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40,000 runners hit San Francisco streets for Bay to Breakers

18 May 2014 | 8:23 pm An estimated 40,000 runners took to the streets Sunday for the iconic and offbeat San Francisco footrace Bay to Breakers, an event famed for the mingling of committed racers with scantily clad revelers in a party-like atmosphere. The 7-mile-plus race, which is celebrating its 103rd anniversary and is one of the oldest footraces in the nation, was delayed for nearly 30 minutes because a …

Revelers turn out for wild Bay to Breakers race

18 May 2014 | 8:09 pm SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – An estimated 40,000 runners took to the streets Sunday for the iconic and offbeat San Francisco footrace Bay to Breakers, an event famed for the mingling of committed racers with scantily clad revelers in a party-like atmosphere. The 7-mile-plus race, which is celebrating its …

Race Crashers A Factor In Delay of 103rd Bay To Breakers

18 May 2014 | 7:12 pm Concerned SFPD delayed the start of the race due to unregistered runners…

Geoffrey Kenisi And Diane Johnson Triumph At Bay To Breakers …

18 May 2014 | 5:00 pm After a race delay and reports of an injured runner, Geoffrey Kenisi and Diane Johnson have won the 103rd Bay to Breakers foot race this morning. Kenisi was the first male and Johnson was the first female to cross the finish …

San Francisco Holding Bay to Breakers Race, City Making a Few …

18 May 2014 | 12:23 am San Francisco is getting ready for Sunday morning's Bay to Breakers race, and this year, the city is making a few changes to the one-of-a-kind event. NBC Bay Area's Monte Francis reports from San Francisco with more.

Bay to Breakers neighborhood survival guide – Ocean Beach Bulletin

17 May 2014 | 10:14 pm The annual Bay to Breakers foot race and mobile party comes to San Francisco Sunday, May 18. Here's how it will affect the city's western neighborhoods. The most obvious impact of Bay to Breakers, aside from the masses of …

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  • C says:

    Switching Careers-Hairstylist To Healthcare? Hello everyone, I am a hairstylist who lives in San Francisco Bay Area and is thinking of leaving the beauty industry. Just can’t stand working with shallow people and clients anymore and to be honest my passion has died.

    The healthcare industry is huge. I feel like there’s a place for almost everyone. What are good and bad careers in healthcare? I am willing to spend two years in school but 4 years is way too long and I don’t have the money/time so nursing is out. I know it will be hard for a beginner like me to break it in but I am willing. I just don’t want something with a lot of math in it and less patient interaction would be great for me but is not really a deal breaker. I have a lot of compassion and patience (But I am not the one to kiss butts of divas in salons and deal with their attitudes thats why I am just done with this industry) Thank you so much!

  • Sakiban says:

    How Would You Change The NHL Point System? My suggestion would be:
    2 Points for Regulation Win
    1 Point for OT/SO Win
    0 Points for any loss

    Division winner is guaranteed a top 4 spot, higher point total gets home ice advantage:

    Tie Breaker order:
    Regulation Wins
    Overall Wins
    LESS Regulation Losses

    Using the 2012-13 standings:

    Actual Finish, new Point total, new playoff seeding in bracket:
    1) Pittsburgh: 69, (1st)
    2) Montreal: 55, (2nd)
    3) Washington: 51, (4th)
    4) Boston: 52, (5th)
    5) Toronto: 52, (3rd)
    6) NY Rangers: 48, (6th)
    7) Ottawa: 45
    8) NY Islander: 44
    9) Winnipeg: 46, (7th)
    10) Philly: 45, (8th)
    11) New Jersey: 36
    12) Buffalo: 35
    13) Carolina: 37
    14) Tampa Bay: 35
    15) Florida: 27

    1) Chicago: 66, (1st)
    2) Anaheim: 54, (2nd)
    3) Vancouver: 47, (4th)
    4) St Louis: 49, (5th)
    5) Los Angeles: 52, (3rd)
    6) San Jose: 42,
    7) Detroit: 46, (7th)
    8) Minnesota: 48, (6th)
    9) Columbus: 43, (8th)
    10) Phoenix: 38
    11) Dallas: 42
    12) Edmonton: 36
    13) Calgary: 38
    14) Nashville: 30
    15) Colorado: 30

  • Dakota says:

    What Are The Most Important Personality Aspects Of A Friend? What About A Partner? Are They The Same For You? What is the absolute must for our S/O?
    That our is supposed to be your. That’s one weird sounding typo.

    • Curator says:

      Friend either common ground or devotion. I guess I am either friends with someone I have a similar temperament with or someone who is loyal. Doesn’t necessarily have to be both. I have different kinds of friends, that serve different kinds of needs. Some people are fun, some you have history with, some are loyal. I don’t rely on my friends continually and they do not make up a significant part of my life, I keep them at bay because I don’t think friends should be given too much prevalence.

      I am a lot more particular with a serious love prospect now in my life.

      I am not sure if I can put to words the qualities I require tho. I guess I require real authentic mutual love, mixed with good compatibility in theory. As far as characteristic I would say I admire somewhat similar temperaments as myself. I would flinch if someone didn’t leave a tip, gawked at other people, was bigoted, if they lied for a means, if they justified themselves yet judged others.

      The last guy I was seeing the deal breaker I knew I didn’t wanna be with him was because he said sideways comments to me over completely petty things, and also about others. Thats too passive aggressive.

      I guess someone that would want what I want, partnership, love, devotion, admiration, respect, mutually, not someone that just blindly gives that because they want an instant family, and not someone that self serves and only wants those things given. Many people like to either reciprocate or give. I truly like both in life (and sexually for that matter). I would want someone who wants to love me for my good and see me for who I am not for what I represent and someone who wants to open themselves up on a deeper level.

  • What If There Were 50 NFL Teams? If every state has only 1 NFL team there would be more of free agents like Tebow Would get a Starting spot and More people in collage would get get to go the NFL. and More Games and the SB would be later so a longer season!

    • Curator says:

      I’ve got to name the 50 teams

      1. New York giants
      2. dallas cowboys
      3. Baltimore Ravens
      4. Pittsburgh Steelers
      5. Cleveland Browns
      6. Boston Patriots
      7. New Haven Huskies
      8. Maine Mutineers
      9. Rhode Island Breakers
      10. New Hampshire Admirals
      11. Vermont Villians
      12.New jersey Jugernaughts
      13. Delaware Dynasty
      14. Virgina generals
      15. West Virginia Pioneers
      16. Tennessee Titans
      17. Indianapolis Colts
      18. Miami Dolphins
      19. Charlotte Wildcats
      20. Charlestown Racers
      21. Atlanta falcons
      22. Birmingham Brigadeers
      23. Little Rock Rockers
      24. Oklahoma City wranglers
      25. Kansas City (Kansas) Chiefs
      26. St. Louis Cardinals
      27. Wyoming rapids
      28. North Dakota Monuments
      29.South Dakota Wild Bills
      30. Santa fe Apaches
      31. Arizona Phoenix
      32. Las vegas Gamblers
      33. Hollywood Stars
      34. detroit Lions
      35. chicago Bears
      36. green Bay packers
      37. Minnesota Vikings
      38. Honalulu Sharks
      39. Alaska eskimos
      40. Seattle Seahawks
      41. Oregon tribe
      42. Denver broncos
      43. New Orleans saints
      44. Nebraska Farmhands
      45. Idaho Cyclones
      46. Iowa Redhawks
      47. Kentucky harvesters
      48. Mississippi rebls
      49. Utah Flats
      50. Montana Mammoths

      I didn’t really answer your question but I should get some credit for the effort here.

  • Drew1234 says:

    I Need A Running Regimen So I Can Reach 7 Miles After 4 Months? So, my goal is to run the Bay to Breakers 12k race in May (7.4 miles). I need a good training/exercise regimen to get there. I’m starting from basically no training/experience so I don’t know where to begin or how to constantly keep increasing. I’m aiming to train about 3 times a week.

    So how can I go from no running experience to being able to do 7.4 miles in four months, by running three times a week?


    • Curator says:

      Yep. i agree with all of the above. Try starting out with the “couch to 5K” program. it really is foolproof. After you finish that you can do the program called the “one hour runner”. it slowly goes from 30 minutes to an hour. That should be all you need but there are some other good programs. One is just like the couch to 5 K but conitues it to 10K. It is called the freeway to 10 k.

  • Does The Breakers Express Packages Include Everyone Staying In The Room? The cost for one room only is $149.00 but there are packages that cost a little more and include tickets. Do these packages include tickets for everyone who will be staying in the hotel room or do I have to purchase the remaining tickets separately at the discounted price of $39.09?

    • Curator says:

      If your talking about the one at Cedar Point
      your package will include tickets for everyone
      you can get your own package room and such
      for each person the price will go up slightly
      basic room would be one price and added if you want to include park tickets for each person

      I stay at Castaway bay my package includes breakfast tickets to Cedar Point and waterpark
      and the waterpark at Castaway Bay

  • Yahoo Domain says:

    Black & Decker 18v Firestorm Cordless Hammer Drill? I had put my “Black & Decker 18v Firestorm cordless hammer drill battery on a 3-4 hour charge. When I came back to it I noticed that the battery was leaning over from the charger.
    A close examination showed that the battery casing was melted/distorted exposing the inner cells. The battery was fused together with the charger so I cant even charge my second battery.
    What could have caused this and why did my fuse box/consumer unit not trip?

    • Curator says:

      It sounds like the battery had a serious fault inside the case. Is it new enough to allow for any warranty? I have never seen this condition in my experience. But your battery charger will not trip a circuit breaker, because it has a fuse built into it that would blow first. Had the whole thing cooled off by the time you got back to it? Typically as things heat up like that the little fuse inside melts and stops any more home electricity from entering the battery charger.
      e-Bay should have another one for sale.

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