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Come join Bob Costas in his Fortress of Solitude

9 February 2014 | 12:54 pm Bob Costas' NBC set bears a striking resemblance to a certain iconic movie locale.

Bob Costas Eye Swollen Shut From Pink Eye Infection, Twitter Pokes Fun

9 February 2014 | 3:04 am Bob Costas got pink eye at the worst possible time. The broadcaster came down with a nasty eye infection that left him visibly affected, with one eye nearly swollen shut during broadcasts of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Bob Costas was quick to explain the eye situation, telling viewers that he woke up in… Read more Bob Costas Eye Swollen Shut From Pink Eye Infection, Twitter Pokes Fun …

Bob Costas' eye swollen due to pink eye

9 February 2014 | 12:15 am By DANIELLE HAYNES, SOCHI, Russia, Feb. 8 (UPI) — Bob Costas tells NBC viewers he's wearing glasses because he has pink eye.

Bob Costas Eye Swollen Shut From Pink Eye Infection, Twitter …

9 February 2014 | 3:01 am Bob Costas got pink eye at the worst possible time. The broadcaster came down with a nasty eye infection that left him visibly affected, with one eye nearly.

Bob Costas' Eye His Swollen Face At The Winter Olympics …

8 February 2014 | 2:32 am They say NBC sportscaster Bob Costas is the face of the Olympics but he made fans a bit squeamish when he appeared on the Sochi Games round-up show on Feb. 6 with his eye nearly swollen shut! We couldn't help but do

Bob Costas Explained What Is Going On With His Swollen Eye And …

8 February 2014 | 12:59 am Bob Costas has seen better days. He has also seen better. The veteran sportscaster had a noticeably swollen and red left eye when he made his primetime 2014 Sochi Olympics debut on Thursday before NBC aired footage

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12 Responses to Bob Costas Eye

  • Shino says:

    Should Dan Snyder Have Kept Shanahan? I think Dan should’ve kept Shanahan. While Jerry World is crazy as it is, and Dan is the egoistic guy that he is, I think the two would have been in prime position to do a parody of wife swap with coach swap.

    Yep, send Jason Garrett to Washington and Shanahan to Dallas to see each coach ruin the franchise, with the low quality taste of drama reality TV and cameras. The Red in Washington would compliment those red eyes Garrett has and that fire hair he has. We can have insider access to Garrett waking up at 3:00 A.M. by calls from RGIII’s dad.

    I could see the power struggle between Shanahan and Jerry. Garrett can also teach RGIII the Dallas read option instead of the Washington read option, where you run the play and you decide depending on the blitz whether you want to throw an interception or intentionally ground it before you get out the tackle box.

    Jerry can give himself a pat on the back for agreeing to the deal, and there’s always that dramatic moment when they play each other in the division. Dez can cry when Shanahan gets here, and it’ll be even more dramatic when Shanahan, who likes to run with Alfred Morris, gives Murray the touches he needs to the dismay of the aerial fetish of Jerry and Romo.

    You can have each pre-episode as a debate with T.O. and Bob Costas, and how Bob Costas wants to make everything from Aaron Hernandez and guns to the Redskins name a liberal social issue (serious about this part), while T.O. can’t comprehend anything.
    Dude, you took it seriously. Everyone knows Jones doesn’t want a Super Bowl! He wants that media hype around his name, and more publicity.

  • Jesse says:

    What Are Some Really Cool And Catchy Songs? Im looking something that’s really goo and that allot of people know of like Don’t worry by Bob Marley or I’m Yours by Jason Mars. Anyways, i’m always ashamed of never having songs on my ipod that that every body knows of and really likes. I just don’t really have a wide range of songs :/ Some styles i like are pop, folk, really up beat, some rock, classics, reggae, country, techno, ect….. anything except for screamo, 1 direction or justin beiber please!

    • Curator says:

      I know that feeling. When everyone is driving in the car singing top 40 hits and I’ve heard them at some point, but I don’t know who they’re by or any of the lyrics. It’s like the awkwardness of when people sing you happy birthday but it lasts for as long as the car ride does.

      Anyway, maybe I’m not the best to advise you on well-known songs of our generation. That would basically be what’s played on radio and maybe they’ve heard a couple Beatles songs and Eye of the Tiger.

      If you like upbeat, try Matt Costa and the Generationals:

  • Pascal says:

    Anyone Know Of Any Good Indie Bands? Maybe something similar to Mumford and Sons, Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, Coconut Records, Of Monsters and Men, or The Shins.

    • Curator says:

      A.C. Newman
      Albert Hammond Jr.
      Andrew Bird
      Arcade Fire
      Architecture In Helsinki
      Arctic Monkeys
      Band of Horses
      Beat Connection
      Beat Happening
      Belle & Sebastian
      Ben Folds Five
      The Beta Band
      Bishop Allen
      The Black Keys
      The Blow
      Blue Foundation
      Bon Iver
      The Bravery
      Bright Eyes
      Capital Cities
      Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
      Cloud Nothings
      Cold War Kids
      The Dandy Warhols
      Dark Dark Dark
      The Decemberists
      Divine Fits
      The Dodos
      Dr. Dog
      Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
      Elf Power
      Elliott Smith
      Elvis Costello
      Emiliana Torrini
      Ezra Furman & the Harpoons
      The Flaming Lips
      Fleet Foxes
      Flight of the Conchords
      Florence + the Machine
      Foster the People
      Franz Ferdinand
      The Fratellis
      Free Energy
      Gabe Dixon Band
      The Generationals
      Gold Motel
      Grizzly Bear
      The Head & the Heart
      Hot Hot Heat
      The Hush Sound
      Inara George
      Ingrid Michaelson
      Iron & Wine
      Jim Noir
      Jukebox the Ghost
      Kate Nas
      The Killers
      The Kinks
      Laura Veirs
      LCD Soundsystem
      Lightning Love
      Lucy Rose
      Mates of State
      Matt & Kim
      Matt Costa
      Modest Mouse
      The Mosquitos
      Mr. Hudson & the Library
      The New Pornographers
      Noah & the Whale
      Of Montreal
      Ok Go
      Passion Pit
      Pernice Brothers
      Peter Bjorn & John
      The Pixies
      Real Estate
      Regina Spektor
      Rilo Kiley
      Rogue Wave
      San Cisco
      Sex Bob-Omb
      The Strokes
      Sufjan Stevens
      Tally Hall
      Tame Impala
      Tegan & Sara
      The Thrills
      The Ting Tings
      TV On the Radio
      Vampire Weekend
      Violent Femmes
      Walk Off the Earth
      Wax Tailor
      The Whitest Boy Alive
      The XX
      Yeah Yeah Yeahs
      Yo La Tengo
      The 88

  • Ryuzaki says:

    Good Alternative/indie Rock Musicians/band Suggestions? I enjoy listening to all types of genres of music like j-rock, classical, jazz, blues, pop, etc.., but I’m curious about popular(doesn’t have to be), good indie rock today. I don’t listen to this genre at all really but I’d like to get into it. Any suggestions for rock bands/musicians would be helpful as long as it sounds great to you, so I could check it out.

    • Curator says:

      I freaking got it. Everyone else stand down.

      A.C. Newman, Albert Hammond Jr., Andrew Bird, Angus & Julia Stone, Aqueduct, Arcade Fire, Architecture In Helsinki, Arctic Monkeys, Band of Horses, Bat for Lashes, Beach House, Beat Connection, Beat Happening, Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five, Ben Kweller, Ben Lee, The Bens, The Beta Band, Beulah, Bishop Allen, The Black Keys, The Blam, Blue Foundation, Born Ruffians, Bright Eyes, Cake, Capital Cities, Caveman, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Coconut Records, Cold War Kids, The Dandy Warhols, Dark Dark Dark, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, The Dodos, Don DiLego, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Eels, Eisley, Elf Power, Elliott Smith, Emiliana Torrini, Empire Of the Sun, Ezra Furman & the Harpoons, Fleet Foxes, Foster the People, The Fratellis, Free Energy, French Cassettes, Fun., Gabe Dixon Band, The Generationals, Gold Motel, Grizzly Bear, Grouplove, Guster, The Head and the Heart, The Hives, The Hush Sound, Inara George, Ingrid Michaelson, Interpol, Iron & Wine, Jem, Jet, Jim Noir, Jukebox the Ghost, Julian Casablancas, Justice, Kate Nash, Keane, The Killers, The Kinks, The Kooks, Laura Veirs, LCD Soundsystem, Lightning Love, Lucciana Costa, Lucy Rose, The Lumineers, M83, Majosha, Mates Of State, Matt & Kim, Matt Costa, Metric, MGMT, Miike Snow, MIKA, Modest Mouse, The Mosquitos, Mr. Hudson & the Library, Mumford & Sons, The Neighbourhood, The New Pornographers, Noah and the Whale, Of Monsters & Men, Of Montreal, OHO, Ok Go, Passion Pit, Pernice Brothers, Peter Bjorn & John, Phantom Planet, Phoenix, The Pixies, Plumtree, Pomplamoose, Poppy, The Postal Service, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Raconteurs, Radical Face, Radiohead, Ratatat, Real Estate, Regina Spektor, Rilo Kiley, Rogue Wave, Rooney, Starf*cker, Sean Hayes, Semisonic, Sex Bob-Omb, The Shins, Shiny Toy Guns, Shout Out Louds, Simon & Garfunkel, Snow Patrol, Sondre Lerche, The Sounds, South, Spoon, The Strokes, The Submarines, Sufjan Stevens, Tally Hall, Tame Impala, Tegan & Sara, The Temper Trap, They Might Be Giants, The Thrills, Tilly & the Wall, TV On the Radio, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, Violent Femmes, Walk Off the Earth, We Are Trees, Weezer, The Whitest Boy Alive, Wilco, The XX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yo La Tengo, Zero 7, The 88, 1990s

      I like how you’re the kind of person who actually does “listen to a little bit of everything”
      We need more eclecticism

  • SICK COCKATIEL! HELP!? So far please tell me what it could be! He has his beak open but no eye or nasal discharge his feathers are fluffy but he doesn’t fluff them up all the time he kinda head bobs he has no lumps or anything we found him perched on his little stand and he seems sick and tired his eyes are squinty i am planning to take him to the vet. What do you think he has? ALSO Is all Creatures Care Cottage good for cockatiels? The vet is located in costa mesa i took my guinea pig there until he died i am scared for my bird he is 10 months old please help!!! The vet i might take him cares for exotics PLEASE ANSWER :c
    Well yes he is male and he eats a mixture of seed and pellets we give him veggies and he drinks water yesterday he was chirping, but today he was quite.

    • Curator says:

      Hm, if he is showing signs of illness, then you should see a vet to be certain.

      But.. What do you feed him?

      Sometimes it is just a sign they are hungry, since he is still a baby.. That’s their method of asking for food. So if he isn’t eating much, trying giving him some baby formula.
      Also, make sure he is away from drafts, and the temperature is warm enough.

      Still, take him to the vet.. better safe than sorry.
      Always good to get a check-up anyway 🙂

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