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Russian spy Anna Chapman tweets marriage proposal to Edward Snowden

4 July 2013 | 8:47 pm A tabloid says Vladimir Putin is Russia’s most eligible bachelor, but the president may have competition from an American half his age: Edward Snowden, the former U.S. spy agency contractor believed to be holed up at a Moscow airport.

The Spy Who Loved Snowden: Anna Chapman Proposes To NSA Whistleblower

4 July 2013 | 8:37 pm Ex Russian spy and real-life femme fatale Anna Chapman is absolutely smitten with that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowdens story is familiar enough to you by now, but you might need a refresher course on Chapman. Anna Chapman, born Anna Vasilyevna Kushchyenko (see, spy!), was arrested in New York City in 2010 on suspicion of working… Read more The Spy Who Loved Snowden: Anna Chapman …

Chapman offers Snowden asylum in her heart

4 July 2013 | 8:07 pm U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden, who turned down President Vladimir Putins offer to stay in Russia on condition he stops harming America, has received a better offer an unconditional propos…

Kauai Spy Games (Kindle Edition) tagged "anna chapman" 12 times

18 August 2012 | 2:27 am Kauai Spy Games Kauai Spy Games (Kindle Edition)By Kristen James Buy new: $2.99 Customer Rating: 4.2 Customer tags: quds(14), action thriller(13), terrorism(13), russian spies(13), anna chapman(12), spies(12), kristen james(12), bestselling author(11), russians(11), terrorists(10), narco sub(9), espionage(9)

<b>Anna Chapman</b> Hot for Edward Snowden!? (20 Sexy New Pics <b>…</b>

4 July 2013 | 9:28 pm Anna Chapman, the Russian hottie busted for spying in 2010 and kicked out of the United Statesforeverhas become embroiled in another espionage caper. She wants to marry Edward Snowden, who is on the lam for

Opinion . Files at Web . com: Ex-Russian spy <b>Anna Chapman</b> <b>…</b>

4 July 2013 | 5:40 pm Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman proposes marriage to Edward Snowden The rest of the world may not want him, but NSA leaker Edward Snowden has at least one potential taker: Anna Chapman. The ex-spy tweeted

Snowden Gets Surprise Marriage Proposal From Former Russian <b>…</b>

4 July 2013 | 4:43 pm Former Russian secret agent Anna Chapman, a celebrity in her homeland since being outed as a spy posing as a New York real estate agent in 2010, tweeted her apparent desires to marry fugitive National…


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Anna Chapman Russian Hot Naked Spy Magazine MAXIM 2010 brand new

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Barefoot Days by Anna Rose Wright Paul Chapman

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Playboy Magazine January 2011 ~ Pamela Anderson + Russian Spy Anna Chapman

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8 Responses to Anna Chapman

  • Roy says:

    Teen Survey – Who Does Your Singing Voice Compare To? People say I look like the 80’s rock musician Bryan Adams all of the time, however now people think I sound like him when I sing too (I started my own band). Good or bad, I do not know! But, that is who I sound like apparently. What about you?

    • Curator says:

      Some of these answers are disturbingly hilarious. A cat going through a lawnmower, a dying cow on fire, and a chipmunk stabbed to death??? Haha. They need to form their own band called No Animals Were Harmed.

      Anyhooo. I’m an alto, so my range is much lower than that of many popular female singers. Someone once described it as being “really husky for a wisp of a girl.” That’s…..not really a compliment, haha. I’ve been compared to Stevie Nicks in her youth, but that’s an incredibly generous stretch. I do not sound like Sara Bareilles, Anna Nalick, Jenny Lewis, Norah Jones, or Tracy Chapman, but my range is comparable to theirs. If you’re curious about my voice, you can hear it here:
      It’s a cover of “The Scientist,” but I just sang it how I felt it that day, so you might not like it if you prefer the original. You can either hit play to hear the song or click the video to watch it.

      My stepmom apparently was obsessive with Bryan Adams in her teens. She’s got all of his old vinyls still. He was hot in his youth! If you’ve been compared to how he looks then that’s definitely a compliment. I’m not enthusiastic about his songs, but his voice is wonderful. If I were a guy I would be flattered by the comparison.

      ~ skylark : )

      I don’t think the link above is working. : / I’m not sure why. Here’s another one:

    • Curator says:

      Here’s a brief timeline for your reference:

      1912 Suffrage referendums are passed in Arizona, Kansas, and Oregon.

      1913 Alice Paul organizes a suffrage parade in Washington, DC, the day of Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration.

      1914 Montana and Nevada grant voting rights to women. Alice Paul and Lucy Burns organize the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage. It merges in 1917 with the Woman’s Party to become the National Woman’s Party.

      1915 Suffrage referendum in New York State is defeated. Carrie Chapman Catt is elected president of the NAWSA. Women of Denmark are enfranchised.

      1916 Jeannette Rankin, a Republican from Montana, is elected to the House of Representatives and becomes the first woman to serve in Congress. President Woodrow Wilson addresses the NAWSA.

      1917 Members of the National Woman’s Party picket the White House. Alice Paul and ninety-six other suffragists are arrested and jailed for “obstructing traffic.” When they go on a hunger strike to protest their arrest and treatment, they are force-fed. Women win the right to vote in North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Rhode Island, Nebraska, Michigan, New York, and Arkansas.

      1918 Women of Austria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Scotland, and Wales are enfranchised. House of Representatives passes a resolution in favor of a woman suffrage amendment. The resolution is defeated by the Senate.

      1919 Women of Azerbaijan Republic, Belgium, British East Africa, Holland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Rhodesia, and Sweden are enfranchised. The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution granting women the vote is adopted by a joint resolution of Congress and sent to the states for ratification. July 2: Anna Howard Shaw dies. New York and twenty-one other states ratify the Nineteenth Amendment.

      1920 Henry Burn casts the deciding vote that makes Tennessee the thirty-sixth, and final state, to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. August 26: The Nineteenth Amendment is adopted and the women of the United States are finally enfranchised.

      1923 At the 75th anniversary of the Seneca Falls convention, Alice Paul proposes an Equal Rights Amendment to remedy inequalities not addressed in the 19th Amendment.

      Late 1920s Many states continue to bar women from jury duty and public office. Widows succeed their husbands as governors of Texas and Wyoming. Middle-class women attend college and enter labor force. Anticipated “women’s vote” fails to materialize by end of decade.

  • Nina says:

    Is Model Launcher A Scam? Is Model Launcher is a scam!!!!!!!!!!! Something strang is going on. Not Legit?
    They keep deleting people’s questions!!!!! They keep blocking people!!!!!! Their facebook website is so so shady. They put up this post where Bill the CEO was going to answer some question. A lot of people had questions. They answer in weird riddles that made absolutely no since.

    One of their answers was this, “Winners win by talent and popularity. Neither enables you to win.”

    That makes no since!! I asked how you are enabled to win then since their answer was a double negative. I got blocked and my question was deleted. They then wrote, “You win by TALENT AND POPULARITY. PERIOD.

    Please be aware that there is shady business going on. They have a Guatemala base too. Bill is shady. Google him and Anna Chapman.( A russian spy he was involved with)
    Their grammer is absolutely horrible on their site. Try asking a question on a comment. They will most likely block you. Especially if you ask why they keep deleting people’s questions. Try it out!!
    Just type in Model Launcher on Facebook.

    • Curator says:

      Be aware Answers is not for posting rants with no real question, if you have suffered a financial loss there are a number of scam reporting site you could lodge your complaint with.

      I could not find serious ripoff complaints on the web regarding this business. This is a new business only 6 months old, time may show that your right but the verdict is not in yet, the site appear to have no WOT rating yet. Gives a NY residential address in the domain name registration, that’s better than those using a paid proxy to hide themselves.

      Here’s a question that got a reply by the operator:

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