Amendment 1

Constitutional same-sex marriage ban on ballot in North Carolina

Tue, 08 May 2012 03:31:38 -0700 North Carolinas Amendment One, which would define marriage as strictly between one man and one woman in the states constitution, finally goes before voters Tuesday following months of fighting for and against the proposal.,0,1713646.story?track=rss

North Carolina voters take up amendment banning gay marriage

Mon, 07 May 2012 10:58:13 -0700 In the latest sign the culture wars are alive and well, voters going to the polls in North Carolina on Tuesday will decide on a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in the state.

Marc Middleton

Tue, 08 May 2012 04:30:44 -0700 CM Punk apologized Monday evening on Twitter for telling a WWE fan who disagreed with his views on gay marriage to kill himself. Expressing his disapproval with Amendment 1 Monday morning on Twitter, Punk wrote a message in support of gay marriage being legalized in the state of North Carolina.

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Today voters in North Carolina will go to the polls to consider Amendment 1, a constitutional amendment to ensure liberal judges and gay rights activists are.

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Proponents of Amendment One have called the concern about the collateral damage to women and children "lies" although no credible sources have agreed with them, and many disagree. Clinton is a powerful validator for …

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Assorted ninnies and white supremacists are attempting to deface the North Carolina Constitution with anti-gay graffiti via Amendment 1. There's already no marriage equality in NC, but Amendment 1 is designed to keep …


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2 Responses to Amendment 1

  • Anonymous says:

    CM Punk Tells Fan To Kill Himself, What Do You Think?

    – WWE Champion CM Punk spoke out on the topic of same sex marriage and Amendment 1 Monday morning on Twitter. Amendment 1 is a controversial topic in North Carolina, as it will define marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, and would ban any other type of “domestic legal union” such as civil unions and domestic partnerships.

    Punk wrote, “Amendment 1 is ridiculous. It’s an invasion of people’s rights. North Carolina, why do you care if somebody wants to marry who they love?” Same sex marriage should be legal. The fact that it’s illegal is embarrassing.”

    He continued, “Divorce rate is at least 50% between men and women, so don’t give me the values angle. Making same sex marriage illegal is the same as having segregated drinking fountains. Embarrassing. The human race is embarrassing. #evolve”

    One of Punk’s Twitter followers disagreed with his beliefs, writing to the WWE Superstar, “Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo’s make me sick.” Punk posted his message and wrote “Kill yourself” in response.

    CM Punk then went on to say about the B A Star campaign

    WWE Champion CM Punk spoke out on Amendment 1 Monday morning on Twitter as he strongly feels same sex marriage should be legalized in the state of North Carolina. The WWE Superstar subsequently told a fan on the microblogging website who disagreed with his beliefs to “kill yourself;” the message read, “Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo’s make me sick.” Punk was chastised for his harsh remark by another Twitter user, who reminded him of WWE’s anti-bullying campaign ‘be a STAR.’

    “Telling someone to kill themselves? B A Star. How about creating a positive change instead of civil unrest? Ass.,” the Twitter user wrote to the WWE Champion.

    Punk, however, disagreed, as he said he’s fighting bigotry. He responded, “Hey moron, don’t try to hide behind the be a star campaign. I am a star. I’m fighting bigots here. Zero tolerance.”

    The WWE Superstar then poked fun at “dirtsheets” for reporting his earlier remark, writing, “Dirtsheets need to report that I have cilantro in my teeth. Then swallow tacks.”

    Punk continued to stir the pot on the microblogging site as he then hinted at surprises for tonight’s Raw SuperShow.

    “Trust me when I say this #RAW will be fantastic. #rumors #surprises #cilantro,” he wrote. “I love knowing stuff nobody knows.”

    CM Punk lost a whole lot of respect on this one, Not only this but remember he called a fan a Fa**et? Looks like being a douche is his drug, what a bad role model for kids.

    BQ: Do you think WWE will discipline him? What if the fan actually kills himself? what will that do to WWE?

  • Anonymous says:

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