Brandon Inge

Tigers release 3B Brandon Inge

Thu, 26 Apr 2012 17:04:00 -0700 The Tigers are finished with slumping 3B, who bows out gracefully.

Detroit Tigers Release Brandon Inge

Thu, 26 Apr 2012 13:17:16 -0700 "It's one of those things you can see how they're going before they come. My heart will always be in Detroit," Inge said.

Daily list: Remembering Brandon Inge's Tigers career

Thu, 26 Apr 2012 23:41:53 -0700 Some memories of longtime Tiger Brandon Inge — loved by some, not by others — who was cut loose:

Brandon Inge released from Tigers (updated) – Bless You Boys

Brandon Inge's time in Detroit has come to an end. The team … Tigers have unconditionally released Brandon Inge. … Detroit Tigers Links: Doug Fister Scheduled to Throw Side Session & Brandon Inge's Terrible Swing …

Brandon Inge Released: Fan Reactions – Bless You Boys

We'll probably have more on Brandon Inge throughout the day — we've already set the recording time for a special episode of the BYB Podcast. But first, here are some initial reactions from around the Tigers blogosphere on …

Tigers Release Brandon Inge: MLB Rumors –

4:47pm: Inge made it clear that he wants to continue playing, according to Jon Paul Morosi of (via Twitter). 3:05pm: The Tigers announced that they've released infielder Brandon Inge (Twitter link). Detroit will …

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8 Responses to Brandon Inge

  • Anonymous says:

    Tigers Fans: Do All Of You Hate Brandon Inge? All the Tigers fans I’ve seen hate his guts. I know how you feel, I had to deal with Lamar Odom being on my NBA team so trust me, I can relate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is My Fantasy Baseball Team Good? Salary Cap: 150 Million
    Cap Used: 145,518,500 Million
    Available Cap: 5,481,500 Million

    SP:Verlander, Justin 12)20.1m 13)20.1m 14)20.1m 15)FA
    SP:Jason Hammel 12)4.754
    SP:Dempster, Ryan 12) $7M, 13) FA
    SP:Fister, Doug 12).936,500M 13)arb2
    SP:Zambrano, Carlos 12) 10M 13)arb

    RP:J.P. Howell 12)1.6M 13)arb3
    RP:Coke, Phil 12).940M 13)arb2 14)arb3
    RP:Benoit, Joaquin 12)5.5M 13)5.5M 14)FA
    Set/Up:Hisashi Iwakuma 12)3.5M 13)3.5M
    CL:Valverde, Jose 12)9M 13)FA

    C:Geo Soto 12) $3.5M, 12) FA
    1B:Cabrera, Miguel 12)21M 13)21M 14)22M 15)22M 16)FA
    2B:Will Rymes 12).419M
    SS:Peralta, Jhonny 12)5.5M 13)6M CLUB OPTION (BUYOUT .5M)
    3B:Adrian Beltran 12)15M 13)16M 14)17M 15)18M club option
    LF:Young, Delmon 12)6.375M 13)FA
    CF:Hideki Matsui 12)3.5M
    RF:Ordonez, Magglio 12)1M *FRANCHISE TAG*
    UT:Martinez, Victor 12)13m 13)13M 14)12M 15)FA

    BN:Kelly, Don 12).923M 13)arb2 14)arb3
    BN:Clete Thomas 12).414M
    BN:Inge, Brandon 12)5.5M 13)6M CLUB OPTION (BUYOUT .5M)
    BN:Ryan Raburn 12) 2.1M
    BN:Brad Thomas 12)1.3M 13)arb2 14)
    BN:Porcello, Rick 12)1.344M 13)arb2 14)arb3

    • Curator says:

      I would put Rick Porcell in instead of Zambrano, if Big Z gets it together you could always switch him back in, overall though I think its pretty weak…hate to say.

      Maggs and Matsui arent should be left for the waiver wire. Im not 100% sure that Maggs has signed with anyone.

      V Mart is out for the year.

  • Will The Tigers Make Big Aquisitions This Offseason? If So, What Will They Be? How Are Mine? I see a big offseason upcoming for the Tigers based on a couple things…

    1) Owner Mike Illitch’s comments during a Q&A with Bob Wojnowski… This is a direct quote…

    Q . Your payroll is in better shape with some big contracts going away. You feel good about the direction of the Tigers?

    A . Yeah, but I’m challenged to keep it there like the Yankees and the Red Sox. I haven’t totally zeroed in on our payroll yet. What I’m still trying to figure out is what we need for next year. I want to be in a position to make one or two additions, and generally, they’re pretty big additions.

    Q . So you could add a couple of big-time players?

    A . Yes. I’m already thinking about that. Can you imagine another big bat in our lineup?

    2) The last time the Tigers made a deep run into the playoffs (2006), Illitch went nuts, bringing in Cabrera and bringing the payroll to $130,000,000.

    If we were to have a big offseason, here are some moves I could see happening…

    “Cut” can mean either Let go due to contract OR let go due to performence

    – Cut Brad Penny
    – Cut David Purcey
    – Cut Joel Zumaya
    – Cut Carlos Guillen
    – Cut Ramon Santiago
    – Cut Wilson Betemit
    – Cut Delmon Young
    – Cut Magglio Ordonez

    – Execute Jose Valverde’s Option

    Re-sign all players who are Under Team Control not previously mentioned

    Re-sign SP Max Scherzer to a 1 year/$4,100,000 deal
    Re-sign SP Rick Porcello to a 1 year/$4,250,000 deal (Super 2)
    Re-sign RP Phil Coke to a 1 year/$1,200,000 deal
    Re-sign UTIL Don Kelly to a 1 year/$625,000 deal (Super 2)

    Tigers Trade: SS Jhonny Peralta, UTIL Ryan Raburn, SP Andy Oliver, SS Cale Iorg, RP Fu-Te Ni
    Angels Trade: 2B Howie Kendrick, 3B Maicer Izturis

    Tigers sign SS Jose Reyes to a 4 year/$90,000,000 deal (2012: $20MM, 2013: $20MM, 2014: $25MM, 2015: $25MM, 2016 Team Option: $25MM — CLAUSE: If Reyes spends a combined 40% (130 games) or more of 2012 and 2013 on DL, Tigers may opt out with $20,000,000 compensation

    Tigers sign RF David DeJesus to a 2 year/$13,000,000 deal (2012: $6MM, 2013: $7MM)

    Tigers sign C Jose Molina to a 1 year/$1,000,000 deal (2012: $1MM)

    Tigers sign SP Paul Maholm to a 1 year/$4,500,000 deal (2012: $4.5MM, 2013: $7MM Mutual Option)

    This would bring the 2012 Payroll to approximetely $130,000,000, which is still less than 2008.

    What do you think of this potential lineup/rotation?

    1. Jose Reyes, SS (Switch)
    2. Maicer Izturis, 3B (Switch)
    3. Brennan Boesch, RF (Lefty)
    4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (Righty)
    5. Victor Martinez, DH (Righty)
    6. Alex Avila, C (Lefty)
    7. Howie Kendrick, 2B (Righty)
    8. David DeJesus, LF (Lefty)
    9. Austin Jackson, CF (Righty)

    Jose Molina, C (Righty)
    Brandon Inge, 3B (Righty)
    Don Kelly, 1B/3B/OF (Lefty)
    Andy Dirks, OF (Lefty)

    1. Justin Verlander, RHP
    2. Doug Fister, RHP
    3. Max Scherzer, RHP
    4. Rick Porcello, RHP
    5. Paul Maholm, LHP

    LRP Phil Coke
    MRP Ryan Perry
    MRP Daniel Schlereth
    MRP Al Albuquerqe
    MRP David Pauley
    SU Juaquin Benoit
    CP Jose Valverde

    Whatcha think?
    @GTAP: Here are my reasons for your two biggest exclamation points…

    Delmon Young – He had some clutch homers for sure, but the guy is a complete butcher in the field and he can’t take a pitch to save his life! His career OBP is only 33 points ahead of his AVG, and he is tied for 4th in the majors for fewest walks! And 2 of the 3 people ahead of him (plus the one that is tied) has a better SLG% than him… Pitchers will figure this out and pitch him complete crap soon.

    Jhonny Peralta – This was his career year, I guarantee it. There is no way a guy not named Jose Bautista can constantly post a .250-.310-.390 for his career, change it to .300-.350-.475 one year and then start doing that constantly. It just doesn’t happen. The Tigers should sell high, and if that means we cover two needs in exchange for him, I would gladly do it.

    • Curator says:

      Are you seriously suggesting we trade Peralta!!!!!!!!! And get rid of Young!!!! What are you smoking?!?!?! We are a bat and bullpen arm away. No necessary big move.

      Come on man your crazy! I don’t care if it’s Howie Kendrick.

      My FA signings:

      Guess what we need a 2B more than anything but there isn’t a good enough one out there except for Phillips who has a club option so guess what the big move Illitch is going to do is………

      Pays enough money to Aramis Ramirez to get him to come to Detroit less than what we need to pay Reyes. It may not be the best move but we get another big bat.
      We would actually need to pay him enough to leave Chicago. He’s opting out of his contract.

      Okay Jose Molina @ C.

      Josh Willingham OF. Tigers can outpay the teams that want him and still spend less than Reyes. We could always get someone else though for less expense

      Matt Capps. Can help. RHP

      Trade: I don’t think we need to trade.

      Opening Day linup:

      1. Austin Jackson-CF. Like it or not, Leyland thinks he’s a leadoff
      2. Delmon Young- LF. How can you cut him!
      3. Aramis Ramirez- 3B. Best 3-4-5 punch but as risky as Reyes
      4. Miguel Cabrera- 1B.
      5. Victor Martinez- DH.
      6. Brennan Boesch- RF.
      7. Jhonny Peralta- SS.
      8. Alex Avila- C. Got him a decent backup.
      9. Ramon Santiago- 2B. He’s been clutch.

      Jose Molina C
      Josh Willingham OF. Could take Jackson’s spot.
      Don Kelly 1B/3B/OF
      Ryan Raburn- 2B

      2. Fister
      3. Scherzer
      4. Porcello
      5. Guess who…………….TURNER!!!


      You idea is okay but mine still gets a big bat and improves the team. Not that good with contract stuff but it should be around the same as Reyes.

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