Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Atlanta Maid Service Enhances Company in Preparation of the Holiday Season

Thu, 11 Oct 2012 01:10:14 -0700 Atlanta Maid Service, EMJ Cleaning, enhances its company services and product line in preparation of the holiday season. (PRWeb October 11, 2012) Read the full story at

Kitchen Cleaning — Organize Your Approach

Mon, 24 Sep 2012 08:12:50 -0700 MISSION, KS–(Marketwire – Sep 24, 2012) – (Family Features) Maintaining a clean kitchen is important. However, there are often cleaning tasks that get put on hold because they require a great deal of time and effort. According to the Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Index survey, men and women agree the kitchen is the most difficult room to clean after the bathroom. Luckily, following a few simple …

Six Home Fixes That Aren't Worth the Money

Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:08:52 -0700 An added bathroom isn't going to pay for itself. And don't even think of a big-bucks home office.

@ Home Take 2: Keep Your House Company Ready- Organize …

Spending just a few minutes a day wiping down the sink counter and cleaning the toilet will not only keep it clean, but it will keep your family healthier. Use the same tips that worked for cleaning your other bathrooms: keep …

Bathroom Cleaning Tips Beautiful Home Sweet Home

To keep a bathroom looking like new and easy to spot clean for unexpected guests, I have a few bathroom cleaning tips to divulge: Deep clean your bathroom. This may sound tedious, but, with frequency, it will not take as …

Simple Bathroom Cleaning Tips

If you are tired of spending all your free time scrubbing your bathroom, it may be time to check out a better alternative. By using these simple bathroom cleaning …

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  • Jasminhoney says:

    Yellow Diarrhea And Extreme Fatigue!? Yellow diarrhea and feeling sluggish can’ get out bed!?

    I ate some yellow curry at a new thai restaurant. That night i woke up at 4 AM from extreme nausea, wanted to puke but nothing came out, only had and still have yellw diarrhea with broken down poop and undigested food pieces like spinach. I felt better on the second day and bought subway for me and the kids, I ate half a six inch meatball sub, it felt really good in my stomach at first then my stomach became big and bloated, and I became extremely fatigued to the point I fell into a coma deep sleep for like four hours. I woke up feeling sluggish, today I ran at least five time to the bathroom, no temperature and no vomiting but exteeme nausea and yellow watery diarrhea. Not a whole lot comes out but it is watery and yellow. I wanted to o laundry and clean up but everytime I get up I feel dizzy. I could barely take a hower from feeling so drained, I hydrate myself with Pedialyte, and havent eaten anything at all today. I am scared to eat anything. I am constantly dozing off. Again i have no temperature and I dobt vonit, I have no chills or muse aches, it is all n my stomach plus extreme fatigue and sluggishness. Tomorrow will be the fourth day and on Monday i have n appointment with a G.I. When shall I expect to get better? Alo nobody in my family is sick but me, i am lo the obly one who ate that curry my husband had sushi. Sorry for tips I am typing in bed from ipad

  • Isabella says:

    Help, Being Treated Unfairly At Work? This question is from my mom. She works at this bagel store, where her bosses just sit down all day long eating food, they don’t help at all. After work my mom and the other employee have to clean the whole store by themselves. Its only the two of them cause her boss wont hire anyone cause she don’t want to pay them. They have to stay an extra hour cleaning the whole store which they do NOT get paid for. They are NOT allowed a lunch break. The sad part is even if they use th bathroom the bosses complain saying “what the heck do they think they doing, they are working they cant just use the restroom when ever they feel like it” They also work on tips. back a few months ago they would make about 30 bucks on tips now they barley make 10, they found out the bosses are taking the tips. Their are 3 bosses, a husband, wife and sister in law.

    Last week My mom was asked to come in early cause they had this huge order for the high schools. they had to make like 700 bagels. They school was charged about $900 my mom didn’t even get 5 bucks out of that and she is the one who made the bagels, put cream cheese inside them, wrapped them up, stocked them in the truck, EVERYTHING! while her boss sat their yelling faster, my mom didn’t even get 1 dollar out of that. Nothing at all, but her boss said you would’ve done better if you worked faster.

    My mom makes the food at the store, works the cash register, takes orders, prepares the food, vacuums the store, cleans dishes, pretty much everything, she gets in at about 5AM and leaves at 3PM. when she gets home she cant even walk and sleeps the rest of the day. While her bosses sit down and laugh at my mom and the other lady. They called my mom lazy, stupid, but mostly lazy.

    My mother is not lazy she works so hard for that store, but she cant take it anymore, she wants to know if there is anything she can do to get them in trouble for doing this. Or at least make them stop.

    And yes she wants to quit she is currently looking for a job, but still no luck so she has to stay thier for the money.
    @Icr000 shut the fuck up you fucking bitch! My mother is NOT dumping me on this, okay! our state law requires employees to get paid for the work they have done! so your telling me you would work for free all day long. yeah i really don’t think so! You would be the first one to complain. Also our state law says they HAVE TO PAID FOR THE WORK THEY’VE DONE. She could care less if the bosses sit down all day, but when they call her lazy and a bad worker, than yea its personal. So i suggest you keep your firkin mouth shut! Thank you.

  • Rachel says:

    On A Cleaning Spree Tomorrow, Need Help? Well I am 15 and my parents house it well messy! Yes, my bedroom is part of it, but I am working on it. I get really embarrassed having my friends over. They always rudely comment about the mess. It’s not gross, like no food it left out, or mold growing. Just it has been awhile since the counters been wiped down, and the stove have some tough stains. I tired Lysol all purpose cleaner. It did not work. The floors have not been mopped in a bit. I am on my own tomorrow cleaning the whole house, and keeping it clean. My parents told me this “If your so bothered by it, your plenty capable of taking care of it, you 15 it’s about time you learned to clean a house”. My 19 year old brother and I are painting the bathroom for 20$ each tomorrow. Then I got mopping, dusting, scrubbing conner tops, and stove top, hard water bathtub stains, soap scum. Then hard wood floors need polished, and so does the furniture, and then hamster, and rabbit cage. Along with the fish. So I need some tips. Any cleaning products out there that will help with the cleaning. Something safe, I got cats who climb on the counters. Buying all this stuff tomorrow. Not cheap or to expensive. I know I may seem young, but I am embarrassed, and it would make me feel better about having friends over. So any tips??

    • Curator says:


  • Rylie says:

    Tips To Own A Kitten? Please Give Some Tips.? So If your going to put me down don’t even bother reading this. My friend can get me a kitten and I’ve been wanting one. My mom has said no for a long time but now that I live within walking distance to the pet store and have a 10$ an hour job I think it’s time. I can afford everything. I have a very large bedroom with a walk in closet. But it’s attached to the only bathroom with a shower. The only people who use it is me and my mom. My mom uses it for about an hour in the morning and 10 mins at night. She works 145-1100pm so I would only have to worry about it during those times. I’m going to crate train it and really clean the litter box(like 3 times a day). Don’t try to stop me I just want some tips.

    • Curator says:

      I don’t recommend crating your cat/kitten it isn’t good for then, you could really just ask the pet store, he or she will give you all the info. Pet food, toys, and keeping it clean of fleas. I would bring it to the local animal shelter. You could get it neutered/fixed

    • Curator says:

      Take a spray bottle, fill it about 1/8th full with rubbing alcohol, add a drop of Dawn dishwashing soap, a few drops of scented oil (optional, but makes it smell so good), fill the rest of the way with water, shake together, and you’re good to go! It makes your granite (or any countertop) shine and feel so smooth at a fraction of the price~I have loved it and use it on my appliances as well.

  • Urology Question For Male Please Help? This is long but please help if possible

    What is wrong with with. It all started beginning of June. 25 year old male usually healthy and no serious illnesses. It started off having to pee too much so I thought it might be a uti or something. Went to the doctor and it wasn’t urine sample came back clean. 2nd week of June when I was on vacation it started to really mess with me. I was up every 5 minutes going to the bathroom one night and it was horrible. Ended up going to a urologist and they checked my prostrate and said I ha prostatitis. Went on alpha blockers and antibiotics for 2 months and it remarkably got a lot better. I had the symptoms of pain in tip of penis, urgent urination, frequent urination, sometimes nothing came out when I really felt like I had to go, was straining to go, really weak stream, pressure in stomach and just overall miserable. On July 19th I had a cystoscopy and urologist said my bladder and urethra looks 100% normal except I have an elevated bladder neck whatever that is. So it kept getting better as weeks went on but started to bother me again. So I went to another urologist on August 15th and he checked my prostate and said everything looked completely normal and the prostatic fluid was totally normal and everything. So went home and continued with medicine. It got even better again but I was still getting up in the middle of the night more then once to pee and was peeing more often then usual but not so much. The urgency to pee and feeling of havig to pee came after 20-30 minutes of peeing before. It got a lot better but was still not totally normal so I went and had a uro flow test. Results came back saying it seemed like I might have an obstruction where my bladder and prostate meet which could be causing the problem. Urodynamics test now has to be done (have not had it yet). But ever since last week It had be a lot worse and when I feel like I really gotta go I have more pressure and not nearly as much comes out as it should. I m

  • Curtis says:

    I Want To Be Happy Again!? So about a year and a half ago I was living an extremely happy life as a 12 year old in the 6th grade. Everything was amazing, and I would just move on in a happy manor. I had good friends, I would go out regularly, I would experiment with so many things, and it was beautiful. But around the end of the year (2011) things started to go downhill. I would go through pain caused by my mother (physically and emotionally), and for the entire year, since 2012 began, I’ve been shitted upon by my mother. She doesn’t buy any food, I have no clothes to wear except my pajamas (which also restricts me from going out) and my hygiene is terrible. My mouth is extremely sore because there’s no toothpaste to use, so I would go without, but I found an old tube and I used it a few times this week, and there is blood everywhere that comes from my gums. There isn’t much cleaning supplies (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel), and all I have is a bar of soap, but there isn’t much of that left. I’m dying mentally and physically. I haven’t had breakfast, lunch, or dinner in 10 month (I’m serious, 10 months) and I don’t get given much for school. My mother isn’t poor, in-fact she’s quiet wealthy, and I actually found something out. She hides food in her closet so that I don’t eat it. She never shares food, and I can’t stand it. However, I’ve recently been going over to my Nan’s where I can be fed, but let me tell you now, if I didn’t go over there, I wouldn’t be typing right now. I wouldn’t be on this planet. I can’t go out and buy food because all I have is a pair of pajamas and my school uniform. And also my mother evades my privacy. I would normally take fairly long showers, and then she would open the bathroom door and yell at me to get out. I fucking hate this shit. I fucking hate her.

    However, I am fortunate enough to move in with my Nan, although she’s the only one that knows about it. Things are looking better, because I won’t be worried about starving to death, and I will hopefully get some clothes. But now I want to be happy again, but I can’t be. Does anyone have any tips on being extremely happy, and restoring that warm feeling inside again?

    Thanks, you guys are my only chance.
    I forgot to mention that my mum has Narcolepsy and she says that she doesn’t feel hungry and she always gets angry.
    No, I’m not over weight, I’ve lost a few kg’s this year from lack of food. I can’t believe that I got responses, I can’t thank you guys enough. I can’t believe that people care about other people who they don’t even know, and especially on the internet where all there is is abuse. Thanks everyone, you’ve really lifted my spirit 🙂
    Guitar keeps me going. Without it I’d be dead.

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