Either Big G is Super Stupid, or I’m Incredibly Smart

I hope it’s the latter, of course 🙂

So, the auto-curation experiment continues. It just gets better and better. Here’s a breakdown of results over the past week:

Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits
Total 1,295 940 917 23
Average 162 118 115 3
Day Date Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits
Monday 23rd April 2012 358 289 281 8
Sunday 22nd April 2012 250 165 161 4
Saturday 21st April 2012 148 120 118 2
Friday 20th April 2012 273 136 130 6
Thursday 19th April 2012 184 162 160 2
Wednesday 18th April 2012 42 37 37 0
Tuesday 17th April 2012 18 16 15 1
Monday 16th April 2012 22 15 15 0

Two things are pleasantly surprising about all this.

  • The number of repeat visitors seems to be trending upward, and
  • The number of page views vs. unique visits is fairly good. That means at least some visitors are exploring the site rather than just walking in.

Remember, this is all being accomplished with duplicated and curated content – something that is not supposed to work in the post-Panda era. Wahoo.

So, now it would seem that I should add more content to the site for that “stickiness” factor. I am so busy with other varied projects right now, but I should be able to get something done. Videos are always good, and music could work. Amazon bestsellers, perhaps (that would be a piece of cake). I like the idea of exploring other stuff like artwork, tatoos, t-shirts. Let’s see how it works out.

I’m not planning to do any planned back-linking any time soon. I think I’d like to just gradually explore my options and see what works (experiment, ya know?)

Shameless plug: If this experiment piques your interest, and it should, you are seeing my creativity and genius at work. I’m a programmer with over 30 years experience in multiple areas, and I am available for hire (WordPress – hacking, themes, plugins; PHP, Internet Marketing, you name it). Use the contact form in the footer area to reach me for requests or JV’s.

And, as always, the donation box is in the sidebar. A couple bucks will do 🙂

Later, folks.

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