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  • Anonymous says:

    Who Do You Think Will Win The Celebrity Apprentice 2012? Remaining contestants: – Arsenio Hall
    – Aubrey O’day
    – Clay Aiken
    Who do you want to win? And why?

  • Anonymous says:

    Who Do You Like On Celebrity Apprentice? Here is my opinion:

    Aubrey O’ Day makes me SICK!!!!!!! She loves herself way too much and it’s always, “I did this, I did that, that was my idea, he’s lying, I said that quote before you Mr. Trump!” SHE MAKES ME SICK but I think that she will end up being one of the last.

    Arsenio Hall seems like a really nice guy and, yes he lost his temper with Audrey, but who wouldn’t? Honestly, I don’t think that he will end up being on of the last two.

    Lisa Lampanelli makes me sick as well. She is a mean $&%^# who is always yelling and losing her temper. She seems like a witch. I don’t think she’ll be one of the last. I cannot wait for her to get fired!

    Clay Aiken seems like a nice guy. I think he is very smart and will end up being one of the last with Aubrey. I do hope that he wins!

    What are your opinions?

  • Anonymous says:

    Celebrity Apprentice Favorites? List your favorites 1-7. Mine is:
    1.) Clay Aiken
    2.) Penn Gilette
    3.) Lisa Lampanelli
    4.) Aubrey O’day
    5.) Arsenio Hall
    6.) Dayana Mendoza
    7.) Teresa

    • Curator says:

      1. Arsenio
      2. Clay
      3. Dayana
      4. Terasa
      5. Penn
      6. Lisa
      7. Aubrey

      1. Penn
      2. Lisa
      3. Aubrey
      4. Arsenio
      5. Clay
      6. Dayana
      7. Teresa

  • Anonymous says:

    What Happened To Arsenio Hall? I saw Arsenio Hall as a guest host for the Pierce Morgan show last night. He was interviewing Magic Johnson celebration of life more than a decade or two after being diagnosed with AIDS. They also showed a clip of then Govenor Bill Clinton playing the saxaphone on the Arsenio Hall show more than a decade ago before he became president. What ever happened to Arsenio’s career? Why did he simply vanish from the air?

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