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Boston blaze kills 2 firefighters

27 March 2014 | 2:13 am A nine-alarm fire broke out Wednesday at a brick brownstone in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, killing at least two firefighters and injuring more than a dozen people, officials said.

2 firefighters killed in Boston blaze

27 March 2014 | 2:02 am Two firefighters lost their lives responding to a nine-alarm fire at a brick brownstone in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood Wednesday.

Two firefighters killed in historic Boston neighborhood blaze

27 March 2014 | 1:57 am By Victoria Cavaliere BOSTON (Reuters) – Two firefighters were killed and at least 17 people were injured on Wednesday when a massive fire fueled by strong winds ripped through a four-story building in Boston's historic Back Bay neighborhood, city and fire officials said. The two Boston firefighters who died while battling the 9-alarm blaze were found in the basement of the building and had …

2 firefighters dead in Boston brownstone fire – Nashua Telegraph

27 March 2014 | 1:37 am BOSTON A fast-moving fire that sent smoke and flames pouring from the roof and windows of a brownstone killed two firefighters on Wednesday and injured at least five others. The deadly fire snarled traffic in Boston's …

18 first responders hurt, 2 firefighters killed in 9-alarm Boston fire …

27 March 2014 | 1:27 am Two Boston firefighters died and 18 other first responders were hospitalized after a nine-alarm fire tore through a brownstone building in Boston's fashionable Back Bay neighborhood Wednesday, trapping firefighters in the …

Two Boston Firefighters Killed While Battling A 9-Alarm Brownstone …

26 March 2014 | 11:56 pm Today marks the first time a member of the Boston Fire Department was killed in the line of duty since Fire Lieutenant Kevin M. Kelley was killed in a firetruck accident back in 2009. Our deepest and most sincere condolences …

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10 Responses to Boston Fire

  • Zach B says:

    Are These Songs Work Appropriate? My manager recently asked me to put together a playlist for our lobby and the songs need to be family friendly. So, if there are any songs that you notice with foul language or references to alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. or just shouldn’t be played around children, please let me know! Please include the reasoning on why I shouldn’t play that song. The person with the most eliminations will get best answer (must have reasonings).

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    Don’t Stop Believing-Journey
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    Don’t You Worry Child
    Dream On-Aerosmith
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    Fire-Pointer Sisters

  • Rinn-1999 says:

    Who Was Injured In The Boston Fire? My uncle was one of the firefighters at the scene and we haven’t heard anything. We don’t know if he was injured or…….His name is Jay. If anyone knows anything then I would be extremely grateful.

  • Shannon says:

    How Much Customer Service Do Flight Attendants Need? When I look a job descriptions for flight attendants, it always says customer service experience is crucial, but how long do you have had to have worked in that sort of job? Im considering it as a job.

    • Curator says:

      None whatsoever.
      The airlines have an arbitrary “this and that” about hiring preferences.

      Do you know what the primary duty of a flight attendant is…?
      Passenger safety (and cabin evacuation if need be).
      And know which type or fire extinguisher should be used in galleys oven fire.

      You want to be selected…?
      Get at least some college education, even if only 2 years.
      Know the exchange rate of Japanese ¥ currency.
      And the local time difference between Boston and London.
      Take a CPR and First Aid (Red Cross qualification course).
      Learn foreign language(s).
      Airlines especially want people fluent in Mandarin or Korean languages.
      Work a summer season at the beach as a lifeguard.

      Above is in everyway better than serving fries “customer service” at McDonald’s…!

  • Flower says:

    Do You Think Since The U.S. Sent A Warship To The Black Sea? Russia should send a similar ship to Key West, for example. Then we could have a war on U.S. soil and perhaps then the U.S. would change its mind about combat when takes place on home soil. The U.S. doesnt object to sending people into combat in other countries but would they be willing to defend the U.S. at home?

    • Curator says:

      USA is forever involved in some conflict or another, in one way or other. Overseas conflict leaves USA citizens to live their lives in peace. However when gated communities deploy unmanned drones, to protect themselves from the less desirable USA citizens outside, within USA.. Think won’t happen?
      USA history of intervention: US military has been intervening in other countries for a long time. In 1898, it seized the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico from Spain, in 1917-18 became embroiled in World War I in Europe. In the first half of the 20th century it repeatedly sent Marines to “protectorates” such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Haiti, the Dominican Republic. All these interventions directly served corporate interests, many resulted in massive losses of civilians, rebels, and soldiers. Many of the uses of U.S. combat forces are documented in A History of U.S. Military Interventions since 1890:
      War in Korea (1950-53) was marked by widespread atrocities, both by North Korean/Chinese forces, and South Korean/U.S. forces. U.S. troops fired on civilian refugees headed into South Korea, apparently fearing they were northern infiltrators. Bombers attacked North Korean cities, and U.S. twice threatened to use nuclear weapons. North Korea is under the same Communist government today as when the war began.
      During the Middle East crisis of 1958, Marines were deployed to quell a rebellion in Lebanon, Iraq was threatened with nuclear attack if it invaded Kuwait. This little-known crisis helped set U.S. foreign policy on a collision course with Arab nationalists, often in support of the region’s monarchies. U.S. returned in force to the Middle East in 1980, after the Shi’ite Muslim revolution in Iran against Shah Pahlevi’s pro-U.S. dictatorship. A troop & bombing raid to free U.S. Embassy hostages held in downtown Tehran had to be aborted in the Iranian desert. After the 1982 Israeli occupation of Lebanon, U.S. Marines were deployed in a neutral “peacekeeping” operation, instead took the side of Lebanon’s pro-Israel Christian government against Muslim rebels, U.S. Navy ships rained enormous shells on Muslim civilian villages.’ ‘IRA’s action..After the recent attacks on Boston, a friend of mine brought up that people in USA, specifically in Boston, used to openly fund the IRA.’ ‘The Washington Post says they were the IRA’s primary source of funding. There were also Irish Americans who, while claiming to be “aiding the families of political prisoners,” were in fact helping to arm IRA terrorists. Throughout 1970s, until PM Margaret Thatcher asked President Ronald Reagan to stop them, they were the IRA’s primary source of funding. Even after that they were widely tolerated. Range of Americans who were unbothered by this sort of thing was surprisingly wide. Some were members of Congress, such as Republican Rep. Peter King of Long Island, who stayed with IRA supporters on visits to N.Ireland, drank at a Belfast club called Felons, whose members were all IRA ex-cons. Some were born in Ireland, such as Michael Flannery, Noraid’s founder, who once said that “more British soldiers sent home from Ulster in coffins, the better,” & whose flattering obituary in 1995 described him as a man who “treated everyone he met with gentle respect.” Some were Americans of Irish descent, such as Tom McBride, a businessman who is still chairman of the Hartford chapter of Noraid, who still refuses to condemn IRA terrorism. “they are protecting a segment of the population that needs to be protecte.”
      The Irish terrorists were setting off their bombs across the ocean, not in New York or Boston, which somehow made the whole thing seem less real. But in Britain the explosions were real enough. In 1982 — the year an IRA bomb killed eight people in Hyde Park — four IRA men were arrested in New York after trying to buy surface-to-air missiles from an FBI agent. In 1984 — the year the IRA tried to kill the whole British cabinet in Brighton — an IRA plot to smuggle seven tons of explosives was foiled, an action that led to the arrests of several Americans. As recently as 1999, long after the IRA had declared its cease-fire, members of an IRA group connected to an American organization, the Irish Northern Aid Committee (Noraid), were arrested for gun-running in Florida. ‘Sniper killings of Opposition Protesters was Ordered by Opposition Leaders.Leaders of EuroMaidan ordered shooting of their own supporters’

  • Expertgal says:

    Will Martial Law Be Far Behind? Retired Major General Paul Vallely and other Senior ranking military
    officers are reporting that Obama has so degraded and demoralized
    the military that those remaining have gone silent for fear of being
    forced out or fired. Obama is creating a military loyal only to him,
    the King. What’s next for America?

  • Gabby says:

    Is Taking A CP Course In Junior Year Bad??!? I’m a sophomore and I just got my course selections a few days ago. I’m taking all honors courses except for AP statistics and CP u.s. History. I’ve heard that junior year is really the year you’ve got to improve you’re grades and all, the most important year in high school.

    I took CP Physics and CP Chemistry because I dropped down to CP physics in my freshman year (the teacher was bad, he later got fired). I am probably going to take honors biology next year because I love science and math. I am taking CP history because I want to focus on the things I’m really good at (math and science).

    My dad is a cardiologist high ranked in the country and I think that is something I want to do when I grow up. I’m probably aiming too high.

    Anyway, how bad does this look? Will I not be able to get into college? I want to get into a math/science college and will honors not suffice? I want to get into something like boston college or michigan (my parents went there) and you’re probably laughing reading this because that sounds ridiculous based off of my classes.

    I know someone who is taking all AP classes except one because he isn’t allowed to take anymore. Is this normal? Is this something a lot of people are doing? Mostly AP courses and honors? Is this something I should be doing? I don’t think I can handle that yet!! Will it be really difficult to get into a good college if you take a CP class? Can I only get into a college with a good math/science program if I’m in AP?

    I’m going to be a junior taking AP statistics and in order to catch up, I’m going to be taking pre calculus at a community college to catch up and take calculus as a senior. Will that be bad? Will taking statistics as a sophomore jeopardize my chances of getting into a good college?

    PS: sorry for rushing this post! This has just been giving me anxiety.

    • Curator says:

      Breath in, Breath out. Relax and be thankful you are here. You sound like an outstanding student, so why are you driving yourself crazy with anxiety? Ive noticed that far too many students worry about grades that it impacts their health. AND YES it is okay to take that class, you have taken how many AP classes? IT does not matter what university you attend, what matters is your grades in college. The program you will take for your bachelors is all the same across the nations. My suggestion is to relax and enjoy your last years in college. Good luck and beat that anxiety!! It is all in your mind

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