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Brad Culpepper Blows It Almost Instantly On Survivor, But Recovers

19 September 2013 | 9:18 pm Brad Culpepper could use a bit of advice on how to play Survivor, it seems. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer started the Survivor: Blood vs. Water season by saying within the first 10 minutes that he would find it difficult to play against his wifes tribe at a challenge. The show had already… Read more Brad Culpepper Blows It Almost Instantly On Survivor, But Recovers is a post from: The …

Survivors Jeff Probst Explains His Last Name Methodology

19 September 2013 | 7:36 pm Did you catch the premiere of Survivor the other night? You might have noticed that host Jeff Probst referred to former NFL star Brad Culpepper by his last name. Typically, this distinction arrives only after contestants have proven themselves worthy, or, in Cochrans case, demanded a name change. What gives? If you think back to the best and […]

Stephen Fishbach's Survivor Blog: Blood vs. Water Delivers

19 September 2013 | 3:44 pm "Will this season leave in its trail a waste of human wreckage and misery?" Stephen Fishbach writes in his illustrated blog,,20736684,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

FOUR BITS: Tebow, Wuerffel, Winslow, Culpepper | ONLY GATORS …

19 September 2013 | 3:37 pm 4 Former Florida defensive tackle Brad Culpepper a consensus All-American, First Team All-SEC player and winner of the Draddy Trophy in 1991 as well as a member of the UF Athletic Hall of Fame is competing as a

Did Brad Culpepper blow 'Survivor' with blunder? | Knowledge …

19 September 2013 | 1:00 pm Israel pushes world not to be deceived by Rouhani as he takes 'charm offensive … – Jerusalem Post. Thu, 19 Sep 2013 19:51:37 GMT. Boehner blasts Obama for bargaining with Putin, not Congress ahead of budget .

Survivor Blood vs Water Recap: Know-It-Alls Survivor Premier Review

18 September 2013 | 7:32 pm The Know-it-Alls also think she hurt herself by immediately butting heads with Brad Culpepper as much as Brad put his foot in his mouth by talking about throwing challenges to help Monica, Rob and Stephen think Marissa

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6 Responses to Brad Culpepper

  • Da Pho? says:

    Which Conferences In College Football Do You Consider To Be The QB Factories For The Next Level? QB rating isn’t a defining stat, but I don’t have a life and was really bored last night…

    Here is the list of NFL QB’s that have finished at least one season as in the top 10 in passing efficiency over the past 25 seasons (Grouped by Conference):

    ACC (16)
    Philip Rivers
    Matt Ryan
    Matt Schaub
    Michael Vick
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Aaron Brooks
    Brad Johnson
    Doug Flutie
    Vinnie Testeverde
    Neil O’Donnell
    Erik Kramer
    Scott Mitchell
    Craig Erickson
    Boomer Esiason
    Bernie Kosar
    Don Majkowski

    Big 12 (2)
    Josh Freeman
    Cody Carlson

    Big East (3)
    Donovan McNabb
    Ray Lucas
    Dan Marino

    Big Ten (9)
    Drew Brees
    Tom Brady
    Trent Green
    Brian Griese
    Elvis Grbac
    Jeff George
    Jim Harbaugh
    Bobby Hoying
    Jim Everett

    C USA (4)
    Brett Favre
    Chad Pennington
    David Garrard
    Byron Leftwich

    MAC (2)
    Ben Roethlisburger
    Charlie Batch

    Mt West (1)
    Alex Smith

    Pac 12 (15)
    Aaron Rodgers
    Matt Cassel
    Damon Huard
    Carson Palmer
    Mark Brunell
    Jake Plummer
    Drew Bledsoe
    Chris Chandler
    John Elway
    Troy Aikman
    Warren Moon
    Chris Miller
    Mark Rypien
    Steve Bono
    Jay Schroeder

    SEC (3)
    Matthew Stafford
    Eli Manning
    Payton Manning

    Sun (0)

    WAC (5)
    Jeff Garcia
    Steve Young
    Ty Detmer
    Steve DeBerg
    Marc Wilson

    Indi (5)
    Steve Beuerlein
    Gus Frerotte
    Jeff Hostetler
    Marc Bulger
    Joe Montana

    Big West (Defunct) (1)
    Randall Cunningham

    Div I-AA (9)
    Tony Romo
    Joe Flacco
    Kurt Warner
    Daunte Culpepper
    Steve McNair
    Rich Gannon
    Phil Simms
    Bubby Brister
    Bobby Hebert

    Div II (3)
    Jon Kitna
    Wade Wilson
    Neil Lomax
    Bill Kenney

    Div III (1)
    Dave Krieg

    Going into jotting down the list I was sure it would be the Pac10 that would end up with the most names on it at the end. It’s the ACC actually. Who knew.

    Of course not all conferences have the same number of teams in it. More teams = More chances?
    Dave Krieg was Division III !?!

  • Anonymous says:

    Joe Webb In 2011???????? Does anyone else think that this kid is to good to give up. I honestly hope they keep him. My Prediction is: Jackson will start, Webb will back up and they will draft one of the following Ryan Mallett, Jake Locker, or Cam Newton at third string and ease them into the NFL life style then cut either Jackson or Webb at the end of next season or rearrange the depth chart to suit them. I think season 2011/12 will be a QB testing year for the Vikings. What do you think? Another scenario could be they draft McNabb but my question is do you think Webb will be with the Vikings next year?

    • Curator says:

      I think Webb will be a strong contender for the starting position, and Jackson will be gone before the season starts.

      If they do start Webb, they need a veteran QB to be his backup and talk to him between plays (Brad Johnson filled that role when Culpepper first started, and look how that worked – Culpepper didn’t go downhill until he started getting injured and Johnson was gone).

  • Whatever says:

    Quarterbacks: Which Player Is Better? 1. Drew Bledsoe vs. Tom Brady
    2. Kurt Warner vs. Marc Bulger
    3. Mark Brunell vs. Byron Leftwich
    4. Shaun King vs. Brad Johnson
    5. Michael Vick vs. Matt Ryan
    6. Tim Couch vs. Kelly Holcomb
    7. Jon Kitna vs. Carson Palmer
    8. David Carr vs. Matt Schaub
    9. Vinny Testaverde vs. Chad Pennington
    10. Jay Fieldler vs. Brian Griese
    11. Trent Green vs. Matt Cassel
    12. Jake Plummer vs. Jay Cutler
    13. Rex Grossman vs. Kyle Orton
    14. Donovan McNabb vs. Kevin Kolb
    15. Matt Hasselbeck vs. Trent Dilfer
    16. Jeff Garcia vs. Alex Smith
    17. Kellen Clemens vs. Mark Sanchez
    18. Doug Flutie vs. Rob Johnson
    19. JP Losman vs. Trent Edwards
    20. Troy Aikman vs. Tony Romo
    21. Quincy Carter vs. Drew Henson
    22. Trent Dilfer vs. Elvis Grbac
    23. Kyle Boller vs. Joe Flacco
    24. Kordell Stewart vs. Ben Roethislisberger
    25. Brady Quinn vs. Derek Anderson
    26. Byron Leftwich vs. David Garrard
    27. Steve McNair vs. Vince Young
    28. Peyton Manning vs. Eli Manning
    29. Jeff George vs. Tony Banks
    30. Randall Cunningham vs. Daunte Culpepper
    31. Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers
    32. Drew Brees vs. Philip Rivers
    33. Andrew Walter vs. JaMarcus Russell
    34. Gus Frerotte vs. Sage Rosenfels
    35. Matt Leinart vs. Matt Cassel
    36. Brodie Croyle vs. Tyler Thigpen
    37. Josh McCown vs. Luke McCown
    38. Damon Huard vs. Brock Huard
    39. Rich Gannon vs. Kerry Collins
    40. Aaron Brooks vs. Jeff Blake
    41. Ty Detmer vs. Koy Detmer
    42. AJ Feeley vs. John Beck
    43. Patrick Ramsey vs. Jason Campbell
    44. Jay Cutler vs. Kyle Orton
    45. Jim Miller vs. Cade McNown
    46. Danny Wuerffel vs. Shane Matthews
    47. Brooks Bollinger vs. Tarvaris Jackson
    48. Joey Harrington vs. Matt Stafford
    49. Shaun Hill vs. JT O’Sullivan
    50. Billy Volek vs. Chris Redman
    51. Chris Simms vs. Josh Freeman
    52. Jake Delhomme vs. Chris Weinke

    • Curator says:

      1. Tom Brady
      2. Kurt Warner
      3. Byron Leftwich
      4. Brad Johnson
      5. Matt Ryan
      6. Tim Couch
      7. Carson Palmer
      8. Matt Schaub
      9. Vinny Testaverde
      10. Brian Griese
      11. Trent Green
      12. Jay Cutler
      13. Kyle Orton
      14. Donovan McNabb
      15. Matt Hasselbeck
      16. Jeff Garcia
      17. Mark Sanchez
      18. Doug Flutie
      19. Trent Edwards
      20. Troy Aikman
      21. Quincy Carter
      22. Trent Dilfer
      23. Joe Flacco
      24. Ben Roethislisberger
      25. Derek Anderson
      26. David Garrard
      27. Steve McNair
      28. Peyton Manning
      29. Jeff George
      30. Daunte Culpepper
      31. Aaron Rodgers
      32. Drew Brees
      33. Andrew Walter vs. JaMarcus Russell (no winner…)
      34. Gus Frerotte
      35. Matt Cassel
      36. Tyler Thigpen
      37. Josh McCown
      38. Damon Huard
      39. Rich Gannon
      40. Jeff Blake
      41. Ty Detmer
      42. AJ Feeley
      43. Patrick Ramsey
      44. Kyle Orton
      45. Cade McNown
      46. Shane Matthews
      47. Tarvaris Jackson
      48. Matt Stafford
      49. Shaun Hill
      50. Billy Volek
      51. Josh Freeman
      52. Jake Delhomme

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