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Navy Tries To Keep Lopsided Winning Streak Over Army Going

14 December 2013 | 7:59 pm The Navy Midshipmen has not only defeated Army 11 straight times — they've won 13 of the last 14.

Army-Navy Game 2013: Key Players to Watch in Historic Matchup

14 December 2013 | 6:33 pm The Army Black Knights and Navy Midshipmen will meet at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday for their annual bout in the historic rivalry that dates back to 1890. The 114th edition of the tradition features two of the nation's best rushing attacks. The Black Knights have the land's second-best rushing attack with an average of 323.6 yards per game, while the Midshipmen sit right behind in third …

Navy QB Reynolds eyes history vs. Army

14 December 2013 | 2:47 pm ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) In just two seasons at the Naval Academy, Keenan Reynolds has already earned a reputation for exuding confidence and poise in pressure-filled situations. The quarterback first displayed this quality as a freshman, when he came off the bench late in the second half to rally Navy past Air Force. That, however, didn't help calm Reynolds' nerves before his first Army-Navy game …

Army offensive lineman proposes to girlfriend before Navy game …

14 December 2013 | 8:12 pm That's Colin Joy, a senior offensive lineman for Army. Joy has yet to appear in a game for the Black Knights, and will serve as a Field Artillery officer after graduation. (And by the way, she said yes.) It's noteworthy that a Navy

Open chat: The Army-Navy game, playoffs, and whatever else …

14 December 2013 | 7:45 pm It's a college football Saturday, isn't it? Then let's enjoy college football together.

Army vs. Navy live stream: How to watch online – FanSided – Sports …

14 December 2013 | 5:49 pm On Saturday afternoon, we will all be treated to one final regular season college football game as the Army Black Nights and Navy Midshipmen go to battle on the gridiron for the latest match up between the two United States

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Vintage Post Card – Army-Navy Football Game in Municipal Stadium

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BS PHOTO bln-895 Army v Navy Football Game 1948

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1985 Army Navy Game Ticket stub

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9 Responses to Army Navy Game

  • Is The Army-Navy Game Overrated? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing on the men who play for the service academies and then go on to defend our freedoms. I appreciate their services. This is just about the football teams/game. Lee Corso has stated on countless times that he thinks this is the best rivalry in college football. I personally think this was a great rivalry back in the 50’s, but not so much anymore. Just wondering what you guys think.

  • Is It Time To Place Your Bets? Alright so the Army Navy game is in a few hours, who are you guys predicting is gonna win? The Navy has an 11 year winning streak and is 7-4 this season while the Army is 3-8. Though last year the Army would have won it if it weren’t for that fumble and the need to win might carry on through.

    In closing, Go Navy, beat Army.

  • Lynn says:

    Seniors: Navy Or Army? Helicopters practiced by our home today. (I’m glad the jets didn’t have to practice. They startle me every year, and I know they’re coming. lol) The plebs have descended on our city. Chances are we might get a rep after tomorrow for having a snowstorm during a football game two weeks in a row, but, hey, tomorrow is Navy-Army game in Philly.

    I know, many don’t know and don’t care. Some are from other countries, so don’t understand IJF. (It’s just football.) But, hey, your opinion whether you get it or not–Navy or Army? Who’s better? Who will win tomorrow?

    BQ: Why is it always advertised as the “Army-Navy game?” Who is more important, mere soldiers or spiffy sailors? (Can you tell where I stand? lol)
    Not your typical helicopters (we have them all the time.) Mongo sounding heli, the type that makes you think, “Oh, the President is coming?” lol (Army had to practice. Navy didn’t. lol)
    I married a sailor, and Pop-Pop was a West Pointer. Not my fault. Mom started cheering for the Navy, and she never met hubby. lol
    Grumpy Old Git, thank you! That’s the kind of rivalry I was brought up to have. lol

  • Aaron says:

    As A Civilian, Can I Wear Desert Marpat Out In Public Or No? I am an airsofter, and I have all different types of military fatigues for the navy, marines, army, airforce, etc. I’m just wondering if I would get in trouble for wearing like, camo pants or maybe just a camo shirt but not the full Loudout. What do you think? My friends and I commonly go get fast food in our camo after a game and have never had a problem, but i’m now wondering if its legal. Input?

  • Koolpiez says:

    My Life Is Falling Apart? Well I’m not quite sure as to why I’m turning to Yahoo answers but I figured I’d give it a shot. 365 days ago I was a student with perfect grades in all of my classes, class president, DECA and science fair competitor, and I was generally a happy person. So far this semester of my junior year, I’ve passed only 2 AP classes, each on separate report cards. I lost my election for school president due to my grades, however was provided the position of vice. I’m not in any form of competition. I pretend to be rocking everyday because I don’t want to be “that guy” or the “downer, but really I am absolutely miserable. I put on a fake image of a perfect person, and everyone looks up to me for some odd reason.
    I just want everything to go back to normal but I just don’t know where to take my first step. Ever since the school fired both of my mentors I just went downhill. I’m on the brink of giving up. I’ve been considering enlisting in the army directly and making some use of myself instead of being an officer in the navy for several years which was my original intention. Believe me when I say I don’t have anyone to go to about this.

    -Thanks a lot

    • Curator says:

      First of all, you can forget about being an officer in the Navy without a college degree. You will need a high school diploma these days to go enlisted (non-officer), and you will need a reasonably good score on the ASVAB. With the poor economy and budget cuts in Washington, the Navy isn’t taking just any and everyone that shows up at the door. They are having a flood of people like you and they are turning away the average ones in spades. If you’re exceptional, you may have a chance. If you’re just another bloke looking for the government to support you, forget it.

      But on the whole, it sounds like you’re emotionally dependent on some fragile self-image you have. That image was maintained through how people see and respond to you. Now that success is becoming more difficult and not guaranteed, you’re feeling let down. This is because life gets more difficult and challenging as you go. If you’re wanting to maintain a constant level of effort, you will start falling behind. Think of life like a video game. The higher levels of the game require more effort and skill than the beginner levels. You are trying to play in level 11, but your effort is only in level 9. In short, you need to up your game (read study more and focus on your skill set) and stop whining like a baby. If you keep a 9th grade effort, in a junior level world, you will fail behind not only in school but also in other areas of your life. The only way things will go “back to normal” is if you up your game to the 11th grade or you go back to the 9th grade, which is where your “normal” is presently camping out.

  • RiP says:

    Im 18 And Dont Know What To Do With My Life? Army? So im 18 and i finish high school in june or ealier. i used to be passionate about games and computers i built my own without help and everything i started to teach myself programming but then out of nowhere i lost interesting everything to do with games and computers etc.. i thought it was just a phase but its been 2 and a half months now and i don’t have interest in anything anymore therefore i feel lost.

    I feel like whatever i do i wonna do something with engineering or an army ranger maybe? idk what to do anymore.

    So should i join the army to help me find what i want to do? use the army for schooling maybe?

    Also what ever i do for some reason i feel like i need to make alot of money i dont know why but whenever i look at something i wonna make sure in the long run i make alot of money i know people say money isnt important if ur doing something you love but my family is on the poor side and we have had some events that cause major family stress and arguments because we have no money and opportunities we cant take cause no money..

    So i have made it like a plan to make alot of money..
    what should i do..?

    • Curator says:

      You need to go down to your local bookstore and get a study guide for the ASVAB. The ASBAV is like the college ACT for the military. You take the ASVAB and all branches of the military will see your score. If you have a high score and a clean drug/arrest history you can join the military if you’re willing to take a job they need filling. With recent Washington budget cuts, the military is no longer taking just everyone. Don’t know about the Army, but the Navy is always looking for Spec War (SEALs, EODs, NDs, SWCCs) candidates. They also have nuclear propulsion school, which is tops for an enlisted person if you are smart enough.

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