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Amazon premieres Prime Air delivery service

2 December 2013 | 12:31 pm Amazon says they are developing a delivery method that will help them get packages to customers within 30 minutes.

Amazon Prime Air to use scary drones for 30-minute delivery

2 December 2013 | 11:24 am Amazon has outlined a terrifying future in which computer-controlled octocopters will deliver low-weight goods to your door in less than 30 minutes.

Amazon Prime Air: Delivery by Drones Could Arrive As Early as 2015

2 December 2013 | 10:43 am Drones Might Soon Be Dropping Off Your Toothpaste and Underwear–abc-news-tech.html

Amazon Prime Air service will use drones to deliver your packages

2 December 2013 | 12:00 pm The future is coming, and it's flying drones to get there. The Verge writes: Amazon's CEO loves a good reveal,

Amazon reveals Prime Air drone capable of 30 minute deliveries

2 December 2013 | 10:19 am As early as 2015, your Amazon purchases could be dropped at your door within 30 minutes courtesy of unmanned aerial drones. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed p…

amazon prime air drone system delivers goods in 30 minutes

2 December 2013 | 10:13 am amazon prime's next generation research and development lab have been hard at work conceptualizing the future of deliveries.

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  • Castle says:

    Does Netlix, Hulu Plus Or Amazon Prime Have Disney Shows? I am dropping my cable and gonna get these three sites to watch my shows on but I can’t find if they air Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Henry Hugglemonster, Princess Sophia or Doc Mcstuffins. I am wondering if anyone knows if these 3 shows in particular on any of these sites.

    • Curator says:

      Netflix has disney stuff. they have contract with Disney. can’t speak on hulu since I don’t have it

      Amazon Prime has some stuff like Phineas and Ferb, Ducktales, Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers,

  • For High School Grads Only: Can You Find The Flaw In This Logic? The Q & A below is based upon works by: Frank N. Newman, former Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury, recipient of the Treasury’s annual “Alexander Hamilton” award, and author of “Freedom from National Debt” (~ $10 at Amazon) and

    by Francis X. Cavanaugh, US Treasury economist for over 30 years and author of “The Truth about the National Debt”: Five Myths and One Reality” (Harvard Business School Press; ~ $10 at Amazon) and

    by Warren Mosler, economist, hedge fund founder, and author of “Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” (Oxford U. Press; ~ $12 at Amazon or $1 for a Kindle download) and

    by Dr. Stephanie Kelton, Chair of UMKC Economics Department, at
    Q1: Is our so-called “national debt” a real debt, an interest-bearing sum that must be repaid?
    A1: No, it’s a “Debt In Name Only”, a “DINO” – It lacks the two essential qualities of a real debt.

    1. A real debt must be repaid. Our DINO will never be repaid and should never be repaid.

    Our DINO is the total value of all maturing Treasuries, which only a federal budget surplus can reduce. Since dropping the gold standard in1971, we have rarely had even a modest annual budget surplus and none is in sight today. To maintain an adequate supply of risk-free Treasuries, the glue that cements the global economy, our DINO must continue to grow along with our own economy. Politicians who talk of paying off the debt are insane.

    Austerity today deprives our grandchildren of real assets that would surely enrich and possibly save their lives. To provide for our Founders’ “Posterity”, we must educate them now and employ all of our resources to build infrastructure that they will need, as did Presidents Lincoln (railways, telegraph, land-grant colleges), Theodore Roosevelt (National Parks, Panama Canal), and FDR (TVA, PWA, WPA, etc.) Today’s austerity betrays our Founders.

    2. A real debt must be a significant burden. Our DINO is not now and will never be a serious burden on taxpayers.

    Our Treasury redeems mature bonds (paying cost plus interest) by selling enough new bonds. The new bond-buyers pay for the redemption of the mature bonds. There are always enough new bonds sold because the Fed can, if necessary, create an artificial shortage and demand by buying bonds on the open market with a few cost-free keystrokes. It’s equivalent to a simple bond rollover that banks enjoy doing every day! Where’s the burden?

    Our Treasury does not borrow money like a home-buyer seeking a mortgage. It is merely a custodian, like a bank accepting funds offered for a Certificate of Deposit. While a bank which is troubled by bad loans can certainly have too many maturing CDs, our non-lending, fiat Treasury cannot have too many maturing bonds unless deficit spending is causing inflation. And that is never true during a recession and may be true only during a war or an emergency requiring rationing. During prosperity, banks ALWAYS cause inflation, creating over $6 of credit out of thin air for every deficit dollar spent. To stop ordinary inflation, don’t restrict spending! Regulate the banks!

    The Treasury auctions bonds only because Congress requires that the annual budget deficit be covered by the proceeds. This requirement, now a relic of the former gold standard regime, was suspended during World War II ( followed by 35 years of strong economic growth without harmful inflation. Now, under our fiat currency regime, deficits can again be successfully financed out of thin air, just like your corner bank does it. Let the Treasury sell (not auction) its bonds!

    Q2: Could savers make a “run” on Treasury bonds?
    A2: Yes, when savers can get risk-free returns from the Wall Street casino or from GM bonds, Illinois bonds, or Detroit bonds. Safety is not everything. Safety is the ONLY thing!

    Q3. Could savers stop buying Treasury bonds?
    A3. Yes, when savers no longer want insurance, annuities, pensions, or other risk-free, interest-bearing provisions.

    Q4: Could savers prefer foreign sovereign bonds?
    A4: Yes, indeed! So far, over 60% of the world’s reserve currencies are in US dollars and half of all US Treasury bonds are held by foreigners. But if China’s infrastructure (and so its productivity) becomes better than ours, its sovereign bonds could become safer than ours. And that could happen only if US voters worry more about our DINO than they worry about our failing schools, falling bridges, leaking sewers, and aging power grid.
    Q5: Won’t we need higher tax rates to pay for infrastructure?
    A5: Contrary to the myth, Congress does not need our taxes for spending. Congress creates money out of thin air, deposits it in the Treasury, and writes checks. (Think about it: where and how did the first tax-payer get money for the first tax payment?) Not for spending but only to prevent inflation, the IRS repossesses as much of the spent money as it can and then destroys every cent of it. (Cash payments are shredded and sold. You can buy some!)

    Every federal dollar spent is either repossessed and destroyed by the IRS or is saved by the private sector. Our annual budget deficit is exactly equal to the annual private sector savings increase. Yes, DEFICITS = SAVINGS! No deficits, no savings! Our DINO is really our Total Private Sector Savings. The scary “Debt Clock” is really the wonderful “Savings Clock”! Where is the evidence that our economy has too much savings? The DINO scare is a Wall Street hoax created to privati
    to privatize Social Security and maintain a huge unemployed labor force too frightened to bargain for better wages.

    Since bank loans must be repaid with interest, budget deficits are the ONLY source of private sector savings. We need to DOUBLE our DINO to return it to the World War II level that was followed by 35 years of prosperity without harmful inflation, even with very high tax rates. Our (DINO total bank deposits) / GDP ratio is less than half of the comparable figure for China. Our M2 (money supply) / GDP ratio is half of Switzerland’s ratio.
    Q6: How much should Congress tax and spend?
    A6: Ideally, Congress should tax barely enough to prevent inflation and should spend almost enough to cause (real!) full employment and inflation. Result: low unemployment and low inflation. Heaven on Earth!

    Instead, Congress, bribed by Wall Street, taxes as little as possible, enriching the rich, and spends as little as possible, impoverishing the rest of us by restricting DINO. Just as quacks killed George Washington by bleeding “bad blood”, Congress is destroying our new generations by reducing (possibly to zero!) our annual budget deficits / private sector savings increase / consumer demand.

    Result: recessions, high unemployment rates, a reserve army of unemployed labor, a growing under- class, a frightened work force, declining wages, still lower consumer demand, etc., etc.,: a downward spiral of despair. Growing inequality will create a land of slums and gated communities: Hell on Earth!
    Q7: How should one vote?
    A7: Vote for someone who NEVER EVER worries about the DINO and who ALWAYS worries about the unemployed and underemployed people who draw benefits forever instead of building infrastructure.

    Unfortunately, exactly half of our voters have below-average intelligence and cannot digest facts and logic needing more than one short and simple paragraph of explanation. They are hooked on the DINO scare.

    Q8: “I have to balance my budget. Why doesn’t Congress balance its budget?”
    A8: Moron! If you could legally print dollars, why would you balance your budget? Our money tree only needs to balance full employment against inflation. Why can’t you understand something so simple?

    • Curator says:

      Yes, I can find a flaw; the national debt is a REAL debt. This advice has been given from the man who created hedge funds, those offshore accounts that cannot and are not regulated by the SEC because they’re out of the U.S. Kind of pointless isn’t it? The DEBT is REAL, if you want proof just look at the U.S. borrowing practices since Nixon took us off the gold standard. Printing more money causes more inflation, just look what happened in the 1970’s under Jimmy Carter. We have LESS purchasing power now, than we did in the 1970’s. Inflation affects the taxpayers, because it causes EVERYTHING to increase in price. The nightmare of this is hyper-inflation, where it costs 10 dollars for just a can of tuna or another small item. This happened in Europe during WWI and we know how that turned out. The U.S. has BORROWED more money than all the countries in the EU combined. The only true currency throughout history has been GOLD, it gives the people the power and politicians limitations. Other countries convert their currency into U.S. dollars, but the only reason they do this is because the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency…for now.

      Regulate the banks, I agree but when these banks are being centralized with less of them having more power over our finances it doesn’t do much good to regulate them. Bill Clinton refused to regulate derivatives in the mid 1990’s and this is when companies started leveraging themselves to the hilt and this is when Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac started doing the indiscriminate loaning. This is when Goldman Sachs started their sub-prime lending knowing that people could not pay back these loans but still making BILLIONS off of them in the process.

      Ben Bernanke, the current Chairman of the Federal Reserve is a former chief executive of Goldman Sachs…These big banks don’t care, they get fined or they get a “deferred prosecution” which means if they promise not to do it again, they get no punishment from the SEC. Not ONE of the big banks involved in the 2008 housing bubble have been investigated nor charged with ANYTHING. They don’t get charged, they just get fined, like the recent 13 billion dollar fine to J.P Morgan Chase.

      The Federal Reserve and the World Banks are creating money out of literally nothing and by doing so they are de-valuing the U.S. dollar. This has happened to every developed country in the world, that has used fiat currency. The only way to prevent economic collapse of the dollar in the U.S. is to print more money. Thusly, continuing the cycle of stupidity. They’re not solving the problem, they’re just pushing it further down the road.

  • YNK says:

    How Can I Watch Tv Through The Computer, And XBox? Please don’t make fun of me, I am an older guy, and not real familiar with this technology.
    I would like to rent netflix, and Hulu so I can dump my cable.
    I don’t have the xbox, so I would have to set that all up. Is Xbox the best, or some other game system?
    Is it very hard to set up on the computer and such?

    Thank you.

    • Curator says:

      Welcome to the world of “Cutting the Cable”! I’m 55, so it’s not just for “kids” either!

      I went all out when I cut the cable, to the tune of over $3000. But my goal is to eliminate expenses, especially once I reach retirement. On top of that, Cable TV was running about $125/mo, so it was a 2 year break even point. I looked at it as an investment and not an expense as it will be saving me expenses in retirement.

      My biggest “investment” was in an antenna. I live in a rural area so I had a 40 foot tower erected with over four tons of concrete to anchor it. The Winegard 7698 antenna with a pre-amp. You may not need or want to go to quite these lengths, but a quality, Free, over-the-air signal is a big part of my TV viewing.

      I don’t play games all that much, so I didn’t really consider the Xbox as a solution. Instead, I went with a Roku as my streaming device. It has significantly more content available than a game console, and it’s less expensive too (less that $100 for the top of the line model Roku 3). I use Roku for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and about a dozen of the free channels. There are hundreds of channels to choose from.

      The final piece to the puzzle is a PC that can be dedicated as a HTPC (Home Theater PC). It needs to have a HDMI output so it can connect to and send HD video to your TV. Preference to Win7 as “Windows Media Center” is standard. WMC is an option with Wndows 8. With a tuner (either internal card or USB Stick), you can use WMC to pause live TV or replay it. You can record a program, or schedule a series to be recorded automatically. Basically, it becomes your DVR. It is very easy to set up and use. I even installed a second USB Tuner Stick so I can record two programs at the same time!

      A HTPC can also be used to browse web sites. For example, for $8/mo, Hulu Plus lets you play content on a Roku. Free Hulu has almost the same content, but you are required to use a PC and browser. So you can pay $8/mo and watch Hulu on your Roku, or you can watch it for free with a browser. I watch it for Free in a browser. When watching video in a browser, always switch to Full Screen. Usually, the video quality is outstanding!

      You can also set up your PC to be a Media Server (I use PlayOn). This will allow me to watch any videos I already own (including home movies), any pictures I have, or listen to any music I own. PlayOn has an App for Roku that I use to watch/listen to this content. PlayOn also has scripts available for watching content from the Internet on your TV. That last sentence is VERY important that you should investigate further, as it is not discussed in public.

      Lastly, read all you can on cutting the cable. New articles are coming out almost daily. The better informed you are, the better decisions you’ll make!

      Good luck!!

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