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Review: Amazon phone watches you watch it

19 June 2014 | 6:02 am SEATTLE (AP) Amazon set out to do something different with the unveiling of its first smartphone Wednesday. How about a completely new way of interacting with your phone, for starters?–finance.html

Amazon Fire Phone Blazes Another E-Commerce Path

18 June 2014 | 11:17 pm Amazon unveiled its long-expected smartphone Wednesday, with new features to help it stand out in a fiercely competitive global market. Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos revealed the black Fire Phone at a Seattle …

Amazon Fire Phone vs. The World: How it Compares

18 June 2014 | 11:01 pm Amazon has officially entered the smartphone wars with its new Fire phone. Available for pre-order for $199 as an AT&T exclusive, the Fire packs a unique 3D-style interface that can track your head movement and adjust what you see on the screen accordingly.There's also a new FireFly service that can identify items you take photos of, allowing you to instantly purchase them through Amazon.

Amazon Fire Phone Hands-On: Great For Amazon, Less For You

18 June 2014 | 11:24 pm Amazon revealed its first ever phone today. Dubbed the Fire Phone, it has all kinds of wild features like the head-tracking Dynamic Perspective, Firefly (for buying all the things), and all kinds of other bells and whistles.

Watch Jeff Bezos unveil Amazon's new Fire phone (video) – Engadget

18 June 2014 | 11:21 pm Amazon didn't provide a live stream for its festivities earlier today, but if you'd like to relive the unveiling of its first smartphone, now you can. The nearly 1 and a half hour Fire phone event video has been posted to YouTube …

Amazon Fire phone hands-on – Engadget

18 June 2014 | 10:00 pm Amazon's filled that void with the Fire phone, an AT&T-exclusive smartphone that ships in late July for just under $200. CEO Jeff Bezos spent over an hour on stage discussing the new phone's litany of features and how its …

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6 Responses to Amazon Phone

  • MaX says:

    What Do You Think Of Amazon Fire Phone? Amazon just launched it’s own smartphone – called as Fire Phone
    – 2.2 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon processor
    – 2 GB RAM
    – 4.7″ HD LCD display
    – 13 MP rear-facing camera, 2.1 MP front-facing camera
    – Fire OS 3.5.0

    What do you think of it and will you be buying it?

    • Curator says:

      Amazon has a really good solid base for thousands of apps on their Amazon Store apps. It was the right time that Amazon finally came out with a smartphone. Some of the features are incredible including the processor quad core for the cell phone and 2GB of RAM. The only problem is if you already have a android cell phone you can still download apps from the Amazon app store and not necessarily need a Amazon smartphone to do it. I think Amazon will probably face difficulties competing with Android and Iphone users. Also they should have price the cost of the Amazon Fire phone with no contract cheaper. The cost for the Amazon phone without a contract is $649.00.

  • Ryan says:

    Why In Hell Is An 16GB IPhone 5s $680?!?!? I’ve had the same phone for nearly 5 years and I was thinking about getting a new one sometime soon; a friend recommended and iPhone so I figured I’d check them out online and at first I thought Amazon was glitched out or something, but even the Apple website is telling me $600+, that’s F*cking insane. This thing better have its own Satellite that can scratch my ass from space because $600 is a bit more than a weeks pay for me, that and what the hell is this whole iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s is there something different about them or is that a newer model? this makes me miss the days of $60 Flip phones and $30 monthly bills instead of $500+ Phones and $80 bills.

  • Daniel says:

    Should I Get An IPhone 4S? I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Mini for the past three years. Since I was 13, I own that phone. Now I’m 16, and looking to get away from the android scene. Most of my mates own an iPhone but that is not the reason why I want to own one.

    The iPhone looks sleek and feels great, I even own a iPad Mini so it shows I know how to use an Apple product. Nearly my whole family own an Apple product, and because I think I have worked hard enough (getting good grades) and being mature means I can buy one.

    Even though iPhone’s are really expensive, I have been doing some research and found that the iPhone 4 will become obsolete by the time iPhone 6 has arrived in shops. I want to carry on using an iPhone for a long time, and my price range is £140 for a used model (This includes the phone + good case and headphones = £140). This is why I want the iPhone 4S because it will outlast the iPhone 4 due to updates and a can be sold at a reasonable price if I no longer need it.

    However, I need to find a way to encourage my dad to buy one for me. I lack confidence in asking, my younger sibling literally gets everything he wants. The risk is also because it is used (but in quality condition) meaning he might not want to get one. The phone is being sold at Amazon, which is trustworthy…

    Do you think I should get an iPhone 4S? Do I deserve it? Leave your answers below, the best will get maximum points and I’ll answer your question too.

    Oh BTW, you know iPhone 6 is going to be WAAAY out of the price range, Don’t bother even recommending it unless you got nearly £1000 pounds to give me to buy one.

  • TheKing says:

    Can I Buy A Phone Online And Use It ? Right now i have a Iphone 4s 8GB from sprint but i am running out of memory. I was thinking of buying a iphone 5 from amazon but i don’t know if there are going to be problems. Since i have unlimited 3g data to use would i have to change my plan or would it be a problem with my contract .
    Or can i just activate it without problems ?

  • J says:

    Is There Any Product Similar To The Griffin Autopilot Charger That Is Compatible With An IPhone 5? My car sadly does not have a USB Cord to plug into my phone for music, but it does have an aux cord. Lately I have been using a regular coiled aux cord that I bought from Amazon, but because I can’t switch songs using the control buttons on the radio, I need to switch songs manually by clicking on my iphone 5 which can get very distracting, especially when I’m driving. I found this product called the Griffin autopilot charger that would have helped eliminate or reduce the distraction of clicking on my phone while driving, but the main catch was that it does not work iphone 5. Here is a link to the product:

    I’m looking for a product that is similar to this or a product that will allow me skip songs on the device that won’t distract me from driving as much. Any suggestions? Links would be really appreciated! Thank you

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