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Green Bay pools open this weekend

6 June 2013 | 10:57 am It will start to look like summer at pools in the Green Bay area.

Tornado damage in Hillsborough, Manatee and Pinellas; Bay area Tornado Watch until 10 p.m.

6 June 2013 | 9:21 am Heavy rain, winds and a confirmed tornado pounded the Tampa Bay area early Thursday as weather assoc

Tropical Storm Andrea Bringing Heavy Rain

5 June 2013 | 10:26 pm TAMPA | Heavy rain was pouring across much of Florida early today as Tropical Storm Andrea, the first tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, headed toward the state's western coast and a new tropical storm warning was issued for a swath of the U.S. East Coast.

<b>Bay News 9</b> June 4, 2013 Professor Charles Rose

4 June 2013 | 2:10 pm Professor Charles Rose spoke with Bay News 9 about the high-profile George Zimmerman trial. POSTED BY Brandi Palmer | Published June 4, 2013. 0 COMMENTS. This entry was posted in Faculty In The News by Brandi

First grade teacher faked disease for year to skip school | The Daily <b>…</b>

1 June 2013 | 12:53 pm Eventually, school officials became skeptical of the cockamamie ruse, reports Bay News 9 out of St Petersburg. After investigators concluded that Barker's heart-wrenching tale was purely fiction, they confronted her. According

<b>Bay News 9</b> – Manatee blows out Tallahassee Lincoln (W/Video)

25 May 2013 | 4:19 am Manatee High School football, manatee football, manatee hurricanes football, manatee hurricanes, IMG football, Florida High School Football, Manatee Hurricanes, Bradenton football, Tampa Plant football, Armwood High


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  • At What Time Does Traffic Start In L.A.? So i wanna go to mexico but the only freeways i take in california is the u.s. route 101 and the I-10 (i live like around 45 minutes north of santa barbara) i just wanna know what time does traffic start in L.A. in both freeways?

    • Curator says:

      L.A. rush hour traffic begins at 5 a.m. and lasts until 10 a.m.; it picks up again at 3 p.m. and goes until 7 p.m. In 2007, Angelenos wasted on average 70 hours due to traffic delays(1). Avoiding Los Angeles traffic delays can be tricky, but it is possible.

      Avoid Rush Hour Driving by Leaving for Work on Time (or Late?)
      Although the morning rush hours goes from about 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., the majority of workers start at 8 a.m. Angelenos try to avoid the mad dash from about 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. by changing their work schedules to either start work at 6:45 a.m. or 9 a.m. Although not foolproof, it cuts down on travel time quite a bit.

      Tune in to News or Talk Radio
      KNX AM News Radio 1070 features the most traffic reports: six an hour on the fives; other stations, such as talk radio KFI AM 640, offer four traffic reports each hour. Staying up to date on rapidly changing traffic conditions (while driving) is a must.

      Learn the On-AirTraffic Rush Hour Lingo
      Out-of-towners will do well to learn what a ‘Sig Alert’ denotes, what the ‘PCH’ stands for, why it factors so frequently into traffic news, and how the Golden State Freeway, Santa Ana Freeway and the 5 are connected. It is an unfortunate habit of traffic broadcasters to use abbreviations and sometimes also freeway names – instead of numbers – in reports. For example, loyal KFI listeners know about the Harbor Freeway (synonymous with the 110) while other traffic reports like to talk about the Ventura Freeway (the 101).

      Research Freeway Closures
      Part of the reason why rush hour traffic around the City of Angels resembles a parking lot can be explained with one term: Sig Alerts. Defined as unexpected road closures that last for more than 30 minutes, the California Highway Patrol offers a running list of traffic hot spots. Bookmark it and take a look before heading out of the office or home. Plan alternative routes as indicated.

      Avoid Los Angeles 110 Freeway Traffic (Connects to Orange County and the South Bay)
      Discover alternate routes that cut down the need to go on the 110 in the first place. For example, travel on Broadway lets the driver avoid the 110 until Manchester; Vermont goes all the way into the South Bay.

      Use Sepulveda Boulevard Instead of the 405 (but at your own risk)
      Sepulveda Boulevard runs some 42.8 miles and offers junctures to the 101, 105, 110 and other main thoroughfares. When heading to the San Fernando Valley, Sepulveda is a good alternative to the 405 – until a major accident happens.

      Avoid Problem Areas
      Some areas are trouble during rush hour and no amount of ramp lights can sugarcoat the influx of more motorists than there is pavement for driving. Stay away from the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) that is riddled with traffic lights and makes for slow going; stay off the northbound 405 at LAX to the San Fernando Valley; avoid the southbound 5 into Orange County. Never travel on a highway where Caltrans plans on doing roadwork. The delays are so lengthy that they have become the stuff of legends.

      Seasonal Travel Adds Woes
      Both the eastbound 10 and 91 mix seasonal weekend and holiday traffic with daily Los Angeles rush hour traffic. Palm Springs and Big Bear ski areas are much beloved vacation destinations for locals and gridlock can be unexpected and frustrating. Fridays and Sunday afternoons are the worst days for travel and savvy Angelenos start their long weekend late on Thursday night but return late Saturday night.

      Rain + Rush Hour = Gridlock
      Use side streets if there is rain in the forecast. Rainfall is so infrequent in Los Angeles that it serves to liquefy the oil deposits on the freeways and causes rather slick conditions. Not surprisingly, drivers going in excess of 80 miles per hour are sure to get into accidents, which result in numerous Sig Alerts and closures. Anticipate poor driving behavior and subsequent accidents by opting for alternative routes from the beginning.

  • Andian says:

    Is This Our Civilised West? “more than a quarter of the world’s governments covertly offered support”
    clear the CIA could not have operated its programme without their support, according to the OSJI
    54 countries co-operated with global kidnap, detention and torture
    ref :

    CIA ‘tortured and sodomised’ terror suspect, human rights court rules

    • Curator says:

      Countries such as France, the Netherlands, Hungary and Russia are not listed at all.

      The full 54 countries that aided in post-9/11 renditions: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. The Open Society Foundation doesn’t rule out additional ones being involved that it has yet to discover.

      I think this is the original report that other articles are referring to:
      Open Society Justice Initiative

      MORE ON THE STORY (from RT story’s sidebar):
      27.01, 17:21
      CIA’s secret prison: ‘Poland dragging out investigation’
      A Polish investigation into secret CIA jails is being suppressed because it will embarrass the top echelon of the country’s government, lawyers of two men held illegally in one of the CIA’s ‘black sites’ in Poland tell media.

      25.11.2011, 12:33
      Lithuania: A Gitmo on the Baltic?
      The Baltic state of Lithuania is facing a lawsuit for hosting a secret CIA prison on its soil as a Guantanamo Bay prisoner who claims he was detained and tortured there takes his case to The Hague.

      28.10.2011, 18:11
      Lithuania in the dock for role in CIA rendition program
      A human rights group has filed a lawsuit against Lithuania for its role in a CIA rendition program which allegedly involved the illegal detention and torture of “high-value detainee” Abu Zubaydah.

      23.02.2010, 15:19
      Poland admits to CIA planes landing on its territory
      Official flight logs released Monday confirm Poland hosted aircraft linked to a CIA program for secretly moving and holding terrorism suspects. It adds to the allegations that the country could have hosted a CIA prison.

      17.07.2007, 13:37
      New CIA prisons disclosed in Europe
      EU investigators have announced that the CIA had secret prisons set up in Italy and Poland. Furthermore, they say there is evidence that 14 European countries helped to set up the jails, which violates the Geneva Convention.

      26.01, 00:09
      Ex-CIA officer: Torture great way to get false confessions
      Torture brings forth unreliable information and false confessions, apart from the fact that it is a serious violation of all manner of international agreements, former CIA officer Ray McGovern told RT.

      25.01, 22:48
      British man claims he was tortured and forced to sign confessions by CIA
      A British man who was handed over to the CIA under the suspicion of being an Islamist terrorist says he was severely tortured by collaborators of the intelligence agency and forced to sign a confession.

      31.08.2012, 17:01
      US acquits CIA of killing and torturing of prisoners
      The US Justice Department ended a four-year probe into the CIA’s controversial, and at times brutal, treatment of detainees, closing two final homicide investigations without filing charges. The decision sparked outrage among human rights supporters.

      06.09.2012, 15:30
      Human Rights Watch: CIA torture cover-up in Libya revealed
      Human Rights Watch (HRW) has revealed new evidence of a US torture cover-up, showing the West snatched Gaddafi’s opponents from African and Asian countries, then tortured them at secret CIA prisons as part of post-9/11 Bush-era policies.

      17.04.2012, 12:36
      Leaked CIA memo exposes US terror suspect torture as ‘war crimes’
      The US is refraining from defining waterboarding and other questionable interrogation methods it used to apply to terrorist suspects as torture, possibly with a view to using them once again someday.

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