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Bill de Blasio comes first in New York mayoral campaign

12 September 2013 | 12:30 am Runoff election possible if citys public advocate fails to get 40% of vote

Bill de Blasio, the Not-Bloomberg

11 September 2013 | 7:08 pm By Joyce Purnick Bill de Blasio, whose strong support in New York City's Democratic primary for mayor may have averted any runoff, had a secret weapon and I speak not of his delightful Afro'd son, Dante, but of the very man he wants to succeed, Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Yes, if anyone handed de Blasio a win besides de Blasio, his campaign and his feckless opponents it was Bloomberg. He has …

Bill de Blasio: big win, big target for GOP in N.Y. mayor race

11 September 2013 | 1:43 pm York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who staked his candidacy on a fiercely anti-Bloomberg campaign based on the slogan a tale of two cities, won a stunning victory last night, unofficially polling more than 40 percent of city Democrats, the threshold needed to become their nominee without a runoff.

Bill De Blasio NYC Mayoral Race Five Things To Know …

11 September 2013 | 9:41 pm Bill De Blasio is leading the N.Y. Democratic mayoral primary race, taking first place in the primary election on Sept. 10.

Bill de Blasio, the Anti-Bloomberg, Wins Democratic Mayoral Primary

11 September 2013 | 2:34 am According to exit poll results, early returns, and the live streaming video from the Team de Blasio block party in Brooklyn, Bill de Blasio will win the democratic mayoral primary, though it's unclear whether he will hit the 40

REPORT: Exit Polls Show Bill De Blasio Crushing … – Business Insider

11 September 2013 | 1:10 am Exit polls show Public Advocate Bill de Blasio winning New York City's Democratic primary for mayor with 43% of the vote.

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NY NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Bill de Blasio racist Walking Dead Danai Gurira

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  • Sami says:

    Who Are All The Candidates Running For NYC 2013 Mayor? Who are ALL the candidates running for NYC mayor elections 2013 (currently)? Can you give me some background information on each person? Thxs!

    • Curator says:

      Democratic candidates: Sal Albanese, Bill de Blasio, John Liu, Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson

      Republican candidates: John Catsimatidis, Joseph Lhota and George McDonald

  • How Come Even 6% Of Likely NY Democrat Voters Think Anthony Weiner Has Really Strong Moral Character? 6 Percent of Likely New York Democratic Voters Think Anthony Weiner Has Really Strong Moral Character
    That’s the best news for the mayoral candidate in the latest Quinnipiac poll.

    Anthony Weiner’s campaign for mayor of New York City has collapsed, a new Quinnipiac poll out on Monday shows. Weiner is now behind City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (27 percent), Public Advocate Bill de Blasio (21 percent), and former Comptroller William Thompson (20 percent). With 16 percent support among likely Democratic primary voters, Weiner is really only the envy of the current New York City comptroller, John Liue (6 percent), and Sal Albanese (2 percent).

    And 53 percent of likely Democratic voters think Weiner should drop out of the race altogether. That’s a lot of bad news. At the same time, the bad news isn’t that different from what Weiner saw last week in the Wall Street Journal/NBC 4/Marist poll, which also had Weiner at 16 percent support

    Wow 16% support the pervert, speaks volumes for those “highly intelligent” blue state Democrat voters doesn’t it?

  • Is Weiner No Longer Up? Weiner Support Collapses in NYC Mayoral Race

    A new Quinnipiac poll finds Anthony Weiner drops to fourth place among likely Democratic primary voters in the race for New York City mayor with likely Voters saying Weiner should drop out of the race by a 53% to 40% margin.

    Christine Quinn leads the pack with 27%, followed by Bill de Blasio at 21%, Bill Thompson at 20%, Weiner 16% and John Liu at 6%.

    Said pollster Maurice Carroll: “With six weeks to go, anything can happen, but it looks like former Congressman Anthony Weiner may have sexted himself right out of the race for New York City mayor.”

  • Anonymous says:

    If A Civil War Broke Out Between White And Black America What Would The End Result Be? BQ: Are white men married to black women with children and Black men married to white women and children f*cked would they be exiled to Hawaii lol?… Biracials are screwed as well?

    *Bill de Blasio & Obama jumps in helicopter with wives and children leaves to exiled Island of African coast*

    Mental thoughts: (Last question for the afternoon before I head out to a cottage club deer hunting charity for war vets *So do not want to go *f*cking boss! Cant bail forced into date ^o^*. WTF do I wear? forest green cocktail dress…lol)

    Be back later. So yeah tonight ;D
    yeah 13% of a 300 million population would be f*cked. @ Mark the supremacists want a war so bad lol.

    • Curator says:

      Blacks would lose. It doesn’t even have to be a war. All that has to be done is to cut government subsidies to blacks and institute segregation and enforce it.

      BQ: With segregation, the one drop rule would be the determining factor. Also whites who are involved in interracial marriages would probably jump ship, or live in the black side of town. What makes blacks attractive as partners is really image and not substance. If they were second-class citizens almost no one would even consider it.

      You want to know something funny? In the U.S. all it would take is repealing the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and blacks would be 3/5 or a person and non-citizens. You’d lose the right to vote, and the rest of America would probably vote to send you all back to Africa or to a reservation.

  • Black beauty says:

    Why Do Black Women Get White Billionaires And White Women Get Basketball Players That Go Bankrupt? The Prince of Liechtenstein dumped his white fiancee’ and married a black american woman. now They have son.

    * Billionaire George Lucas, The creator of ‘Star Wars’ left his wife of 15 years for a black woman.

    *Billionaire Marc Ecko, founder of Ecko Unlimited married a black woman, they have 2 sons.

    * Vladamir Doronin, The Russian Billionaire who left his wife and kids for Naomi Campbell.

    * Billionaire Peter Norton, The creator of ‘Norton Anti-Virus’ left his college sweetheart for his black wife. They have 5 mixed kids.

    * The Royal Prince Albert ll got a black woman pregnant in 2005.

    * Matt Stone, The creator of ‘South Park’ and married a black woman now they are expecting baby.

    * Top International Fashion designer Riccardo Sala married model Alek Wek. they have a kid.

    *Bill de Blasio New York City Council also has a black wife and kids.

    * Justin Chambers Co-Producer of Gray’s Anatomy has 5 kids with his black wife.

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