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Incoming BBC news director on journalism gender gap: We can do better

23 May 2013 | 7:18 pm "I think that as an outsider there is clearly an issue about the number of female broadcasters," James Harding says

BBC political editor Nick Robinson's extraordinary apology after backlash against 'Muslim appearance' comment about …

23 May 2013 | 7:12 pm Nick Robinson (pictured) said he was sorry for using the phrase, which 'was both liable to be misinterpreted and to cause offence', during the BBC News at Six broadcast yesterday.

BBC's Experimental 'Perceptive Radio' Will Personalize Content

23 May 2013 | 6:08 pm BBC has developed an experimental piece of hardware called Perceptive Radio that intelligently changes broadcasts based on the listener's location, weather, the level of background noise and other factors. The radio, unveiled at the Thinking Digital Conference today, is the first of its kind, according to BBC News . The device was created by BBC's Future Media North Lab division. The group also …

<b>BBC News</b> Venezuela ends toilet paper shortage

23 May 2013 | 5:30 pm May 23, 2013 | Filed under: Economy, Venezuela and tagged with: BBC News, bolivar, chronic shortage, consensus economics, currency controls, Hugo Chvez, Latin America, ministry of commerce, narrow majority, National Assembly,

<b>BBC</b> Political Editor Apologizes for 'Muslim Appearance' Remark <b>…</b>

23 May 2013 | 4:11 pm Nick Robinson expresses regrets over his wording in quoting a source who described a person involved in a violent attack on a soldier with a machete in the British capital.

Incoming <b>BBC News</b> Director Promises Action For More On-Air <b>…</b>

22 May 2013 | 6:01 pm James Harding, the incoming Director of News at the BBC, has admitted his discomfort at the lack of women broadcasters on the BBC's bulletins and has promised to address the issue as a priority.

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3 Responses to Bbc News

  • Celia H says:

    Is This How The English Drunks’ League Defend England? The EDL grouped at Woolwich Arsenal station near the scene of the murder on Wednesday and pelted police with bottles (BBC News)

    Do they see the Met. Police as enemies of England, or something? Could it be that one or two officers had beards? Very enlightening report. What do you think?
    For the information of the racists and fascists who claim that the left does not condemn the murder of this young soldier, here is a response written by me yesterday, condemning both the murder and the lawless American war which brought about the deaths of so many British soldiers:

    ‘These vile men’s ‘country’ is their interpretation of their religion – which is radically different from the interpretation of Islam held by most British and other European Muslims. It is an interpretation which is responsible for worldwide evil on the grand scale, with nothing to be said in its favour and little even in its defence.

    And I say that as a person who is vehemently opposed to the sordid hired collaborators from Blair to Cameron, who have sent British soldiers to die in lawless American wars of world domination which serve no conceivable British interest. Blair, Brown and Scameron are enemies of my country (which I interpret as the community of the decent, ordinary people of th
    Blair, Brown and Scameron are enemies of my country (which I interpret as the community of the decent, ordinary people of these islands) too. In fact, I would rate them and the jihadists equally as enemies of humanity.

    Yes, let us remember the young victim of this lawless attack, and his family and loved ones. But at the same time let us not forget that British soldiers are not, in this instance, ‘serving their country’ but serving a vile collaborator government which is slavishly serving another more powerful government, and neither are friends of the British people. So, let’s not be misled or confused about this. All these tragic and avoidable deaths should be laid at the door of the men who sent British soldiers to war for the American empire.

    And a final thought – wild cheers for the men of the Met Police who, confronted with a foul murder and armed murderers, put their duty before their natural emotions, and shot to disable, not to kill. They did what was absolutely
    They did what was absolutely right – there to uphold the law and protect the public, they did so. These vermin will now face justice, not the instinctive retribution which I feel I should have been terribly tempted to mete out if the carbine or pistol had been in my hands.

  • Tirrnlson says:

    Is The Best Way To End Muslim Terrorism To Just Adopt Sharia Law And Be Done With It? Which is what we’re doing, in slow motion, anyway?

    4/10/09 Muslim woman gets a Seeing Eye HORSE because her family doesn’t want a Seeing Eye dog in their house. Dogs are considered unclean by some Muslims. Her horse is covered under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

    8/12/09 Yale Press Bans Images of Muhammad in New Book about Danish cartoons.

    2/16/10 Daily Telegraph: One of France’s largest eateries has dropped pork from its menus. A Muslim said: “I’m happy, as I can come here with my muslim friends.” A non-Muslim said: “Why can’t they sell halal burgers and bacon burgers at the same time?”

    3/24/10 Daily Mail: KFC stops serving bacon to please Muslims.

    Darlaston Leisure Centre in the West Midlands’ town of Walsall, was hailed for its ‘ultra-modern’ design when it opened ten years ago.
    But now council staff have covered 250 windows with dark-tinted film following complaints from Muslim swimmers.

    11/11/11,0,1695876,full.story: New York City’s recreation and parks department offers a women-only swim time to accommodate Muslims; At a swimming pool in Seattle, Muslim woman have used brown paper to cover glass windows, providing privacy from the lobby; Harvard and George Washington universities accommodate Muslims by giving them special female-only swim times.

    About 180 apartments [government subsidized] in Amsterdam have been given special makeovers which suit the wishes of Muslim residents.

    5/11/13 Change to 125-year-old Victorian law means Muslims can be buried with no coffin in Ireland; “The change to the rule follows concerns recently expressed by members of the Muslim community regarding their traditional burial rituals,”

  • Sudden F says:

    Is Russell Howard Good Live? Ive got free tickets to go see Russell Howard in Dublin next year and while I love his BBC show Good News,I dont know what he is like live.Anybody been to see him?

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