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Happy Administrative Professionals' Day! See Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway and More Play Assistants

24 April 2013 | 8:37 pm Hollywood stars to A-list assistants! Some of our favorite celebs have taken up the iconic office role as personal assistants. Iron Man's Gwyneth Paltrow is the perfect gal with the…

Salaries for Administrative Professionals on the Rise

24 April 2013 | 2:08 pm The Compdata Surveys 2012 BenchmarkPro survey results found executive assistants earn an average base salary of $54,500, up 5.6 percent from 2011.Kansas City, KS (PRWEB) April 24, 2013 Wednesday is Administrative Professionals Day(R) and administrative assistants and secretaries across the country are being delivered cards, flowers and treated to lunch in appreciation for the services they …

Engage Team Members On Administrative Professionals Day With Five Tips From Strategic Coach Entrepreneurial Team Expert

24 April 2013 | 8:32 am Strategic Coachs entrepreneurial teamwork coach Shannon Waller says engagement between entrepreneurs and their team members is vital to a businesss success. In honor of Administrative Professionals Day (or Secretaries Day) on April 25, Waller offers five simple steps to begin the engagement process between entrepreneurs and their teams. (PRWeb April 24, 2013) Read the full story at http://www …

Last Minute Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day (and Week …

24 April 2013 | 7:15 pm You rely upon your administrative professional that's a P.C. term for secretary or paralegal for everything from proofreading to research to remembering to send flowers on your mother's birthday. Today is the official day

Just wanted to wish you happy Administrative Professionals Day for …

24 April 2013 | 6:07 pm Original source: Just wanted to wish you happy Administrative Professionals Day for hopefully the last time.

Legal Lasso: Happy Administrative Professionals Day Edition | Law …

24 April 2013 | 4:10 pm We want to thank all of the legal assistants, paralegals and other law firm administrators for all of their hard work on behalf of Colorado's lawyers and judges. Today's Lasso …

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14 Responses to Administrative Professionals Day

  • Me says:

    If Bush Is Guilty Of War Crimes What Does That Say About Obama? It was thought by many that President Obama would put a stop to the madness, to the wars, to the Bush administration’s nightmarish approach to national security. But the wars continue, including new attacks on additional populations and countries.

    The war in Afghanistan has expanded with tens of thousands of additional troops as well as an equivalent number of private military contractors. The military strategy is under the direction of Gen. David Petraeus, an expert in “counterinsurgency.”

    Drone strikes in Pakistan have continued and increased in numbers and intensity killing quickly growing numbers of Pakistani civilians, including women and children.
    Several of those who have been accused of Bush-era war crimes continued into the Obama administration — for example, McChrystal, Gates, Petraeus and Fredman, all of whom have been concerned with military and domestic”national security” issues.
    Withdrawal from Iraq has faded into the future. When and if the troops do go, private military contractors, in increasing numbers, take their places and remain.

    Billions have been spent on recruiting efforts to increase US military forces. Obama has insisted on “moving forward” by avoiding the recognition of crimes committed by the Bush government, allowing the worst offenders of the Bush years to avoid prosecution. He has both granted amnesty to the CIA agents involved in torture and offered legal defense if anyone else were to prosecute them.

    In February 2010 the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) issued its report on whether John Yoo and Jay Bybee should be held accountable for their actions associated with their role providing legal cover for torture, indefinite incarceration without trial, rendition, massive spying and other practices. DOJ found that they engaged in “intentional professional misconduct” by ignoring legal precedent and providing poor legal advice. But it did not hold them accountable for the crimes committed under the cover of their “legal” memos. Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis, downgraded the report’s conclusions to “poor judgment.” As a result, two slaps on the wrist are all that have emerged from an investigation into one of the darkest periods of modern US history.

    Prisoners continue to be rendered to “black sites” in Afghanistan and possibly to other countries.
    Prisoners are still enduring prolonged isolation, sleep and sensory deprivation and force-feeding. These techniques cause extreme mental anguish and permanent physical damage and are not permitted under international law. Make no mistake, the US still engages in torture. We know that solitary confinement is also taking place on US soil, as in these two cases with which we are most familiar.

    1. Syed Fahad Hashmi, a Muslim American student, was held for two and a half years in downtown Manhattan under Special Administrative Measures (SAMS) and subsequently in Colorado under the same conditions for at least another five months. “… Once accused of connections with terrorism or al Qaeda, apparently, the U.S. constitution and international human rights apparently do not apply. Torture by the U.S. is allowed. Pre-trial punishment is allowed. The presumption of innocence goes out the window. Counsel of choice is not allowed. Communication with news media not allowed.”

    2. Bradley Manning, accused of providing material to WikiLeaks, has been sitting completely alone in his cell for 23 out of 24 hours every day since late May 2001. Even inside his cell, his activities are heavily restricted: he’s banned from exercising, under constant surveillance and denied many of the most basic attributes of civilized imprisonment, including a pillow or sheets for his bed. He is forced to strip naked for inspections and, for the one hour per day when he is freed from isolation, he is barred from accessing any news or current events programs.

    Guantanamo still has not been closed. It should be noted that 89 of the remaining 172 prisoners were cleared for release by the Guantánamo Review Task Force, a group of 60 officials and lawyers, from government departments and the intelligence agencies, who reviewed all the Guantánamo cases in 2009, but are going nowhere because they are Yemenis.
    Prisoners in secret detention centers or “black sites” around the world are not allowed to gain access to courts, lawyers or even to know the charges or evidence against them.

    And, a war of aggression against the sovereign state of Libya was unleashed on March 19, 2011 through manipulation, hypocrisy and lies about the situation, hiding behind “humanitarian” goals to secure large high-quality oil reserves.

    Why Was Obama Given a Nobel Peace

  • Sulfikar says:

    Does Travelodge UK Recruit Any Indians From UAE? I published an advertisement in 2 days i received a mail showing

    Name: Mr. Bernard Cooks
    Telephone: +447024047430
    Message: Hello,
    TRAVELODGE HOTEL UK wishes to bring to your notice, that personnel’s from around the world are needed for immediate employment, TRAVELODGE HOTEL UK will be responsible for your accommodation and air flight ticket under employment agreement, if you are interested send your CV to human resources office through….

    Travelodge Hotels Ltd
    Sleepy Hollow
    Aylesbury Road
    Thame Oxon OX9 3AT.
    Tel: +447024047430

    They also Send an application form too and said to fill it up Scan and mail them with my Full size photo.

    Another mail from them is given below


    When you join Travelodge Hotel, you become an integral part of one of the most recognized names in luxury hospitality. you can work in a location that fits your lifestyle and needs. Right now, you can learn about career opportunities at Travelodge Hotel.

    Ready to Join theTravelodge Hotel Team?

    Whether you’re just starting your career in hospitality or you’re an experienced managerial candidate, professional in any field of discipline feel free you are welcome to work with us.

    (1) Accounting Management Trainee Monthly Salary From GBP 3,500

    (2) Accounting Manager……Monthly Salary From GBP 3,000

    (3) Assistant Restaurant Manager ….Monthly Salary From GBP 2,400

    (4) Banquet House Person .. Monthly Salary From GDP 2,100

    (5) Front Desk Night Clerk .Monthly Salary From GDP 1,850

    (6) Front Office Supervisor ..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,000

    (7) Restaurant Server ……..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,120

    (8) Room Attendants …………Monthly Salary From GBP 2,220

    (9) Sous Chef…..Monthly Salary From GBP2,200

    (10) Stewarding Supervisor Monthly Salary From GBP 2,230

    (11) Director of Sales ……….Monthly Salary From GBP 2,600

    (12) Section Housekeepers…Monthly Salary From GBP 2,150

    (13) Food & Beverage Mgr. …..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,400

    (14) Assistant Guest Services Manager…. Monthly Salary From GBP 2,600

    (15) Assistant Restaurant Manager…….Monthly Salary From GBP 2,500

    (16) Banquet Bartender (on-call)…….Monthly Salary From GBP 1,900

    (17) Banquet Cook………Monthly Salary From GBP 2,850

    (18) Cashier………………….Monthly SalaryGBP From 2,400

    (19) Catering Sales Manager…..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,200

    (20) Laundry Manager………………..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,200

    (21) Human ResourcesCoordinator…..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,850

    (22) Room Service Server…Monthly Salary From GBP 2,350

    (23) Security Officer…………..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,800

    (24) Restaurant Busser….Monthly Salary From GBP 2,050

    (25) Drivers ….Monthly Salary From GBP 2,400

    (26) Sales and Catering Administrative Assistant………..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,700

    (27) Conference Service Administrative Assistant..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,950

    (28) Cashier/Dispatcher………..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,050

    (29) Cosmetologist………..Monthly Salary From GBP 2,000

    (30) Fitness Instructor…………… Monthly Salary GBP 2,000

    (31) General supervisor……………..Monthly Salary From GBP 3,000

    (32) Medical department… Doctors and nurses (From GBP 6,500 AND ABOVE)



    (35) LEGAL DEPARTMENT:-Vaacancies for legal practioners available
    (From GBP 5,500 AND ABOVE.)
    And more……

    We have decided to foward to you our Official TRAVELODGE HOTEL Application Forms


    Download the application forms, print it out fill it and return it to us by e-mail, with your education certificates, job references if any, your full picture size,CV after which we will evaluate it and send you a recommendation letter with which you will confront the United Kingdom visa services who will process your work visa that will enable you enter the UK and work without any problem .

    Best Regards,
    Cooks Bernard

    I Want to know that is this real or fake?????

    • Curator says:

      SCAM. Travelodge do not recruit from overeas. We have over 2 million unemployed here. They are unable to get a Visa for you, and they do not have a Yahoo email address. The 44 number will be anywhere in the world, most probably in Nigeria.
      The next mail will ask you to send money for a Visa through Western Union. You will do this and then they will disappear.

      Travelodge Hotels | Site
      Rooms From Just £19 Per Room, Per Night – Book With Travelodge Today!

  • Deondra says:

    What Are/will You Major In At College? I’m a senior in high school and I’m curious on what people are studying in college, please explain why you majored in that if you can 🙂

    • Curator says:

      So do some research before you go into college, and understand that not all majors are created equal.
      For example:

      Degrees in political sciences, government, or liberal art degrees are not going to get you a job alone. Usually, they are a stepping stone, after which a student will go to graduate school or beyond and get a degree that can be more useful in getting hired. If you are not interested in doing 6+ years of school, I wouldn’t consider those majors.

      Degrees in business are a dime-a-dozen, and personally, I do not think that they give you any useful information towards preparation for a successful career. For example, if you want to own a flower shop, major in botany. If you want to own a car company, major in automotive engineering. If you want to own a computer company, major in computer engineering. Your general marketing or business administrative degrees will not help you very much after you graduate. With that said, I will point out that degrees in accounting and resource economics are very useful, but also very difficult majors (and why these jobs are in such high demand).

      A degree in engineering, be it mechanical or computer, will always be useful and in demand (don’t bother with an architecture degree. If you want to design buildings, major in engineering and then take a couple classes in architecture. You will be much better off and more successful that way).

      Science degrees are always needed, but getting a job in research pays very little (so a major in entomology or chemistry will be a little better than a major in general biology). Furthermore, you will need to have ample internships during your time at college if you want to get a job after graduation. Most entry level science jobs require at least 1-2 years of experience.

      English and literature majors are fun, but the real-world applications are limited. If you are interested in journalism, go for it. If you’re interested in writing a novel, get a degree in technical writing (a highly sought-after and well paying degree) and take some fictional writing courses on the side.

      Math degrees are always a good bet (usually because most people hate math) and a degree is statistics will lead to a very fruitful future.

      Basically, the best jobs out there are centered around the hardest majors. If you don’t want to work hard in college, stay up most nights studying, and pay more attention to your books than your social life… then why are you going to college? Now a days, just having a degree isn’t enough to get you anywhere in life. You need to be prepared to put in the work to make your educational investment a success.

      Personally, I am a food science major (graduating in a few months). It is an excellent field because of it’s technical skill requirements, applications to a large amount of jobs, and yet small pool of graduates holding the degree. With that said, it is a very demanding major (mostly chemistry and microbiology courses) and is not one to take lightly. Also, you should consider the internship opportunities for the majors at the school in which you are applying. You need to start building a resume while in college, so going to a school in the middle of nowhere (like Penn State, for example) may not be the best if you major in city planning. A school in a city wouldn’t be great for a geology major, and so on.

      Lastly, remember that a graduate degree is only 2 years. If you get an undergraduate degree, work for a year or two in your field and don’t like what you do, just go back to school and get a different degree in a more likable field. Most professionals in your generation will have an undergraduate degree, so getting a graduate degree is already the new standard on how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

      Hope this helps and good luck!!

  • Hottcutebabe says:

    Question About Regular Job And Acting Job 10pts? Should I try to find a regular job on Saturdays and Sundays or look on Fridays? Which one would be better if I’m trying to also get an acting job? I don’t want the days to conflict, I know I gotta have flexible schedule but I’m not free 24/7. Are acting stuff mostly happen on week days including audition and filming?
    i need to work regular job too since i need to make a living

    • Curator says:

      What you need is a job that is flexible since you don’t know when auditions or filming would occur – it could occur days/nights weekdays/weekends. Flexibility doesn’t mean being free 24/7 it means that you can cancel coming to work the day before (or even the day of) and not be penalized. You might work at midnight the day before or the day after to make up for it. That’s what flexibility is.

      I was a professional actress for 15 years. I also worked as a technical writer, grant writer, public relations writer because I didn’t have specific hours I had to work. I just had to meet the deadline for the project – when I actually worked was up to me. I had a friend who worked as a personal trainer and set her own schedule could and her clients understood that she might have to reschedule some meetings at the last minute for audition or a show. She charged less per hour than other trainers, so the clients were accepting of that trade-off. Other options – work-from-home administrative assistant or a sales rep of some sort (maybe paid on commission, but you don’t have set hours). Work for a temp agency, or a home-care service, a home cleaning company or some where there is a lot of other people who can back you up and take a job if you’re going to be busy at the last minute. Just be very willing to step in and cover for others when you can.

      Good luck.

  • I Am Trying To Come Up With An Acronym? I have been tasked to head up this years Administrative Professionals Day and our theme is “Be The One.” I would like turn the word “one” into an acronym, but so far the only thing I have come up with is “Open to New Experiences.” Pretty boring.

    Any other suggestions? The words should be in line with teamwork, professionalism and preferrably be positive.


  • K says:

    What Does A Landlord Have To Disclose About A Property To New Renters? So I recently rented a home and a few weeks later when i turned the heat on in the basement i found ants, tons and tons of ants. I called the landlord and he cam over with ant spray and traps. He says it should be fine now. :/ In speaking to another neighbor i found out that this home had a bed bug infestation and fleas. The landlord never disclosed this. I have 2 small children 3 mon and the other 2.5 years. My 2.5 yr old has had a rash on her legs for weeks which i took her to th edoctor for and they seem to think its some form a contact rash. this was before i learned of the infestation. I took my kids and have stayed at my moms for a few day s and the rash is gone. I have instected the house myself cleaning thoroughly and other then the ants in the basement i have found no bugs. so i cam eback home after one night at the house she has the rash again. Could there still be bugs? In questioning the landlord he said he had the house exterminated for ants prior to our move in. but the neighbors say no. he will not show me proof. I want to move for the safety of my kids but i have 11 months left of a 12 month lease. What can i do? Should he have told me about the infestation and how do i locate previous renters to see if its true? The neighbor said the previous renter was here a few months and moved out bc of the problem. The landlord claims he evicted them for nonpayment…. Im at a loss…

    • Curator says:

      Frustrating! It would depend on your state law whether or not your landlord has to disclose previous bug bed infestation.

      For example, in NYC landlord requirements:
      “Notice of Bed Bug Infestation History: New York City Administrative Code § 27-2018.1, which the Governor signed into law on August 31, 2010, mandates that new residential tenants in New York City be given a one-year bed bug infestation history. All State supervised rental and mutual housing companies in New York City are required to provide new residential tenants with a completed copy of this notice, which is also available on the agency’s website. If a landlord fails to disclose bed bug history: Tenants can use the form
      DBB-N Tenant’s Complaint of Owner’s Failure to Disclose Bed Bug Infestation History/Notice and

      There are only like three states who have this law: Arizona, Maine and NY.

      Unfortunately, the tenant when it comes to bugs and history have to be diligent in speaking with neighbors and asking the landlord some candid questions. Sometimes tenants don’t check out their landlords, and end up being stuck with bad landlords for the duration of the lease if they can’t afford to take the financial hit for breaking the lease early.

      At this point, if you are not in any of the states that require bed bug disclosure, and you don’t have evidence of bed bugs it will be hard to prove that the landlord failed to disclose information to you. The neighbor’s information would be considered heresay in a court. It is definitely understandable that you want your kids to be safe.

      I would speak with the landlord and be frank and say that your daughter is getting rashes being in the home, and the doctor has told you it is some form of a contact rash. Tell the landlord when she is not in the home……she has no rash. When she returns into the home, she gets a rash. See if the landlord will be willing to have a pest company to come out and inspect. If the landlord refuses, I would pay the pest company myself and tell them I have concerns there may be fleas and bed bugs. Have them do a professional inspection of the house……if they find signs, then you have the documentation to show the landlord. If the landlord refuses to treat the property, then you have documented evidence already from a pest control company that there are problems. All states require landlords to keep their properties habitable.

  • Greenburg603 says:

    Do Medical Offices Hire Secretaries Anymore Or Is The Job Under Receptionist? I have three years of being a receptionist and I am looking for a new job but it seems like medical offices don’t hire secretaries anymore?

    • Curator says:

      Secretaries are rare these days since most professional can type now and do their own letter writing. It would be much more common to be an Administrative assistant helping several professionals with varied tasks like photocopying and filing than to be an actual secretary. Smaller companies usually have the receptionist do the work that can be done at the front desk and don’t have any secretaries or administrative assistants.

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