Banana Joe Wins At Westminster: 10 Things You Should Know About The Affenpinscher

13 February 2013 | 9:03 pm A tiny Affenpinscher named Banana Joe wagged its way through some very dogged competition to win best in show during the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York on February 12. http:/&%23x2F;;sites&%23x2F;lynndouglass&%23x2F;2013&%23x2F;02&%23x2F;13&%23x2F;banana-joe-wins-at-westminster-10-things-you-should-know-about-the-affenpinscher&%23x2F;

Affenpinscher Banana Joe wins Westminster, Belvidere`s Bogie is Best of Breed

13 February 2013 | 8:26 pm Affenpinscher Banana Joe added to his world of success Tuesday night, winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club. Bogie, a soft-coated wheaten terrier from Belvidere, won Best in Breed. http:/&%23x2F;;story&%23x2F;21187423&%23x2F;banana-joe-the-affenpinscher-wins-westminster-bogie-belvidere-soft-coated-wheaten-terrier

Everyone wants an Affenpinscher after Westminster win

13 February 2013 | 7:19 pm Everyone wants an Affenpinscher after Westminster win http:/&%23x2F;;news&%23x2F;everyone-wants-affenpinscher-westminster-win-191900409.html

Affenpinscher (Comprehensive Owner’s Guide) (Hardcover) tagged "affenpinscher" 3 times

29 March 2010 | 1:48 am Affenpinscher (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) Affenpinscher (Comprehensive Owner’s Guide) (Hardcover)By dog breeder. Jerome Cushman 30 used and new from $5.19 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: affenpinscher(3), toy dogs, dogs, dog training

Five Fun Facts About Banana Joe, the Westminster-Winning …

13 February 2013 | 4:10 pm Last night a fuzzy little Affenpischer with an impressive gait delivered a powerful, idea-driven rebuttal to Barack Obama's State of the Union won the Westminster Dog Show. He was able to get through the whole thing without a

Affenpinscher Banana Joe Claims Best in Show At Westminster Dog …

13 February 2013 | 2:16 pm The winner of the 137th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was crowned Best in Show at New York's famed Madison Square Garden Tuesday night: a 5-year-old Affenpinscher nicknamed "Banana Joe V Tani Kazari.

Affenpinscher 'Banana Joe' is America's Top Dog: VIDEO – Towleroad

13 February 2013 | 2:11 pm 'Best in Show' at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last night was Banana Joe, a monkey-faced Affenpinscher who beat out a Portuguese water dog, a Sheepdog, a Bichon Frise, an American foxhound, a fox terrier, and

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11 Responses to Affenpinscher

    • Curator says:

      Closest to chihuahua:

      •Cairn Terrier
      •German Spitz – Miniature (Kleinspitz)
      •Japanese Chin
      •Norfolk Terrier
      •Scottish Terrier
      •Shih Tzu
      •Skye Terrier
      •Silky Terrier
      •Toy Poodle
      •Toy Fox Terrier
      •West Highland
      White Terrier

      •American Cocker Spaniel
      •American Eskimo Dog (toy and miniature)
      •Australian Terrier
      •Basset Hound
      •Bichon Frise
      •Border Terrier
      •Boston Terrier
      •Brazilian Terrier
      •Brussels Griffon
      •Bull Terrier (miniature)
      •Cardigan Welsh Corgi
      •Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
      •Cesky Terrier
      •Chinese Crested
      •Coton de Tulear
      •Dandie Dinmont Terrier
      •Dutch Smoushond
      •English Toy Spaniel
      •French Bulldog
      •German Spitz – Medium (Mittelspitz)
      •Icelandic Sheepdog
      •Italian Greyhound
      •Jack Russell Terrier
      •Lakeland Terrier
      •Lhasa Apso•Lowchen
      •Miniature Bull Terrier
      •Miniature Pinscher
      •Miniature Poodle
      •Miniature Schnauzer
      •Alpine Dachsbracke
      •American Eskimo Dog
      •American Staffordshire Terrier
      •American Water Spaniel
      •Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher
      •Bedlington Terrier
      •Boykin Spaniel
      •Brittany Spaniel
      •Chinese Sharpei
      •Chow Chow
      •Clumber Spaniel
      •Dutch Schapendoes
      •English Cocker Spaniel
      •Field Spaniel
      •Finnish Lapphund
      •Finnish Spitz
      •German Hunt Terrier
      •German Pinscher
      •Glen of Imaal Terrier
      •Irish Terrier
      •Kerry Blue Terrier
      •Lagotto Romagnolo
      •New Guinea Singing Dog
      •Norwegian Buhund
      •Norwegian Lundehund
      •Manchester Terrier
      •Miniature Australian Shepherd
      •Shetland Sheepdog
      •Shiba Inu
      •Smooth Fox Terrier •American Pitbull Terrier
      •Australian Cattle Dog
      •Australian Kelpie
      •Australian Shepherd
      •Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
      •Austrian Black and Tan Hound
      •Bearded Collie
      •Border Collie
      •Bull Terrier
      •Canaan Dog
      •Catalonian Sheepdog
      •Cirneco dell’ Etna
      •English Springer Spaniel
      •German Spitz- Giant (Grosspitz)
      •Gotland Hound
      •Olde English Bulldogge
      •Old English Sheepdog
      •Polish Lowland Sheepdog
      •Portuguese Podengo Medio (medium)
      •Portuguese Pointer
      •Portuguese Water Dog
      •Norwegian Elkhound
      •Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
      •Schiller Hound
      •Smäland Hound
      •Swedish White Elkhound
      •Whippet •Airedale Terrier
      •Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
      •Alaskan Malamute
      •American Bulldog
      •American Foxhound
      •Ardennes Cattle Dog
      •Appenzeller Sennenhund
      •Ariege Hound
      •Australian Dingo
      •Auvergne Pointer
      •Belgian Groenendael
      •Belgian Laekenois
      •Belgian Malinois
      •Belgian Tervueren
      •Bernese Mountain Dog
      •Blue Picardy Spaniel
      •Bourbonnais Pointer
      •Black and Tan Coonhound
      •Câo Fila de Sâo Miguel
      •Central Asian Shepherd
      •Chesapeake Bay Retriever
      •Drentsch Partridge Dog
      •Dutch Shepherd Dog
      •English Foxhound
      •English Setter
      •Flat Coated Retriever
      •German Shepherd
      •German Shorthaired Pointer •Afghan
      •Black Russian Terrier
      •Bouvier des Flandres
      •Cane Corso
      •Caucasian Ovtcharka
      •Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
      •Curly Coated Retriever
      •Doberman Pinscher
      •Dogo Argentino
      •Dogo Canario
      •Dogue de Bordeaux
      •Gordon Setter
      •Fila Brasiliero
      •Great Pyrenees
      •Ibizan Hound
      •Irish Setter
      •Japanese Akita
      •Japanese American Akita
      •King Shepherd
      •Landseer Newfoundland
      •Maremma Sheepdog
      •Neapolitan Mastiff
      •Portuguese Podengo Grande (large)
      •Rhodesian Ridgeback
      •Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog
      •Saarloos Wolfdog
      •Tatra Shepherd Dog
      •Akbash Dog
      •Anatolian Shepherd Dog
      •Great Dane
      •Irish Wolfhound
      •Polish Greyhound
      •Scottish Deerhound
      •Spanish Mastiff
      •Parson Russell Terrier
      •Pembroke Welsh Corgi
      •Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen
      •Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (small)
      •Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka
      •Sealyham Terrier
      •Sussex Spaniel
      •Swedish Vallhund
      •Tibetan Spaniel
      •Toy Manchester Terrier
      •Welsh Terrier
      •Wirehaired Fox Terrier

    • Curator says:

      Are you looking for a small dog breed? Here is a list for you:

      Australian Terrier
      Bichon Frise
      Bichon Yorkie
      Biewer Terrier
      Boston Terrier
      Brussels Griffon
      Cairn Terrier
      Chinese Crested
      Coton de Tulear
      English Toy Spaniel
      Faux Frenchbo Bulldog
      French Bulldog
      Italian Greyhound
      Japanese Spitz
      Lakeland Terrier
      Lhasa Apso
      Miniature Pinscher
      Miniature Schnauzer
      Norfolk Terrier
      Norwich Terrier
      Scottish Terrier
      Shetland Sheepdog
      Shih Tzu
      Shorkie Tzu
      Smooth Fox Terrier
      Toy Fox Terrier
      Toy Poodle
      West Highland White Terrier
      Wire Fox Terrier
      Yorkshire Terrier

    • Curator says:

      Tiny (0-11 pounds)

      Brussels Griffon
      Japanese Chin
      Miniature Pinscher
      Toy Poodle
      Silky Terrier
      Toy Fox Terrier
      Yorkshire Terrier

      Small (12-22 pounds)

      Australian Terrier
      Border Terrier
      Cairn Terrier Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
      Lakeland Terrier
      Lhasa Apso
      Miniature Schnauzer
      Norwich Terrier
      Parson Russel Terrier
      Miniature Poodle
      Scottish Terrier
      Sealyham Terrier
      Shetland Sheepdog
      Smooth Fox Terrier
      West Highland White Terrier
      Wire Fox Terrier

  • Onedirection says:

    How Much Would A Dog Cost? I would want to have a medium size dog like 15 to 30 pounds. The breed of the dog I want could be a Affenpinscher, Border Terrier, Maltese, or a West Highland White Terrier. I hope you guys get what kind of dog I want? Please include the cost of food, vet, insurance, grooming and other expenses separately and then the total cost per month. Thank You.
    Can you tell me the cost of a male dog per month? I am to lazy to calculate all these numbers. I want to know the cost of per expense but also the total cost per month. I really don’t want to get a puppy; a young adult dog is what i am looking for. Thank You.

    • Curator says:

      I adopted mine for a 250 fee which included 3 rounds of vaccines, and his neutering. From a breeder the dog could cost anywhere from 500-1000 dollars.

      Shots/vaccines for a puppy are about 75 a piece and you need three rounds of them.
      I don’t have pet insurance, it does not cover much.
      Grooming- my guy is short haired so he doesn’t require anything but a brushings
      Food- I spend around 40 a month on food, he is only 25lbs so doesn’t eat much. I get the Iams Smart Dog
      Vet- a regular check up once a year is not to expensive.
      Heartworm medication can be pricy
      All in all you can spend about 1,000 a year to keep the dog healty and happy if no major vet visits are needed

  • Diego garcia says:

    What Would Be The Best Dog Breed For A 1 Story House And A Normal Size Backyard In Texas Heat? I could walk it for 30 minutes a day and would like an obedient dog that could learn more complicated techniques.

    • Curator says:

      I found a few for you –

      Airedale terrier
      American foxhound
      American water spaniel
      Australian terrier
      Bearded collie
      Bedlington terrier
      Chesapeake bay retriever
      Curly – coated retriever
      Dandie Dinmont terrier
      English foxhound

      these are just a few.. however to get more personalized results you should take this quiz

      it’s very helpful

      good luck!

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