy. My pelvis was almost shattered and I was unable to perform any activity – not even gentle walking! As such, I put on weight… A LOT of weight. But I didn’t care too much as I knew once I recovered and got back to my active routine, it would naturally come off like it did the first time.

    It took an entire year this time, as I was still bed-ridden with my pelvis issues for about 8 months after my baby’s birth. I slowly started exercising again with gentle Pilates when she turned 9 months old. She’s now 14 months old and I am able to do all of the above, which is a fantastic achievement considering how physically debilitated I was.

    However, normally, once I lose the weight, I always lose it in my upper body first. This time, I lost a lot around my face, which is what normally happens, some around my upper arms, then my thighs and legs started to shrink, but my belly?? It has a nice little round appearance to it. In fact, I have a slight ‘fold’ just around the hips, and lower belly area. It’s like my body shape has changed completely and I’m now an apple shape??

    I always used to buy jeans a size bigger just so they fit around my thighs but the waist area was always loose and I’d have to wear a belt to keep them up! However, as I’m back to my former weight, I tried one of my old jeans and they come all the way up just fine, but don’t zip because the hips are too fatty!! How do I get back to my old flat stomach?? I miss it!!!


    Ps I’m 35, so maybe age has something to do with it too? 🙁
    Thanks but I stopped running as I have chronic shin splints… and I already mentioned that my cardio is Spinning for 45mins 3 times a week, and that’s not including swimming once a week for 30mins… thanks for your answer anyway.

    • Curator says:

      Hi, how is everything? =)

      Losing weight is way easier than most people think. To get rid of any belly fat we need to work more on our abs and cardio. Below are a few techniques that I use myself with great results.

      Six packs are the hardest muscles to define in our bodies, but I will tell you a few tricks to accelerate the process. Drink 8 glass of water each day, and avoid soda and candies at all cost; When you go to the gym run on a treadmill for around 15-30 minutes, the more you do the more calories that you will burn, so if you’d run for more than 30 minutes, go for it. What you need to do is incline the treadmill to 10-15 and speed lvl to 4, Run one minute in 4 and the next minute 7-10, rinse and repeat. 4,7-10,4 etc

      Here are some workouts that I do myself and my abs are rock solid:


      Here is another website that have help me a lot too, however it isn’t free, but worth every single penny:

      Good luck and hope you get awesome looking Abs soon! (^_^)

  • Marsha says:

    Do You Think I Should Apologize To My X Husband? I’ve been divorced for 2 years. I am recently remarried, and very happy with my life. I am not looking back. I love my husband to bits and i wouldn’t trade him for the world. In fact i thank God everyday for giving me my husband and the life i now have. I am exactly where i want to be in terms of my husband, family, career and life as a whole.

    In my happiness i feel the need to correct some wrongs in my life. And i feel i should apologize to my X for having dumped him like i did. I had been pondering leaving for years, how and when i never knew, but i knew somehow it had to happen.
    He was not a bad husband, just the wrong husband. When we were dating he cried and begged me to marry him, because i tried breaking it off with him… and to me that was the first time i had ever made a man cry so i gave in. I had a lot of outside reasons to marry than to actually have a successful marriage for the sake of love and committment.

    A couple hours before the birth of our daughter i decided i had to leave and started preparing. I spent 10 months preparing after that. Saving cash like crazy. I still didn’t know how i’d break it off. Then one day, an x boyfriend came back into my life (online) and we started chatting loads. He was recently divorced and had regretted so much breaking up with me so long ago, and wanted to see me again, etc etc. I took him as my cue to leave. I didn’t care if something transpired with the old boyfriend, i knew i had to leave.
    One day i just talked to my X told him i was leaving, he again cried and begged and i finally had to lie and tell him there was someone else (my x boyfriend) but really there was only online comunication.

    So he gave up when i said that (i made it sound like things were serious). I packed up my things that day, took my daughter and my dog with me and stayed in a hotel that night. I never saw him again. He is from another country, so we agreed he would stay in the US for another year. But a couple days later he left back to his country to be with his mother and forgot all about our daughter. He won’t pay child support or won’t take any legal responsibility for her.

    Should i tell him I’m sorry, there really was nobody else, i just had to make that up because i had to leave you and i didn’ tknow how else to do it?
    He appears to have moved on. He is living with his friend from high school. They are planning on getting married. He wants to adopt her 2 youngest daughters. But then i hear other people mentioning on how miserable he is, how he can’t sleep, he’s been having nighterrors ever since i left him etc etc.

    I don’t want anything from him. I just want him to know i am sorry for hurting him. If i had known an easier way to leave him i would have opted for that, but in the heat of the moment, nobody ever really has the right answer for divorcing / separating.

    What do you think? Should i leave things as they are, or apologize?

    • Curator says:

      Whatever you do, don’t apologize. If you’re sincerely sorry then you don’t want to effectively insult him by saying that you left him because he was so bad – not because you loved someone else so much. You lied to spare his feelings… telling the truth now will just hurt his feelings. If you want to make amends you don’t do it through hurting someone and bringing things up again when he’s just about to get married. It was you leaving that hurt him – not you lying. And you can’t apologise for leaving him when you know that gave you the chance to be happy. The best thing you can do with this is learn from your mistakes and never do something again for outside reasons because the real mistake you made was not in the lying and leaving but in the getting together with him because he cried and you had outside reasons to marry him. Be true to yourself in future and that will be making amends to him.

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