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American Apparel, Inc. (APP) in Focus: Stock Rises 6.72%

20 June 2014 | 10:29 am American Apparel, Inc. (APP) was a big mover last session, as the company saw its shares rise nearly 7% on the day.

Ousted American Apparel CEO Undone by Controversial Past

20 June 2014 | 4:34 am In the end, not even the sales skills that helped Dov Charney turn a tiny T-shirt maker into a global apparel chain could save his job.

American Apparel expects fight from ousted founder

19 June 2014 | 7:57 pm The board of hipster clothing brand American Apparel Inc (APP.A) has ousted founder Dov Charney as chairman and said it was preparing for the controversial executive to fight his removal. American Apparel replaced the 45-year-old Charney as chairman late Wednesday, citing unspecified allegations of misconduct. "This is his baby, and he owns 27 percent, so we don't expect him to just walk away …

American Apparel 8328 Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging, Black, L (Apparel) tagged “american apparel” 3 times

19 January 2012 | 2:58 am American Apparel 8328 Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging, Black, L American Apparel 8328 Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging, Black, L (Apparel)By American Apparel Click for more info Customer Rating: 3.6 Customer tags: american apparel(3), black leggings(3), leggings(2), durable, comfortable

Richard Yates: A Novel (Kindle Edition) tagged “american apparel” 3 times

29 September 2011 | 2:20 pm Richard Yates: A Novel Richard Yates: A Novel (Kindle Edition)By Tao Lin Buy new: $8.97 Customer Rating: 3.6 Customer tags: dakota fanning(4), internet(3), loneliness(3), depression(3), american apparel(3), crippling loneliness(2), sex(2), tao lin(2), eating disorders(2), haley joel osment(2), gmail(2), agency 5 price fixing

Richard Yates: A Novel (Paperback) tagged “american apparel” 8 times

6 August 2011 | 5:13 am Richard Yates: A Novel Richard Yates: A Novel (Paperback)By Tao Lin Buy new: $12.3077 used and new from $3.88 Customer Rating: 3.6 Customer tags: tao lin(9), american apparel(8), depression(7), veganism(6), richard yates(6), dakota fanning(6), haley joel osment(6), contemporary literature(4), organic foods(4), new jersey(4), bulimia(3), alienation(2)

Shoplifting from American Apparel (The Contemporary Art of the Novella) (Paperback) tagged “american apparel” 20 times

9 April 2011 | 1:06 pm Shoplifting from American Apparel (The Contemporary Art of the Novella) Shoplifting from American Apparel (The Contemporary Art of the Novella) (Paperback)By Tao Lin Buy new: $11.7072 used and new from $1.79 Customer Rating: 3.6 Customer tags: tao lin(25), relationships(20), american apparel(20), shoplifting(19), manhattan(16), novella(15), jail(12), bret easton ellis(11), ghost mice(10), brooklyn(5), moby(4), gainesville(3)

YogaColors Women's Black Heart Tri Blend Weight Raglan Pullover (Apparel) tagged “american apparel” 3 times

14 December 2010 | 4:22 am YogaColors Women's Black Heart Tri Blend Weight Raglan Pullover YogaColors Women’s Black Heart Tri Blend Weight Raglan Pullover (Apparel)By YogaColors Buy new: $24.99 Customer Rating: 3.6 Customer tags: american apparel(3), womens fashion(3), womens(2), sexy t-shirt(2), pull over(2), tri-blend light weight raglan pullover(2), yogacolors(2), br394(2), oversized womens shirts(2), light weight pullover, dance apparel, flash dance sweatshirt does not support actual flash

American Apparel Cuts Controversial Founder Dov Charney Out of …

19 June 2014 | 8:48 pm Dov Charney shoots a self-portrait in one of his company's California stores in 2009. flickr/dovcharney (CC-BY-SA). There was a time, around a decade ago, when American Apparel's brand seemed to be enhanced, at least …

American Apparel boots out founder Charney, shares rise | Los …

19 June 2014 | 7:39 pm Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney speaks during a May Day rally protest march for immigrant rights in downtown Los Angeles on May 1, 2009. Photo by Mario Anzuoni/Reuters. Clothing and accessories retailer …

American Apparel Fires CEO & Founder Dov Charney | Hypebeast

19 June 2014 | 6:21 pm Headlining today's fashion news, the vertically-integrated, Los Angeles-based American Apparel brand and its Board of Directors have announced they will be terminating its Founder and CEO Dov Charney for cause …

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9 Responses to American Apparel

  • Courtney says:

    Where Can I Find Cheap, Basic Clothes? I’m 15 and in high school looking to find basic cheapish clothes. I like the American apparel style so if you know any stores more affordable like that, please let me know. Also, please don’t say a thrift store, or the obvious stores like Forever 21, H&M, or Target. Just wondering if you know of any little online boutiques or bigcartel websites that sell a basic style that’s affordable, thanks!

  • Leslie says:

    Help! School Wardrobe?!? This August I will be attending public school again. (11th grade high school) I can’t wait till them! But there’s a part of me that hold back because I don’t know what to wear. I don’t have much of a style sense. I usually wear pants and a blouse or t-shirt that stands out a little bit. Other than that… I don’t know what to wear. I need help! I don’t want to walk around the halls with my worn out clothes! Can you tell me what shops are good? What kind of style is in or good? By the way, I don’t like clothes that are too revealing. Anything would help tremendously! Thank you c:

    • Curator says:

      I just finished eleventh grade, so I think I may be of some help. My favorite stores are Anthropologie, Madewell, Nordstrom (BP is the juniors section but it’s not my preference), Free People, Aritzia, American Eagle (mainly for jeans and shorts) and I do a lot of local boutique shopping. Lots of people I know also shop at these stores or Victoria’s Secret (mainly PINK), Forever 21, and Macy’s. Personally, I do not like the clothing at PINK, and I only shop at Victoria’s Secret for bras and panties. In my experience, the quality at Forever 21 is just not up to par, and Macy’s just feels old and out of style at times. Where you shop should depend on what you’re looking for, and your budget.
      Anthropologie: $$$; girly, unique, quirky; rarely revealing; best blouses and tops; lots of different brands
      Madewell: $$$; fun, classic, simple; rarely revealing; best dresses; their jeans run tight and low
      Nordstrom: $$$; large selection, fashion forward, youthful; can be revealing; best shoes (originally a shoe store); it’s a department store so many girls will dress similar
      Free People: $$$$; boho, light, beachy; can be very revealing; best sweaters; this stuff is way overpriced but it’s so cute, it’s good for a special piece of unique clothing
      Artizia: $$$; feminine, refined, sophisticated; rarely revealing; best silk work; their tops rarely vary in style but just change in color from season to season and will likely be dry clean only
      American Eagle: $$; durable, bright, versatile; can be revealing (mainly shorts); best jeans; this isn’t exactly where to shop if you’re trying to look trendy
      Victoria’s Secret: $$; colorful, basic, preppy; can be very revealing; best underwear; I think it looks like it belongs in the bedroom
      Forever 21: $; diverse, trendy, loud; can be very revealing; best jewelry; you get what you pay for and it shows
      Macy’s: $$; mature, good selection, some trends; can be very revealing; best workout gear; Macy’s is like a less-expensive and less-fashionable version of Nordstrom
      Also, if you’re looking for yoga pants or leggings, go to LuluLemon Atheltica and look at their Groove Pant and Wunder Under. Their material is amazing and it lasts for years (it’s also not sheer). Of course I haven’t been in every store ever, and stores that I have rarely been in but have heard have cute stuff are Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Francesca’s. I’ve only looked at them online and they look cute, as do ModCloth and Nasty Gal. However, Nasty Gal and American Apparel may not be the best option for you, but check out Nasty Gal for cute shoes and accessories, and American Apparel for basics. After seeing these other comments, PLEASE do NOT shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, or Gilly Hicks. It is not fashionable in the slightest, it is rather ill-fitting as it caters to tall twigs with big boobs (which is not really a real body type), and it’s cheaply made. Most high-schoolers do not wear that stuff anyway, it’s more of a middle school phase than anything. Hope this helps.

  • Should A Sports Franchise That Is Called “Redskins” For Over 80 Years Change Its Name For Some P*ssed Off Natives? The Washington Redskins are called the Redskins since they’ve been playing at Fenway Park in Boston, and that was 81 years ago. Now, according to the San Jose Mercury, the United States Patent Office ruled the Redskins name “disparaging of Native Americans”.

    It’s not a deal that big that they lose their trademark, but if I read the paragraph below correctly, people can basically use the Redskins name without permission on sweatshirts or tee-shirts.

    “The decision means that the team can continue to use the Redskins name, but it would lose a significant portion of its ability to protect the financial interests connected to its use. If others printed the name on sweatshirts, apparel, or other team material, it becomes more difficult to go after groups who use it without permission.”

    Video of some indians that are angry because the Redskins are named the Redskins:

    • Curator says:

      So by your logic, if was a team called the Seattle n*ggers and a lot of black people were pi$$ed off about it, Seattle should be able to keep that since the name has been around for 80 yrs?

  • Ali says:

    My American Apparel Jelly Heals Broke? I got them on May 20th and i haven’t worn them many times (maybe 5-7 times?). Yesterday somebody tripped me causing the hard plastic buckle to break. Any ideas on how to fix them or if i would be able to exchange them? I really don’t want to have to get new ones because they are expensive 🙁

  • Stormibabi says:

    American Apparel Yoga Pants? So i like wearing leggings as pants with a long shirt or a dress on top. I have read about AA’s jersey leggings and some people are like “they are the best” and others are like “worst ever!” so i dont know if i want to invest in them so i thought about their Cotton Spandex Jersey Straight Leg Yoga Pant as i would assume that a yoga pant would be thicker than leggings. I am 5’9″ and 140 lbs so i was wondering if the yoga pants would be a good investment (since they are more expensive than the leggings). bottom line, which would be better to wear as pants in terms of quality?

  • Tomato says:

    What Are Your Opinions On American Apparel? What are your opinions of American Apparel as a customer, former employee, current employee, etc?

    And although I’m not planning on being a model or anything, WHY does AA over-sexualize their models? I refuse to believe it’s PURELY because Dov Charney is a perverted fuckface. (Isn’t it supposed to be ironic? Isn’t it making fun of sexualized ads? Because I find a sense of humor in them, but that might just be me.)

    Doesn’t the fact that all their clothes are made in the USA overrule some of the cons? What ARE the cons? Why SHOULDN’T I work at AA? (The state I live in is fairly small and so the dress code rules are fairly lenient… I’ve seen a girl with bangs, assumably her own glasses, and red lipstick work at AA before!) I AM a good 10~15 lbs overweight, though.

    I’ve purchased from them before and the clothes, I find, are a GREAT quality and I can’t help but love AA a little. I understand it’s typically for the smaller/fitter gal, but something about the store and brand sort of cheers me up a little. I don’t know what it is. Plus I think their clothes are cute, so there’s that.

    But anyway, any opinions about the brand would be well appreciated.
    …does no one know that because AA clothing is made in the USA without sweatshops, the clothes are more expensive in order to pay higher wages to workers? C’mon, guys.

  • How Much Should Articles Of Clothing Cost? My friend and I were talking today about how much something like a simple white cotton t-shirt varies so much in price depending on the brand. For example, the shirt I wore to work today cost me four dollars at Urban Planet,and nearly everyone thought I was sporting an identical one from American Apparel that costs thirty-two.

    My question is, what is the actual cost to produce something like a white cotton t-shirt or black denim jeans made in a first world country where workers are paid fairly and how much should stores that distribute these products be charging us (regardless of labels and brand names)?

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