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Big Brother 15 has been in the news a lot lately. Here the latest.

'Big Brother' Recap: Season 15, Episode 25

23 August 2013 | 6:34 am The 25th episode of Big Brother was filled with surprises, the Live Eviction, and the HOH Competition. read more

'Big Brother 15' Welcomes Back a Juror in Latest Twist

23 August 2013 | 5:11 am The four jurors and the remaining HouseGuests compete in a game that decides the new HoH and the returning juror at the same time.

'Big Brother' recap: McCrae is the Man that McCrae Isn't

23 August 2013 | 4:11 am Helen makes a final play to rally the troops to her side. Meanwhile, a major twist promises to either explode the game or do absolutely nothing to the game.

'Big Brother 15' Week 9 Head of Household competition live blog …

23 August 2013 | 1:58 am The Big Brother 15 houseguests are competing in an endurance Head of Household tonight, along with the four potential returning jury members.

Big Brother 15 Episode 25 Recap, Helen Evicted, A Juror Returns

23 August 2013 | 1:19 am Rob Cesternino talks to Ian Terry live after the eviction of Helen on Big Brother 15, Episode 25 on August 22nd when a juror returns to the hosue.

Big Brother 15 Eviction, HOH and Returning Player Results Big …

23 August 2013 | 12:50 am Big Brother 15 Eviction, HOH and Returning Player Results. Thu, 22 Aug 2013 | Author simon · BB15. Helen Vs. Spencer. Over the past 72 hours we've seen Helen and ELissa try every conceivable alliance, deal and scheme to keep Helen in

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5 Responses to Big Brother 15

  • Alex M says:

    Who Would Be Your Dream Big Brother All-stars 2 Cast? There have been a lot of rumors in this rather boring Big Brother 15 season that Big Brother 16 will be the second All-Stars cast. Who would be on your dream all stars cast? I am only including people from Big Brother 8 and on because BB7 was the first all-stars season.
    People that would be on my dream cast:
    Adam Jasinski (9)
    Ryan Quicksall (9)
    Dan Gheesling (10,14)
    Jordan Lloyd (11,13)
    Jeff Schroder (11,13)
    Hayden Moss(12)
    Enzo Palumbo (12)
    Britney Haynes (12,14)
    Kalia Booker (13)
    Ian Terry (14)
    Nick Uhas (15)
    Kaitlin Barnaby (15)
    Aaryn Gries (15)
    Others that I might like on an all-stars cast would be maybe Rachel Rielly, Brendan Villegas, or Judd Daughtery.

  • Siscayopie says:

    Links For Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 25? Could someone please give me a link to Geordie shore season 6 episode 7 ASAP! Can’t find one anywhere and if i do they won’t work! Help me please
    could someone please give me a link to Big Brother (US) S15E25 ! Can’t find one anywhere and if i do they won’t work! Help me please

  • Robert says:

    What Is The Cause Of My Overall View Of Relationships? I have nothing but family. No social life, no friends, and I’m just entering my Senior year of high school. My uncle knocks me time to time for still being a virgin and keeps making jokes about it. Long time ago he said if I didn’t lose my virginity by that that he wouldn’t talk to me and would treat me like a long lost relative. Last year, I thought I’d try to change. I can’t stand the thought of ever going gay or getting involved physically with someone of my own gender, so I thought I go Asexual. So far things has gone a planned and as expected. I always felt scared and disgusted of sexual intercourse, I CAN”T STAND to even look at porn or anything. I can stand watching it in a movie because I’m not one who wants to miss a detail when it comes to a movie. I’ve been played 3 times and I’m only a 17 year old. I got played by a cute girl who I had a big desire to date gave me a fake number and I called consecutive times only to have the caller say she played me. Then have a girl pay for me,her, and her brother to all go to the movies and I focused solely on the movie and by the time we all went home we texted and she typed all the lol’s and ctfu’s to read her say that she “Kinda” played me. Then go on to 9th grade to only date a girl then go around saying she mine and we date to have her deny it and clown me in front of all her girls and few guys saying “Oh sweetie, I was just kidding” Leaving me there with mixed feelings in my gut with a “WTF” expression on my face? I been this way before and will continue to be this way. I been this way since I could remember. I always chose to stay inside the house, sleep, stay on the computer, watch youtube, write sports articles, drink monsters, and play fantasy football. I believe I became a full Asexual 3 months ago as I no longer feel sexual desires, get boners, etc like I did when I was 13-15. Back then a really hot/cute girl could walk right past me with me looking and I get hard. Now that no longer happens. I’m assuming my groin is on the same page and in sync with my mind. Nobody in my family takes me serious. When I say I don’t need a female I don’t need a god damn female. I get (bleeping) tired of hearing family members say do this, then that, and you may someday find yourself a nice woman. I don’t mind the others but keep the damn thing about woman out your mouth when it comes to me. I have joyful dreams of me slitting woman throats. One of those dreams I had a sections of females of young girls, teen girls, and grownups, and exterminated majority of teens and almost all of the grownup females. Nobody in my fam can seem to understand that. Everytime in class we have a group assignment I pick my own team, a team full of guys. Not no damn girls. Girls are too damn simple IMO. I’m a dude who cares nothing about sex, find it disgusting to where I want to puke, lost all sexual desires and do not wish to ever recover, stay around men more than I do females, and my mom bought the idea of the find a wife. I said, in my dictionary there’s NO such term as the word “Wife” It’s Assistant. In my world the word assistant is the replacement for wife. And I told her that may not be such a good idea because she would probably cry every day because of verbal abuse, and I said because when I have no choice but to work with a female I go harder on them than anybody else. Also, because I find them quite irrelevant and demonic in today’s society. Females are Demons! Beware of the Demonic creatures who deceive your eye! It’s like looking at Sweet old grandma who bakes cookie but turns out to be a big ‘ol witch trying to kill you. Beware!!

  • Joujou says:

    Im 15 And My Boyfriend Is 35? Is that a problem well i mean i lost my dad when i was 11 and he just makes me feel safe cuz that means i have a male role in my life cuz i have no brothers or sisters and he’s into a serious relationship not just teenage play and stuff why do people judge me and him so much we’re happy together. what do you think? is it a big deal and we have been together for 4 years now

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