Highway 1 cyclist hit by car, killed near Bodega Bay

Thu, 24 May 2012 14:48:52 -0700 An 85-year-old man was struck and killed on his bicycle Thursday as he rounded a hairpin curve near Bodega Bay, the CHP said. It is the first fatal bicycle accident in Sonoma County this year.

Love Your Local Bodega Cat? Share Photos With Us

Tue, 22 May 2012 09:33:52 -0700 Bodega cats are a New York City treasure they guard our apples, our milk, and our Bud Lite Lime when we aren't around. They protect our corner bodega from the one thing that metal rolldown gate can't: rodents. And sometimes they pop their cute little faces out of the bottom shelf when you reach down to grab a bottle of water. They're so cute that we don't even care that their cat litter is …

Bicyclist killed by car on Highway 1 in Bodega Bay

Thu, 24 May 2012 13:55:58 -0700 A bicyclist was killed Thursday on state Highway 1 near Ranch Road in Bodega Bay in a collision that involved a vehicle and a group of cyclists, authorities said. After the collision, which happened around 1:40 p.m., the bicyclist was on the ground and not moving, and the driver of was being extricated from the car, according to the Sonoma County Fire and Medical Dispatch Center. An initial …

Wine and Dine No More at Bodega Wine Bar Hollywood – The …

Four shutters today. Sad. Bodega Wine Bar co-owners Jason McEntee and Greg Seares send word that their third drinkery, located in Hollywood, will shutter just shy of its second birthday:…

Bodega Cats the Documentary | New York Writes Itself

In this daring documentary, the intrepid Internets Celebrities video crew travels to the most exotic bodegas in New York City to bring back rare footage of the establishments' ferocious yet furry guardians. As the Planet …

Tomales senior wins Bodega Bay scholarship

Bodega Bay Firefighters Association awards Teresa Vega $1000.

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13 Responses to Bodega

  • Lordbios says:

    Anybody Else Loving Slaughterhouse? I’ve know about Joell Ortiz since The Brick: Bodega Chronicles, and I listen to his stuff habitually, but I’m really lovin the other members of slaughtehouse now, as a whole they fucking rock. anyone else agree?

  • Anonymous says:

    Catalan Wine And Bodega Recommendations? Catalan wine and bodega recommendations?
    I’ll be in the Costa Brava next week with access to a hire car and will be on the lookout for local wines.

    I typically enjoy robust but fruity un-oaked wines such as shiraz-merlot blends, Charbono which is also known as Bonarda in Latin America, Carmenere or Cotes Du Rhone.

    Could anybody recommend either of the following?

    1 – Good local wines to buy in supermarkets or wineries
    2 – Local vineyards where I can take a tour and buy direct
    3 – Decent bistros or restaurants with good wine lists

    Many thanks

    • Curator says:

      1 – Good local wines to buy in supermarkets or wineries

      PASCONA SELECCIO ROURE-merlot, syrah
      LAURONA -cabernet sauvignon, carignan, grenache, merlot, syrah
      MAS DONIS ROSAT-grenache “peluda”, merlot, syrah
      PASCONA SELECCIO ROURE-merlot, syrah
      LO METS ROSAT-grenache, syrah (Nice blend, eh)
      XYZ-grenache, merlot, syrah (Nice blend, eh)
      Dolc Adria-Syrah, Merlot.

      Reserva Martí-Tempranill, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot.
      CLOS D’ENGLORA AV 14-cabernet sauvignon, carignan, grenache, tempranillo, merlot, syrah
      PARRELL ROURE-cabernet sauvignon, grenache, merlot, syrah
      MAS DONIS ROSAT-grenache “peluda”, merlot, syrah
      PARRELL ROURE-cabernet sauvignon, grenache, merlot, syrah
      MAS DE LES VINYES CRIANÇA-cabernet sauvignon, grenache, merlot, syrah

      2 – Local vineyards where I can take a tour and buy direct
      The same as the wines. Check in with the local tourist agency and the any of the D. O.’s

      3 – Decent bistros or restaurants with good wine lists
      Seems to be more of the same here.;_ylt=AjVYhiRZLgufghFp6M1eWu4gDn1G;_ylv=3?sid=396547033

  • Anonymous says:

    Is The NYPD So Hard Up For Arrests They Bust Law Abiding People Now? A POLICE STING nabbed a Brooklyn bodega worker for selling booze to a minor — even though a security video shows the clerk refusing to do so, the Daily News has learned.

    Before he realized the video would acquit him, Ismael Duran pleaded guilty to avoid spending time behind bars.

    But now a bodega industry group is pressing the Brooklyn district attorney’s office to vacate the plea — and to investigate the police officers involved.

    “This kind of illegal activity is not going to fly,” said Fernando Mateo, spokesman for the Bodega Association of the United States.

    “If we didn’t have the video, this guy would be screwed.”

    Duran, 44, a married father of three who immigrated from the Dominican Republic three years ago, was arrested April 12 at the Giselle Mini Mart in Brownsville.

    Auxiliary Police Officer Anthony Harriott, 18, tried to buy a Smirnoff Ice in an undercover operation, but was denied after showing Duran his identification, court papers show.

    “I did everything right,” Duran said. “I asked for the ID. I told him no.”

    But minutes later, Stanfiel Collymore, 51, a customer who witnessed Duran turn Harriott away, bought the booze and gave it to Harriott outside the store.

    Read more:

    • Curator says:

      For DECADES the NYPD has been knowingly making THOUSANDS of illegal arrests & stops.

      For the past five yrs the NYPD has cost the city $100 million / yr in lawsuits vs their widespread illegal practices.

      “…In a vast majority of [police misconduct] cases, he said, the police department had not followed the board’s recommendations that officers guilty of misconduct be given the most serious penalty.
      From 2002 to 2010, he said, the board recommended that 2,078 officers receive the most severe That suggested discipline was given to only 151 officers.
      Under the new agreement, Police Department employees will still serve as judges in misconduct cases,
      And [the police commissioner] Mr. Kelly will retain his powers as ultimate arbiter in such matters, with the ability to accept or reject a trial judge’s recommendation.
      What is different, several officials said, is that Mr. Kelly must make his rationale known to the board, in writing, in cases in which he deviates from the judge’s recommendation. Then the board can appeal his ruling.
      Ms. Quinn [NYC City Council Speaker] said she would push for a change in state law to address the issue of police trial-room judges being police employees.

  • Anonymous says:

    Translation Spanish To English? ” tengo nueva chalana y esta wenota la morra me la tendre q llevar a la bodega para q me ayude a acomodar la mercancia” google translate does not help because im sure some words are slang.

    • Curator says:

      I have a new girl and she really pretty…. i ll have to take her to store to suit the goods….

      yahh lots of slang

  • Anonymous says:

    RHH: B/S: The Brick: Bodega Chronicles By Joell Ortiz Is The Best Album From 2005-present? Listen to it. It’s incredibly dope
    Bq: Favorite Joell Ortiz song?

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Do Action Stars Wear Jackets In 38 Degree Weather? Can’t they make their movies a little more realistic?


    – Whenever there is a ‘beerhouse’ scene, 99.9 % of the time, there will be a fight.

    – A single person (the ‘bida’) can beat a gang of six or more people because they lunge at him one at a time

    – Most final scenes are in an abandoned ‘bodega’

    – And in those final scenes, the characters would talk a lot instead of just killing their enemies at the most opportune time

    add your own?
    @ maej:

    Just since when did an action movie was realistic (local & abroad)?

    * I guess your knowledge of movies are very limited. You’re probably have never heard of movies such as “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Longest Day “, “The Message (Akkad), and “The Passion of Joan of Arc (Carl Theodor Dreyer)” among others; which are considered by most experts as very accurate depictions.

    Whenever there is a ‘beerhouse’ scene, 99.9 % of the time, there will be a fight.
    That is to be expected and then they blame it on the liquor. isn’t it the norm? That fights always start mostly in beer houses.

    * No fighting in beerhouses is not the norm. There are more than 100 beer houses in my city and fights are very very rare (especially those involving guys with jackets!)

    – A single person (the ‘bida’) can beat a gang of six or more people because they lunge at him one at a time
    ‘Can’t balme him, he’s merely following directors&#

  • Jct_pp says:

    Mexico Expats Have You Seen Hazelnuts In Supermarkets? Im desperate to make nigellas nutella cake – pure heaven! i have nearly all the ingredients but i cant find hazelnuts in my local soriana or bodega aurerra. i dont know whether its worth looking in other ones or not (heb, smart)

    my fiance looked at pictures (i couldnt think of spanish word for them) and then came to the conclusion that he doesnt eat nuts so has no idea if they exist or not. have you seen them?

    thanks so much!

    • Curator says:

      I think I saw them at WalMart in small imported packages. Avellanas is the Spanish word.
      Produced mainly in Europe, Iran and Greece. Also grown in one American state and in B.C. Canada. The markets around the world are flooded in December. Most Mexican open markets will have them at that time of year but as I say , I am sure I saw them at WalMart.
      They are not grown in Mexico.

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