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American Idol boys vie for Top 10 spots

7 March 2013 | 8:20 am MANILA, Philippines – Compared to the show-stopping performances of some of the girls during the American Idol Season 12 semi-finals round last March 6, the boys round on March 7 was a bit of a disappointment. The girls slate being stronger than the boys has been acknowledged by many …

‘ American Idol ‘ recap: Poor, Unfortunate Souls

7 March 2013 | 7:08 am As we hit the snooze button after a generally lackluster Top 10 Guys night in Vegas, let us go ahead and crown Ryan Seacrest the winner of American Idol . The host’s composure and instantly supportive words in the face of what seemed like an inevitable on-stage meltdown from Charlie Askew will go down in the books.

‘ American Idol ‘: Get to Know Season 12’s Top 10 Guys

7 March 2013 | 3:23 am In their first interviews since making the Top 20 cut, the male finalists talk to THR about their expectations, ” Idol ” favorites and past false starts, among other topics. read more

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'American Idol' Recap: Top 10 Fellas Fall Flat – Celebuzz

7 March 2013 | 5:39 am Wednesday's episode of American Idol put the Top 10 guys on the line for their first live performances. The FOX show has seen a big batch of talent from.

'American Idol' Top 10 men: The Charlie Askew experiment needs to …

7 March 2013 | 3:20 am charlie-askew-americanidol.jpg So, after a pretty strong night from the ladies on "American Idol" Tuesday (March 5), we hope you've got some stiff drinks at hand to help you get through this gauntlet of awful. Sorry, do we

American Idol's Curtis Finch Jr Contestant Gets Judges On Their …

7 March 2013 | 3:13 am On the March 6 episode of American Idol, judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson were at times confused and baffled and others amazed and tearing up. Who do YOU think should make the final 10

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8 Responses to American Idol

  • Alex says:

    Why Do Stupid American Talent Judging TV Shows ALWAYS Have A Snarky European? American Idol started the trend with Simon being the mean, but clever judge everyone was supposed to dislike. But now I’ve noticed EVERY show ( and there are wayy to many) has a snarky European judge usually English, but now there expanding with German and French judges…..on cooking competition shows, singing shows, dancing shows, and everything else!!!

    This question is not meant to be offensive to anyone, but I am genuinely confused why ALL the shows are like that ? What does that say about the American psyche? (don’t be rude)

    Bonus Question!
    Is this trend a two way street? In the UK is there TV shows with mean American judges as well? lol

  • Semila says:

    Free American Idol Season 12 Episode 16 STream Hd Online Full? Where I can Watch american idol season 12 episode 16 , full Episode, full video american idol season 12 episode 16 online free, video shockshare, putlocker ,vixden etc.

    i can watch where website it?

  • Cougzta C says:

    Will I Lose Weight From Jogging? So I’m not actually classified as overweight but I’m really trying to lose some weight and get my cardio tons better for the military. I have been lazy for the past week but hope to get seriously started soon.
    Some dude on american idol lost 40 lbs in a short amount of time.. He said he jogged on the treadmill twice a day, for 9 minutes. My question is would that also kinda work for me? Or will it do nothing cause peoples bodies are different? Will it still help or lose weight at all?

  • American Idol Top 10 Guys: Could They Compare To The Girls? Last night, the girls took the stage and while some delivered, I felt others fell short. Do I think the guys could measure up to that? Let’s find out. Here’s how I rank the guys’ performances tonight.

    1. Curtis Finch Jr.
    Hands down the best performance of the night. Curtis didn’t just fly, he took us to church and soared all the way to the top. He has soul, he has amazing stage presence and range, his vocal ability is off the charts, and he knows who he is as an artist. He is definitely one of the front runners in this competition, and he has the ability to win.

    2. Burnell Taylor
    This was definitely a great performance. Burnell has both power and tenderness in his voice, as well as great range, stage presence, and vocal ability. And tonight, he showed all of that in his performance tonight. He definitely has a unique voice, and I think he took a major leap forward from last week.

    3. Devin Velez
    Again, we have a guy with great range and vocal ability and knows who he is as an artist. Devin stayed true to his roots and delivered another great Spanglish performance. That aspect makes him one of the more unique contestants in the competition vocally. As long he doesn’t stray too far from his comfort zone, he should go pretty far.

    4. Lazaro Arbos
    Lazaro definitely did a lot better this week than he did last week. He showed great stage presence, great range, great control, and he delivered. I thunk he has so much potential, and he has a great personality. Despite his disability, he doesn’t let it bring him down, and as a guy with Tourettes I can relate to having a disability. He made the song his own, and I think he’ll go far.

    5. Nick Boddington
    Nick’s performance, for me, was the first performance of the night that was actually great. He showed great control and range, he looked comfortable on stage especially at the piano, it was a great song choice, his voice really showed in this song, and did a great job. He’s an artist who knows who he is.

    6. Vincent Powell
    To me, Vincent did a great job, but he wasn’t perfect. I feel like he oversang several parts of the song. He has power in his voice, he had his moments, and I think he did a good job tonight. However, it wasn’t as good as Burnell or Curtis. I think he can do better than he did tonight. But will he go through? I think he’s a question mark.

    7. Cortez Shaw
    I think Cortez picked an interesting song choice. I am glad that it wasn’t another ballad, but it wasn’t perfect. There were a couple of parts that were a little pitchy, and he did sound like he was straining, but he showed good stage presence, and he did sound pretty good. I just think he could’ve sounded a little better than he did, cause last week he was better, and most of the guys outdid him.

    8. Paul Jolley
    This is the contestant that I am worried about the most because of the last five seasons, but I will judge his performances fairly nonetheless. Having said that, I think he did good, but it wasn’t that great to me. I feel like it was a bit of an average performance to me. There were moments in the song, and he did show decent vocal ability, but the song didn’t get better as he was singing it.

    9. Elijah Liu
    To be honest, I felt that Elijah’s performance tonight was safe and on the boring side. The issue that I had with Breanna last night is the issue that I have with Elijah tonight. It was a little bit boring for me, it was a pretty safe song choice, and there weren’t any moments. He wasn’t bad, because he sounded good, but that’s it. It was good, but it wasn’t amazing.

    10. Charlie Askew
    Tonight, Charlie was a train wreck in a tank top. Honestly, I feel like he did the wrong song. It just didn’t feel like the right song for him. His outfit was very…off, the song was pitchy, and he just fell 100 feet with nothing underneath him. Honestly, I think he hasn’t found himself yet, and I think he will be going home unless Vote For the Worst can get him through (here’s hoping they fail).

    Who I hope goes through
    Curtis Finch Jr.
    Burnell Taylor
    Devin Velez
    Lazaro Arbos

    Who I hope doesn’t go through.
    Charlie Askew
    Paul Jolley
    Elijah Liu
    Cortez Shaw

    As for Nick and Vincent, while Nick did better this week, I think Vincent did better last week, so I’m on the fence about them, and I don’t really care who between them takes the fifth spot.

    So there’s my review for tonight. Do you agree or disagree? Who do you think will be going home tonight?

    • Curator says:

      Absolutely. Charlie is a sensitive 17 year old. They all insulted him. Critique is one thing. But these judges were just downright mean. I’m voting for him just as a matter of principal. I don’t like that the judges set him up then threw him under the bus.

  • Liza says:

    Can My Friend Still Do American Idol? Hi, I’m 15. My friend is 15. She recently just got charged with 2nd degree harassment for prank phone calling. She prankcalled 12 people and 7 called the cops. She has to go to an intake interview on the 13th. She’s been rehearsing since November. She’s been grounded from her phone,laptop no Internet or phone since janurary and her grades are bad. This is the first time she’s ever been envolved with the cops. American Idol is this summer, eventhough she got charged a small amount can she still do American idol? Also how can she convince her parents. She wanted me to ask and write down answers and give them tomorrow at school to her. Thankyou

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