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  • Anonymous says:

    Would Any Of You Men Be With Bethenny Frankel Or Does She Wear You Out Like She Does Me? My wife watches her show and after 5 minutes, I am worn out. She is on edge all the time. F that, I need a peaceful woman who can occasionally go off when it counts. Not constantly.

  • Anonymous says:

    Do You Like Christi Or Melissa From Dance Moms? I personally think Melissa is doing what all parents do, they want the best for there kids and she’ll do anything to make their dreams come true. I mean isn’t that what parents are for? I think Christi is nice sometimes, but she sometimes reminds me of Bethenny Frankel from Real Housewives of New York where she has all of these really funny one liners. But at the same time, she says things kind of harshly sometimes. Which makes me not like her sometimes. So I like Melissa more, but don’t get me wrong I love how Chloe and Maddie dance, they seem like great kids too. Who do you like better- Melissa or Christi?

    • Curator says:

      I love Christi ! She just loves her daughter so much and just wants Chloe to know that she’s an amazing girl. I love it when Christi says, “I wouldn’t change one Chloe for 1,000 Maddie’s.” She’s such a sweet mum, I love her !
      <3 xo

  • Anonymous says:

    Bethenny Frankel’s SkinnyGirl Cleanse? Has anybody used this product? What are the results you’ve noticed and how soon after? Will it help improve the condition on my face? Also, I’ve read a few places that it helps a lot with bloating; does it slim down your face at all? Thanks 🙂

    Ps- I’m only referring to the packets that you mix into your water.

  • Anonymous says:

    RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel Own Show Shown In UK? Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew if the UK were going to get Bethenny Ever After? I love Bethenny Frankel so would love to see this show.

    • Curator says:

      Ive been looking everwhere to find out aswel i have asked her on Fb thinking about trying twitter next

  • Anonymous says:

    Did Anybody Watch Bobby Frankel’s Daughter Bethenny On The E! True Hollywood Story? She talked about her relationship she had with her mother, father bobby and stepfather john parisella. she said she counted more on john as the father figure. didnt really have a relationship really with any of them. she even changed her name to parisella for a while but eventually changed it back to frankel. she also talked about life on the racetrack. she was closer to bobby like the last week of his life even feeding him as well. she did support bobby a little bit like saw her a few times on tv in the winner’s circle in of the big races bobby won.

    she also talked about how she found success as a reality star first on the apprentice show on nbc when it was run by i believe martha stewart and on the shows she gained more fame such as the real housewives of new york city and her spin off bethenny getting married and bethenny ever after her current show she has on bravo tv. she said she’d like to reality tv for starting her own talk show. that’s great for bethenny that she wants to branch off reality tv. now i heard that she sold her skinnygirl margerita line for $120 million!!

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