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Here's how to get free lunch today for your boss

16 October 2013 | 4:22 pm Maybe you are in the dog house with your boss. Maybe you just want to be nice since your boss is a great person. Either way, treat your boss to lunch. Local restaurant group Hospitality Democracy is here to help.

A happy Boss's Day, except for that one schmoo

16 October 2013 | 3:33 pm Instead of weighing in about lunacy and government today (why shoot fish in a barrel?), I realized today is Boss's Day. Yup, a greeting card and florist's holiday if ever there was one.'s-Day,-except-for-that-one-schmoo.html

What makes a good boss?: Survey examines keys of effective managers

16 October 2013 | 9:07 am Oct. 16 is Boss's Day — a day to show appreciation to the ones in charge.

How To Impress Your Manager On National Boss's Day – Business …

16 October 2013 | 2:49 pm For National Boss Day, we pored through the latest research to find proven ways you can impress your boss.

Boss's Day: 5 Surprising Love Lessons From Awesome Managers …

16 October 2013 | 2:47 pm Anyone who's seen films like "Office Space" and "The Devil Wears Prada" knows that bad bosses are a kind of running joke, especially in corporate culture. But those of us who've read books like Lean In and The Seven Habits Of Highly

Purple Card Lady: Happy Boss's Day Creations!

16 October 2013 | 1:36 pm Happy Boss's Day Creations! Greetings! I am popping in today to share with you 3 cards that I made for my 3 bosses! Yep, I have 3 of them. haha Every since my very first job selling Circus Tickets (don't laugh), I have always

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6 Responses to Boss’s Day

  • Joshua says:

    How To Deal With Employee Theft? Say there was a shop, and at this shop an employee was recently caught stealing merchandise and lied about it to the boss’s face. Let’s also say, this employee has allegedly been known to “accidentally” take shop tools home and not return them. Let’s also say, this employee doesn’t get along well with any of the other employees at the shop. Let’s also say, this employee tends to have sub-par workmanship. Let’s also say, this employee has the tendency to shout, throw things, and bang on things in anger while working in front of customers (making them worry about their car). Let’s also say that, this employee is constantly texting on the job. Let’s also say this employee has been showing up 5 minutes late almost every day for about a year now despite being verbally warned constantly. Let’s also say that every time there’s an issue among the employees he is somehow involved. Now with all those things considered, hypothetically what course of action should be taken?

  • Why Do You Think My Boyfriend Is Doing This? We’ve been together for over 2 years. He used to text me at least once an hour, call me at his break and lunch break at work, call me after work, visit me at least twice a week.

    He hasn’t visited me in 4 weeks, he rarely texts or calls. I just texted him asking when his lunch break is and he said he’s busy so he’s not taking one. This is a guy who always takes all his breaks. I texted asking if he’s been seeing someone else and keeping me on the side in case that doesn’t work out. I texted other questions too, I texted isn’t it illegal not to let you take any of your breaks and lunch, that can’t he even go to the bathroom to call me, is he lunching with or calling someone else?

    He finally called first he said he’s in the middle of his boss’s office can’t talk, I said don’t you ever use the bathroom, he said he was in the bathroom, I said which is it he said what are you trying to do to me while I’m at work. I said can you just answer the questions I texted you, he said I don’t have time to read them I will call you after work!

    Am I overreacting or is he cheating or what? I feel so hurt I was crying last night and have this sick feeling. On Monday I ignored his text after work, he hadn’t contacted me all day or responded to me over the weekend. I ignored it so he started calling and texting non stop begging me to talk to him like he really cared. He even started calling in the middle of the night, early morning, until I finally responded to him the next day.

    I am so confused. I texted today please answer my questions honestly, I will leave you without drama if that’s what you’re afraid of.

    He just texted saying thanks a lot his boss frowned at him for stepping away to call me, then texted saying can’t these things wait until after work. He is being mean and not caring that I’m upset he has stopped seeing and calling me, but then why won’t he just tell me and why did he flip out when I ignored him Monday? Please please if you have taken the time to read all this tell me what you think 🙁 thank you.
    We’re in our 30s. If he’s moved on then why won’t he tell me instead of keeping me and putting up with me wanting to know our status? Last Thursday we fought because after work he refused to talk on the phone and only wanted to text when we hadn’t spoken in days. Then he ignored me the whole weekend, even hung up on me when I called Saturday night. I sent desperate texts asking if he had moved on that’s why he hasn’t seen me in weeks and is ignoring me. He didn’t respond until Monday after work. That’s why I ignored him. I was hurt, and felt taken for granted and in the dark why he’s changed toward me.

  • Ashley says:

    Ideas For Boss’s Day (read Question B4 Answering)? I wanna get something for my supervisor for boss’s day, but I want it to be meaningful not lunch or something. And i’m trying to make it so it’s a joint effort w/ our other coworker. We’ve been through a lot and are pretty close. I wanna show her how much she’s appreciated. Anyone have any ideas???

    • Curator says:

      Whatever it is, make it something that isn’t obvious that everybody ignored their work and spent their time creating some kind of prize for her.

      Lunch isn’t meaningless, and it’s safe.

  • V says:

    How To Say Goodbye After A 2yr Affair And Leave On Good Terms? I am unhappily married and have been having an affair for 2yrs with a married man. He was my boss at work until I recently quit. Eight years ago when I first started working for him, I was only 19 and unmarried with no kids, he was unmarried but with his girlfriend (now wife) for 10 years. When we first met I worked beside both his wife and him (back in 2003). She was pregnant with their 3rd child, and even so he came onto me and had tried to start something. I was not interested, my morals were better, and at time and I had started relationship with my husband. He married his wife in early 2005 and I married my husband in late 2005. I worked off and on for them for the following 8 years, and had 2 boys with my husband. I lost my father, and my boss came to his funeral. He was very fond of my father. After my dad, my marriage seemed to go downhill. 2 yrs ago my boss’s wife left him and I shortly started to work for him again. Vulnerable as I was, he flirted and insisted he was interested in me. I told him I could never compete cuz his wife was drop dead gorgeous and I am slightly overweight. He insisted that throughout the years he has gotten to know me as a person and thought I was beautiful and his wife was in fact ugly because of her personality. An affair started and we have been together over a dozen times. First time he said I made him feel just like a baby. Before his wife came back, he would have me over at his house for hours and wanted to cuddle even after sex. I never wanted to kiss him, afraid it would get too emotional, but he insisted he wanted to kiss me. He wanted to feel more than just sex. He told me he didn’t like it that I didn’t take all my clothes off. My c-section scar and excess bulge didn’t bother him and he wanted to see it. I always told him that I wanted it to be strictly sex cuz I couldn’t handle anything else. He has told me some very deep secrets about his wife and family that he should never have told. He has even said to me that he thinks I would make a great wife. Don’t know what he meant seeing ass I am married. He flirts with me in front of his wife and does nice things for me. I am confused on if he cares or if I was used. Throughout the last year, after his wife came back, we still kept seeing each other. Both of our spouses grew suspicious but we managed to keep it going. He didn’t even go away to a different state last Xmas with his wife and 3 kids, so that he could be with me on Xmas eve to mark our 1 yr affair. He has helped me work on my vehicles at his work, even with wife knowing and being jealous. He even inspired me to start my college degree which my husband did not want. He said my husband should be proud I want to better my education. He has helped me with my bills at time to avoid disconnection. He adores my boys, whom he only know through his business. He has been there for me everytime I have needed it, even came to my house to help me move something, after my husband had hit me. (my husband is an abusive drinker) Anyways, he always told me he was fixed and couldn’t have more kids, hence we never used protection. I am now 7 1/2 mos pregnant. I always believed baby was my husband until one day I overheard his wife saying she was thinking of having another child. I asked her if she was, or was her or her husband fixed. She said neither of them were fixed. I was shocked. I don’t know if he is or not. I don’t remember seeing a scar but I do remember him describing the pain he went through upon being fixed. The last time we work together was just this Sept….his wife was away with family. Since she came back, his email is no longer valid, and he has not called or text (which he usually does 3-4 times a week). I almost sure she has found out. I tried calling him (restricted) and she answered the phone. I don’t know what to do. I am sure she seen an email I had sent him somehow someway he didn’t erase his history on computer. I am very emotional, even depressed. I feel like a shitty wife and mother. Most of all I feel so much hurt the thought of ending it crossed my mind. I don’t know if I should just leave it all alone, or try and get ahold of him to see what is going on, or wait for him. Or best just changed my number, start going to church cuz I got a baby on the way, due Xmas eve. I need some guidance, words of advice, please. I don’t even know for sure if this baby isn’t his.

    • Curator says:

      The wors thing you can do is to make decisions based on guilt. You need to answer to get some proffesional advice. Marriage or proffesional counseliing. You are not a bad person, you have just made some bad decisions. So stop, and figure out what is the right way and do whatever you can to get there. If you need some specific advice or just need to vent without being judged please feel free to contact me. Good luck.

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