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[VIDEO] Anthony Weiner's Fight With Brooklyn Bakery Customer …

5 September 2013 | 7:25 pm It seems that Anthony Weiner can't escape the drama. The democratic mayoral candidate is known for scandal, and once again has hit the news. This time however, he's defending his wife Huma who has stood by him through

Anthony Weiner Innocent! (Of Being A Schmuck To That Jewish Guy …

5 September 2013 | 12:55 am Today we brought you the spectacle of A+ human being would do business with human being again Anthony Weiner, and he was pioneering an exciting new electioneering technique of calling voters jackasses and

Chutzpah: short film about Anthony Weiner – Boing Boing

5 September 2013 | 12:17 am Stateless Media made an excellent 11-minute film about NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. It's called "Chutzpah." From inside the Weiner tornado the whole world looks absurd. People who hate you hate you for typing a

New York Times Magazine 4/14/2013 Huma Abedin & Anthony Weiner Private Life

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8 Responses to Anthony Weiner

  • Ben says:

    Do You Think That The “I Have A Dream Joke” Was Bad?

    Well, for me I feel a little neutral about the whole thing because it almost seems like Black people get special treatment than everyone else because they threaten to sue you for anything and call it “Racism”.

    There are a lot corrupt Black Politicians like Jesse Jackson Jr, but no one ever talks about them in the media as much as Elliott Spitzer or Anthony Wiener.

    I mean if everyone is supposed to be equal then why were there riots for Trayvon but not for when those teenagers killed that old man?

    Even though I have a Native American ancestor, I feel like people who happen to be born of lighter skin pigment are awarded fewer rights than other US citizens.

    An Educated person would have acknowledged that “Race” is a Cultural Construct and that the Humans Race is actually one Race in the study of Biology.

    It seems that you are oblivious to the fact that anyone who at least appears “White” is always at fault when they speak out of an injustice to them comitted by someone who is Black.

    You are Incorrect, “Peaceful Marches” do not condone Vandalism:

    • Curator says:

      Many people like you need to learn the law regarding racism. The law applies when someone is discriminated against because of their race (Black or White or Indian or Asian, etc.), creed, color, national origin, handicap, or age. It is not specific to just Black individuals. There is no special treatment involved. Racism is still alive and well and living in the US, particularly the South.

      You mention the riots for Trayvon, but not when those teenagers killed that old man. For one thing, these were not riots, but peaceful marches for equality. These marches was to make authorities review the killing and charge the killer. There is a big difference. The teenagers who killed that old man were charged immediately and will serve time. The system did not have to be forced to charge these individuals as they had to be in the Martin killing. Zimmerman was not charged immediately, killed an unarmed youth whom he stalked and chased and initially referred to Martin as a fuc*(ng coon” which was later changed before being presented in court. Also, Zimmerman stalked Martin when he was told not to follow. As a neighborhood watch individual, Martin was to watch and report, not stalk, chase, and kill. There have been many other instances of Black murder where marches were not done whereby White police killed a 7-year-old girl sleeping on a coach who they mistook for a grown man, a Black man getting ready to enter his own apartment who was shot over 40 times when police mistook his wallet for a gun, numerous Black individuals who have been arrested and wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit. There were also other marches such as for the Sensata employees (all White) by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Sr. This was a company whereby Romney was a principal interest holder and was going to fire the employees (as he usually does with his companies) and send the jobs to India. Romney refused to meet with the employees although they were willing to accept lower salaries to save their jobs.

      Jesse Jackson Jr. was in fact talked about in the media about what he and his wife did and their sentencing for misappropriation of funds. This could not be compared to Weiner because Jackson was not sexting while running for office professing to have stopped. You are mixing apples with oranges because the reasons are different. The Jacksons were indicted and charged and Weiner was not. How about Mark Sanford (White male) who you did not mention who admitted to using taxpayer funds to rendezvous with his mistress and was re-elected after his admission, he was not charged, and he has not paid the money back.

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