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Blackhawks Parade Draws Massive Crowd In Chicago

29 June 2013 | 2:28 am Whether they were true hockey fans or just wanted to celebrate on a beautiful day, million s of people turned out for Fridays Chicago Blackhawks parade to celebrate the teams Stanley Cup victory. Decked out in red, the crowd hoisted banners that read, Thank you, guys and Best 17 seconds of my life a… Read more Blackhawks Parade Draws Massive Crowd In Chicago is a post from: The …

NHL roundup: Blackhawks celebrate with Chcago parade

28 June 2013 | 11:21 pm The Chicago Blackhawks celebrated their Stanley Cup victory by being showered with confetti by thousands of fans in a parade through downtown Chicago on Friday.–nhl.html

Blackhawks celebrate with parade through Chicago

28 June 2013 | 9:41 pm The Chicago Blackhawks celebrated their Stanley Cup victory by being showered with confetti by thousands of fans in a parade through downtown Chicago on Friday.–nhl.html

Everyone Is At The <b>Blackhawks Parade</b> – Deadspin

28 June 2013 | 6:21 pm There's not a lot of work getting done in Chicago today, we'd wager. This photo, from CSN's Nina Falcone, gives a sense of the scale of the crowd at Grant Park for the Blackhawks' profane Stanley Cup celebration. We don't

Corey Crawford's Speech At The <b>Blackhawks Parade</b> Was Short <b>…</b>

28 June 2013 | 5:37 pm Is this one of the best victory speeches in recent memory? Fuckin' A right it is.

Raw: <b>Blackhawks parade</b> rolls through sea of red in downtown <b>…</b>

28 June 2013 | 5:31 pm Raw: Blackhawks parade rolls through sea of red in downtown Chicago.


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Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Parade Confetti

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Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Parade Confetti from June 28, 2013

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CHICAGO Skyline BLACKHAWKS CHAMPIONS 2013 Parade original Photo 12×36 Poster

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11 Responses to Blackhawks Parade

  • Holly G says:

    Cute Way To Wear A Jersey A Bit Too Large? So I’m going to the Blackhawks parade with my manfriend and just wanted to girly up my oversized jersey for it! I’ve already done skinny jeans and pumps, leggings and flats, rolled up sleeves. I was wondering if anybody had an idea how to wear it that’d be cute and fun and weather Appropriate. The jersey reaches about 8.5-9 inches above my knee. I have short hair, so there isn’t much room to make my hair a showcase part of the look. Thanks!

    • Curator says:

      Then the fans, players and the Cup will get wet. It doesn’t matter, the Blackhawks will still be Stanley Cup Champions! By the way, the weather looks favorable for Friday in Chicago.

  • Sabres2dacup says:

    2011-2012 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions? East
    Pens vs. Maple leafs pens win in 6
    Capitals vs canadiens caps win in 6
    Sabres vs bruins sabres win in 7
    Lightning vs flyers lightning win in 6

    Lightning vs pens lightning win in 7
    Sabres vs caps sabres win in 6

    Sabres vs lightning sabres win in 7

    Sharks vs flames sharks win in 4
    Red wings vs ducks ducks win in 7
    Canucks vs Blackhawks Canucks in 7
    Kings vs predators predators in 7

    Sharks vs ducks ducks win in 6
    Predators vs Canucks preds win in 7

    Predators vs ducks predators win in 7

    Stanley cup
    Sabres vs predators sabres win in 7

    • Curator says:

      Im from buffalo and the preds are my 2nd fav this whole thing sounds perfect i cant wait for a parade downtown…. i wouldnt mind losing to the preds, they are a legit team and rinne and weber are just beasts. u gotta respect the preds.

    • Curator says:

      Anaheim Ducks – theyre lost without Pronger and Niedermayer and it shows. Ive actually heard a few outrageous claims of them being a Cup contender.

      Toronto Maple Leafs – try and avoid the parade route even though itll never see a Stanley Cup in the next 5 years. I think most hockey fans see through the hotstreak but the GTA media certainly likes to take advantage of the story. Theyve lost their last two games and I think that streak will be longer than the winning streak. Still, theyll be a lot better off than they have been the last few years.

      Dallas Stars – they don’t have the offense to sustain their recent winning ways. Kari Lehtonen seems to be the real deal though (you never can tell when a netminder starts his career in ATL). They have a few young guys thatll give them a chance at a playoff spot (e.g., Loui Eriksson) but Im not holding my breath.

      Nashville Predators – like the Stars, they simply dont have the offense, and their defense is overrated. One Norris-worthy blueliner (Shea Weber) does not constitute defensive security. Ryan Suter can contribute offensively, and thats about all you can say of their D-corps. 5-0-3 is 5-3 to me. Theyre earning points, but the fact of the matter is theyve lost three games. Barry Trotz is the only reason theyre winning games.

      Teams that have been deemed overrated that should really pick their game up and find success:

      New Jersey Devils – I wouldnt say theyre going to win the Cup like some are saying, but theyll get it together eventually and will be competitive. Theyve shifted from a defensive-minded franchise that averages less than 2.5 GPG to a team full of scoring ability that lacks solid defense. If Brodeur has another all star caliber season in him theyll be alright.

      Chicago Blackhawks – they havent lost THAT many players. The biggest key loss is Antti Niemi. Byfuglien helped them in their own zone and contributed nicely on the PP but they have enough puck-moving d-men to absorb the loss. Cam Barker wouldve been nice to keep around and Hjalmarsson is a glaring defensive-breakdown-waiting-to-happen but other than that theyll return to winning-form soon enough. 5-4-1 isnt horrible…

      San Jose Sharks – theres no way theyll continue losing. I dont really need to back them up. Just wait and see.

  • I wonder... says:

    What Should I Know About The Blackhawks? So I want to have a conversation with this guy about the Blackhawks…what do I need to know about them? Important facts, etc.

    Thanks! 10 points for best answer 🙂

    • Curator says:

      I love girls who love hockey, hopefully you do and your not just doing it for the lucky guy. if you truly are a hockey fan, its a total turn on for hockey players a sporty dudes. if your going to be fake about it, us sport guys can see right through it and it makes you look bad. but anyways, the blackhawks won the Stanley cup last year. 2million people went to the parade, i did also. the core group of guys are Patrick Kane, Marian hossa, Jonathan toews, Duncan keith and you could throw in Brent seabrook and Patrick sharp. the goalie is Marty turco. i mean this is the basics, i could go on and on but i don’t know how much you want/need. just take an interest in the Blackhawks. watch the games, flirt with him, do what you gotta do. the blackhawks biggest rival is the Detroit red wings, i would also add in the Vancouver canucks. i hope we can repeat this year. there are 82 games in the season. one thing that was cool was the winter classic at Wrigley. good luck

  • Ryan Miller? Good Goalie Who Had A Great Season? Or a great goalie who had a good season? Did he just have a Tim Thomas type of season? Most people have him in their top 3 of best current NHL goalies. By seasons end, we he still be on most people’s lists?
    Is there a player more important to their team than Miller is to the Sabres?

    BQ- Where is the fireworks that I was promised for the Blackhawks-Sabres game? No fighting majors?

    • Curator says:

      Before the Olympics I was a naysayer. Yes, I called a Michigan born-and-bred goaltender overrated. This may have had something to do with my disdain for the Sabres fanbase. It may not have. Its neither here nor there.

      The point is, I see confidence and calm in Ryan Miller nearly every time I see him play. He has poise and composure even when he’s being beaten. He can overcome onslaughts from his adversaries’ offense game after game and still come out on top far more often than not. I honestly think he’ll win the 2011 Vezina by a considerable margin.

      Tim Thomas, another Michigan born, is a good goalie who had a great season. I wont overhype him. He’s solid and was a worthy candidate when he won, but I dont think he’ll repeat that performance for the remainder of his career. Miller on the other hand, will remain on top and will be a contender for years to come. I can only hope for his sake that he is fortunate enough to have a Cup-caliber team in front of him in the near future.

      BQ – TML fans stole them in preparation for the upcoming parade in June 2011. Havent you heard? The drought is over. 4-0 = 82-0.

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