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American Horror Story: Coven Conjures up Franchise's Best Finale Ratings Ever

30 January 2014 | 11:25 pm All wicked things must come to an end. After 13 episodes of spells, scares and (many) deaths, American Horror Story: Coven closed the doors to Miss Robichaux's Academy for good on…

American Horror Story: Coven Scores Series Highest-Rated Season Finale

30 January 2014 | 10:49 pm The finale of American Horror Story: Coven put its spell on 4.2 million total viewers Wednesday night, making it the highest-rated season finale of the FX drama, which has now aired three seasons.

Ryan Murphy talks American Horror Story season 4 and beyond

30 January 2014 | 8:25 pm If you are still processing last nights American Horror Story: Coven finale, know that the book is officially closed on the ladies of the Coven. Ryan Murphy reveals a few more tidbits about season 4 and even season 5! American Continue reading The post Ryan Murphy talks American Horror Story season 4 and beyond appeared first on Hypable .

Ryan Murphy Spills Details on 'American Horror Story' Seasons 4 …

30 January 2014 | 9:33 pm Were you satisfied with last night's finale of FX's American Horror Story? We won't give away any spoilers, but if you haven't watched it yet ! Ryan Murphy spoke to Entertainment Weekly and gave us a few insights as to

American Horror Story Seasons: Which Was Your Favorite? – TV …

30 January 2014 | 6:14 pm With American Horror Story Season 4 already being planned, let's take a moment and look back. Toggle through the following slideshow, watch American Horror Story online if you need to relive previous season and thn vote

'American Horror Story's' Sarah Paulson ready for Season 4, not a …

30 January 2014 | 3:45 pm americanhorrorstory-sarah-paulson.jpg Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched Wednesday's (Jan. 29) finale, don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled. It was revealed during the "American Horror Story: Coven" finale

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American Horror Story Asylum Complete Second Season 2 (DVD 2013 4 Disc set) '

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American Horror Story Asylum Complete Second Season 2 (DVD 2013 4 Disc set)

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American Horror Story The Complete First Season One DVD 4 Disc SEALED

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6 Responses to American Horror Story Season 4

  • DeMarcco says:

    American Horror Story Easter Egg? Ok so Ryan Murphy said that it would be an Easter egg on Episode 11 on what season 4 would be. I’m trying to narrow it down. I know in season one the Easter egg was the wife going to the mental hospital(i think). Was it an Easter egg in season 2 that indicated season 3 would be coven? Also what were the predictions of what season 3 would be? I’m trying to figure out how accurate internet predictions are. And what do you all think season 4 of ahs would be?

  • Cali_Sweet says:

    What Animes Do You Recommend Watching? I’ve never really watched animes before, but I just finished watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. It was SO good! What other animes do you recommend with a great story line and an overarching theme?

    • Curator says:

      Welcome to the world of anime!!! see The Famous list lol
      I organize it for you like this , the first number next to the anime would be my personal rating it deserves out of 100 , anything from 80 above is very good and worth watching, the genres of the anime will be in brackets , the genres are in order of which ones are most dominant in the show , the number after the brackets would be how many episodes the anime has , hope this helps!
      Bleach ’80’ (action/drama) 366
      Naruto ’90’ (action/drama) 220
      Naruto Shippuden ’89’ (action/drama) 344 ongoing
      Peace Maker Korungane ’57’ (action/drama) 24
      Tenjou Tenge ’65’ (action/drama/romance) 24
      Avatar Legend of Aang and Legend of Korra ’79’ and ’67’ (action/drama/romance) 61 and 12
      Eurika 7 ’76’ (action/drama/romance) 51
      Naruto SD Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden ’60’ (comedy) 51 but might be wrong
      Fairy Tail ’85’ (action/comedy) 175
      Death Note ’78’ (action/death/suspense) 37
      Hellsing ’61’ (action/death/suspense) can’t remember
      07 Ghost ’69’ (action/death/suspense) 26
      One Piece ‘110’ (action/comedy/drama) 627 and ongoing
      American Dragon ’67’ (action/comedy/romance) not sure
      Soul Eater ’73’ (action/comedy/romance) 51
      Rosario+Vampire ’85’ (comedy/romance) 13 in season 1 and 13 in season 2
      MM! ’90’ (comedy) 12
      Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo ’98’ (romance/drama) 24
      Yu-Gi-OH/GX both are ’72’ (action) not sure
      Megas XLR ’70’ (comedy/action) not sure
      To aru Majutsu no index ’55’ (action/comedy) 24
      Code Geass R1 & R2 ’87’ (action/drama) 25 in R1 and 25 in R2
      Gantz ’61’ (action) 26
      Dgrayman ’84’ (action) 103
      Gintama ’97’ (comedy/action/drama) 203
      High School of the dead ’68’ (action/romance) 12
      Durarara ’79’ (action) 25
      Kachou wa maid sama ’90’ (romance/comedy) 26
      persona 4 ’74’ (action) 25
      school rumble ’89’ (comedy/romance) 51
      Angel Beats! ’93’ (drama/action) 12
      Black Lagoon ’76’ (action) 12
      Samurai Champloo ’60’ (action/comedy) 27
      Vampire Night ’56’ (action) 13
      High school DXD 1 & 2 ’68’ and ’72’ (ecchi/comedy/romance) 12 in season 1 and 12 in season 2
      Project K ’90’ (action) 13
      K-On ’92’ (music/slice of life/comedy) 39
      Accell World ’89’ (romance/action) 24
      Sword art Online ‘101’ (romance/action)
      Paradise Kiss ’81’ (romance) 12
      Mondaiji-Tachi ga Isekai kara kuru sou desu yo ’55’ (action) 10
      Date A Live ’81’ (romance/comedy/action) 12
      Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu ’62’ (slice of life/comedy) 24
      Shingeki no Kyougin ‘100’ (action/drama/suspense) 25
      Another ’80’ (horror/suspense) 12
      Green Green ’93’ (comedy/ecchi/romance) 12
      Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ’98’ (romance/comedy) 13
      and Nyankoi ’81’ (comedy/romance) 12
      Sorry to make you read all this lol
      as first animes to watch you should try Bleach , Naruto , Fairy Tail , they all fall part of the Full Metal Alchemist category , all long , all shounen type animes , and all have really cool main characters , don’t worry about those that I mentioned not having great ratings on my list , like I said , anything 80 or above is really good , anything above 45 is worth watching 🙂 try them out , you’ll love them

  • Will says:

    As A Christian, Should I Watch American Horror Story Coven? I watched the first 2 seasons and didn’t see anything initially wrong with it, because even though there were satanic characters, I could know that I wasn’t cheering for them. But in coven, I’ve heard that they are all witches and do a lot of satanic stuff, is there someone who can give an opinion? Maybe someone who has watched it. Is it blasphemous in any way? Or would it be about as harmless as watching Harry potter? Please help, I don’t want to like give myself to the devil by watching a tv show. If you are going to say that god isn’t real or something, please don’t, it’s a waste of your time, it won’t convince me to stop believing.

    • Curator says:

      I profess to be a Christian and I try to let the Bible guide my decisions.

      Deuteronomy 18:10-13
      Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
      10 Don’t sacrifice your sons or daughters in the fires on your altars. Don’t try to learn what will happen in the future by talking to a fortuneteller or by going to a magician, a witch, or a sorcerer. 11 Don’t let anyone try to put magic spells on other people. Don’t let any of your people become a medium or a wizard. And no one should try to talk with someone who has died. 12 The Lord hates anyone who does these things. And because these other nations do these terrible things, the Lord your God will force them out of the land as you enter it. 13 You must be faithful to the Lord your God, never doing anything he considers wrong.

      Involvement with the occult is commonplace in many lands. Belief in the supernatural is becoming more popular, and people are increasingly drawn to it. Books, games, television shows, and movies that feature demons, witchcraft, and paranormal phenomena are more widespread than ever.

      The Bible, however, teaches that involvement with any manifestation of the occult is actually spiritism. Spiritism is not innocent or harmless fun. It is not simply exploring the unknown. It is contact with demons, wicked angels who rebelled against God.—Revelation 12:9, 12.

      In reality, spiritism does for the demons what lures do for fishermen. A fisherman uses a variety of lures to catch different kinds of fish. Similarly, wicked spirits use different forms of spiritism to bring all sorts of people under their influence. The leader of the demons is referred to as “the god of this [wicked] system of things.” He is successful at blinding the minds of unbelievers to the truth of God’s Word and purpose.—2 Corinthians 4:4.

      ▪ What spiritistic practices must Christians avoid?—Deuteronomy 18:10-12; Revelation 21:8.
      ▪ Who promotes spiritism?—2 Corinthians 2:11; 11:14; Revelation 12:9, 12.
      ▪ How can we protect ourselves from wicked spirits?—James 4:7, 8.

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