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Hundreds of American Airlines flights canceled after computer outage

17 April 2013 | 1:58 am Problems with American Airlines reservations, ticket booking and check-in computer systems forced the carrier to ground flights for several hours Tuesday.

American Airlines expects more flight cancellations

17 April 2013 | 1:39 am Carrier says it has fixed reservations system, scrambles to get flights back on schedule

American Airlines Glitch Still Causing Headaches In OKC

17 April 2013 | 1:19 am A computer glitch at one of the world's largest airlines continued to disrupt air travel nationwide as of late Tuesday.

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American Airlines Back Online After Grounding All Flights Due to …

16 April 2013 | 9:38 pm American Airlines flights across the country are getting back up in the air after being grounded until just before 5 p.m. EDT because of computer problems. A few other air travel problems the day after the bombings of the

FAA: American Airlines grounded | Associated Press

16 April 2013 | 8:04 pm American Airlines grounded flights across the country Tuesday because of an outage of its main reservations system. Thousands of passengers were stranded at airports and on airplanes.

American Airlines Grounds U.S. Flights | KTLA 5

16 April 2013 | 7:31 pm LOS ANGELES (CNN) — American Airlines grounded flights nationwide on Tuesday due to problems over several hours with its computerized reservation system.

1968 American Airlines advertisement, Sexy Stewardess, just like your Mom

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1938 American Airlines ad Flagship Vacations Skysleeper

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1969 American Airlines ad, Stewardess Linda Scruggs

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Vintage Silver Tone Metal American Airlines Logo Junior Pilot Kiddie Pin Badge

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American Airlines ‘Route of the Flagship’ Mother Son ad

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6 Responses to American Airlines

  • Anonymous says:

    Can I Get My Money Back From American Airlines For The Power Outage? I paid for my moms ticket from central America. She got to Dallas. And they made her wait almost 5 hours in the plane. 2 when they landed. Then 3 prior to the departure. Not only that, they didn’t even offer free lunch, dinner, snacks or whatever. I had to pick her up later and she was exhausted from so much waiting. Waiting at the airport is different but stuck in a stupid plane for hours?

  • Socialyman22 says:

    Why Are UK Cabin Crew On Planes Either Good-looking Chatty Women Or Young Men That Seem Gay (no Offense)? Im not sure why, but woman cabin crew on planes tend to be good-looking in the way that they take care of themself often with lipstick and excitingly chatty, or young men with shiny-gelled men that (now I havent got anything against peoples sexualities, race or anything like that) sound gay, but a Paul O’Grady sort of gay. This tends to be on every cabin crew and quite often you get that one who resembles someone I know too (at least the ones I have come across) like if I went on an American Delta airline to Los Angeles, I would get a stewardess who looks like Pamela Anderson in her facial features and lipstick (as an example).

    Why is this the pattern?

  • Do Unaccompanied Minors Need Id On American Airlines? I am going to be going on a trip, and just recently lost the id given by my school. Is it a requirement to have an id if I am traveling without an adult on a flight on American Airlines?

  • Kyle D. says:

    Do I Have Enough Connection Time? I will be flying American Airlines from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago O’Hare. From O’Hare I then fly to Toronto (It counts as a Domestic flight for terminal purposes) Now, my flight is due to arrive in O’Hare at 10:40 AM and my flight to Toronto leaves at 11:10 AM, will I have enough time to make my connection? Also, does anyone know what gates these flights normally leave from?

  • Міша says:

    Can Air-passengers Really Vote Fellow Passengers Out Of A Plane? < < there was an American Airlines flight that was headed to Chicago. There were two men on that plane – not sitting next to each other – and speaking Arabic. There were some concerned marathoners on the flight so the plane was brought back to the gate and the two men were escorted off the plane. >>

    Who — other than the plane’s captain — has the power to expel customers from the plane?
    I wonder, if speaking Ukrainian is still alright with the American Airlines…

  • Katie says:

    Help With Statistics? 32. If sample size is unduly small, an effect usually will be
    a) missed even though it has importance.
    b) missed even though it lacks importance.
    c) detected even though it has importance.
    d) detected even though it lacks importance.

    33. Prior to a hypothesis test, we must be concerned about ______________ possible outcomes.
    a) two
    b) three
    c) four
    d) five

    34. The research hypothesis is tested indirectly because it
    a) lacks the necessary precision.
    b) reflects the researcher’s hunch.
    c) can’t withstand a direct analysis.
    d) contains a bias that might compromise the outcome.

    35. Having committed yourself to a one-tailed test, you must retain the null hypothesis regardless of how far the observed z deviates from the hypothesized population mean in
    a) the direction of no concern.
    b) the direction of concern.
    c) either direction.
    d) the negative direction.

    36. The largest level of significance reported in most professional journals equals
    a) .10
    b) .05
    c) .01
    d) .001

    37. Traditional hypothesis tests tend to produce correct decisions if the null hypothesis is
    a) true.
    b) false.
    c) either true or false.
    d) either true or seriously false.

    38. If the level of significance equals .05 and the null hypothesis is true, a correct decision will occur
    a) with probability .95.
    b) much of the time.
    c) with probability .05.
    d) all of the time.

    39. An investigator should be prepared to justify a one tailed test on the basis of
    a) the observed difference.
    b) a strong hunch.
    c) the null hypothesis.
    d) logical considerations.

    40. Retention of the null hypothesis implies that the null hypothesis
    a) is true.
    b) is probably true.
    c) could be true.
    d) could be any of the above, depending on circumstances.

    41. To understand why confidence intervals work, it’s important to view the observed sample mean as originating from a
    a) single random sample that reflects the unknown population mean.
    b) sampling distribution that is centered about the unknown population mean.
    c) population that is centered about the unknown population mean.
    d) confidence interval that will be true 95 percent of the time.

    42. A pollster reports, with 95 percent confidence, that between 55 and 61 percent of all Americans favor mandatory drug testings for employees in positions of public trust (bus drivers, airline pilots, etc). The point estimate for the unknown population proportion (who favor mandatory drug testing) equals
    a) 55 percent.
    b) 58 percent.
    c) 61 percent.
    d) some unknown percent.

    43. Specify which one of the following 95 percent confidence intervals would be most preferable, given that you wish to demonstrate that a summer workshop increases GPAs.
    a) 2.70 to 3.30
    b) 2.50 to 3.50
    c) 2.90 to 3.40
    d) 2.80 to 3.40

    44. As sample size grows larger, a confidence interval approaches a
    a) population survey.
    b) point estimate.
    c) standard error.
    d) population range.

    45. An investigator claims, with 95 percent confidence, that the interval between 10 and 16 miles includes the mean one-way commute distance for all California commuters. To have 95 percent confidence signifies that
    a) the unknown population mean is definitely between 10 and 16 miles.
    b) the unknown population mean is between 10 and 16 miles with probability .95.
    c) if these intervals were constructed for a long series of samples, approximately 95 percent would include the unknown mean commute distance for all Californians.
    d) if sample means were obtained for a long series of samples, approximately 95 percent of all sample means would be between 10 and 16 miles.

    46. Prior to attending college, randomly selected college-bound students participate in a summer workshop on the development of good study habits. Subsequently, at the end of their first year in college, they showed a dramatic increase in grade point averages, relative to the national average of 2.75, as revealed by a 95 percent confidence interval of 2.90 to 3.30. This confidence interval signifies that
    a) every student who participated in the summer workshop had a GPA between 2.90 and 3.30.
    b) about 95 percent of all students who participated in the summer workshop had GPAs between 2.90 and 3.30.
    c) the true population mean (for all students who could conceivably take the summer workshop) is between 2.90 and 3.30.
    d) we can be reasonably confident that the true population mean (f

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