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From a prison cell to the football field: Exonerated Brian Banks signs with Atlanta Falcons

4 April 2013 | 2:31 am Brian Banks wore the uniform of a prison inmate for more than five years, serving time for a rape he didn’t commit.

Brian Banks served 5 years for rape he didn’t commit

4 April 2013 | 1:55 am Brian Banks wore the uniform of a prison inmate for more than five years, serving time for a rape he didn’t commit. This week, he learned he’ll be wearing an Atlanta Falcons jersey.

Brian Banks on signing with the Atlanta Falcons: ‘I can’t wait’

3 April 2013 | 10:58 pm Brian Banks , the one-time high school football star who served time after being falsely accused of rape, has signed with Atlanta Falcons.,0,2982426.story?track=rss

Brian Banks Signs With The Falcons — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse …

3 April 2013 | 5:29 pm Brian Banks is the rare case in which football player and rape are mentioned and the football player is the victim. I mean, he wasn't raped himself. That makes it sound like he was raped. He wasn't raped. No, Banks was

Exonerated Football Star Brian Banks Signs with NFL Team | KTLA 5

3 April 2013 | 5:16 pm ATLANA, Ga. (KTLA) — Brian Banks, the one-time high school football star who served time after being falsely accused of rape, has signed with the Atlanta Falcons. Blog | Brian Banks gets another shot at NFL

3 April 2013 | 5:00 pm Linebacker Brian Banks signs his contract today with the Atlanta Falcons (photo via Jay Adams of Linebacker Brian Banks, who was given a tryout with the Seahawks last year, is getting another chance to

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9 Responses to Brian Banks

    • Curator says:

      I hope he does very very well, but damn that he has to play for the Falcons. The stupid b*tch who lied in the first place should be in jail and all the money that she sued the school for should not be in her/her families’ possession, AND she should have to pay Banks for the opportunities that she potentially ruined (millions).

  • DANNY O says:

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  • Bryan3X6X0 says:

    Pre-April, 1st Round, Mock Draft 3.0? Chiefs-Luke Joeckel – Gives youth to o-line. Jamaal Charles will flourish with this O-Line.
    Jaguars- Star Lotulelei – Gus Bradley wants to run 3-4/4-3 combo, Lotulelei fits as a NG, and DT
    Raiders – Shariff Floyd – Gives them a solid anchor on a poor defensive line
    Eagles – Eric Fisher – they could go corner, but facing JPP, Tuck, Ware, and Kerrigan they need a solid offensive line to run this offense. Fisher is the most athletic so it fits perfect.
    Lions – Dion Jordan – Too much potential to resist for the Lions. Retaining their dominant d-line.
    Browns – Milliner is the best player available. Might as well team him up with Joe Haden to wreak havoc on Dalton, Flacco, and ‘berger.
    Cardinals – Chance Warmack – Nobody expects this, but i do. He’s the “Andrew Luck” of Guards. They need offensive line help.
    Bills – Ezekial Ansah – Mario Williams gets help, and their D-Line is dangerous.
    Jets- Tavon Austin – They need a WR who can come in and make an impact right away. That’s Austin
    Titans – Jonathon Cooper – Shore up the offensive line.
    Chargers – Lane Johnson – It’s either the offensive line, or Rivers. They fill up the LT spot to see if Rivers answers with a better year.
    Dolphins – Xavier Rhodes- With Johnson, and Cooper gone, they take Xavier Rhodes to replace the loss of Sean Smith.
    Tampa Bay – Bjoern Werner – makes this DL deadly. Especially since Schiano knows exactly how to use his defensive guys.
    Panthers -Sheldon Richardson – They need DT bad, and the overall consensus puts Richardson in a panthers jersey.
    Saints – Kenny Vaccaro – Their pass defense was horrible last year. Vaccaro fits the bill.
    Rams – Keenan Allen- They could go Patterson, but Bradford needs help now. Patterson needs to be developed. Rams already have last years Cordarrelle Patterson in Brian Quick. Allen is ready to play now.
    Steelers – Jarvis Jones – Harrison needs replacement, Jones is their guy. Lebeau will love him.
    Cowboys – D.J. Fluker – They move either him, or Doug Free to guard. The interior O-Line is attrocious in dallas right now. They need to do something.
    Giants – Arthur Brown – They could go Ogletree, but MLB is the target
    Bears – Alec Ogletree – I think whoever lands where, these guys go back to back.
    Bengals – Cordarrelle Patterson – They like Mohammad Sanu, but Patterson is better, and he’s probably a steal right here.
    Rams- Eric Reid – They need safety help. Reid would come in and make a difference immediately.
    Vikings – Jonathon Banks – You need corners to play in the NFC north. Banks is big and can play.
    Colts – Barkevious Mingo – Fills Dwight Freeney’s spot in the 3-4.
    Vikings – Jesse Williams – They get a DT to play next to Kevin Williams. They bring back the “Williams Wall”
    Green Bay – Margus Hunt – As a Packers fan i pray they draft him. He’s raw, but huge, talented, strong and fits perfect in the Packers system.
    Houston – DeAndre Hopkins – They need a possession receiver. He has the best hands in the draft.
    Broncos – Desmond Trufant – They need corners.
    Bills – Geno Smith – If you didn’t notice, Geno is still available, Bills trade up and grab him here. Patriots are known to trade down out of the first.
    Atlanta – Damontre Moore – They need youth at DE, they signed Osi, but Moore would be the star of the DL.
    49ers – Eddie Lacy – Yes, interesting pick here. Frank Gore is getting older, Lamichael James is too small to be a feature back.
    Ravens – Jon Cyprien – Little known FS out of Florida International. First step in rebuilding the defense.

    Don’t get me wrong, that pick is assuming everything checks out with Lotulelei.
    Put 25 pounds on Jordan and he’s a 4-3 DE.
    Patterson is the raw receiver. He can’t come into a team and be expected to be a number 1. Plain and simple. He’s only played WR for like a year and half. His football knowledge is very limited. While Keenan Allen can come in and start day 1. That’s what the Rams need.

    How is 49ers RB slot deep? Gore is the only feature back. James can’t be a feature back. They don’t like Kendall Hunter who can’t stay healthy. Lacy fits.
    Geno i can agree with. But still, once again, please explain to me a more pressing need than d-line? and do you understand rarity vs talent? Big guys, who are strong and fast, are rare. And will get picked early. Especially to a team who needs them. Please tell me a more pressing need on the Packers. Please.
    And did you say the Packers d-line is good?????????????? I hope you didn’t.
    Guard is absolutely rock solid. T.J. Lang and Josh Sitton are both top tier guards in the NFL. Evan Dietrich Smith took the Center spot from Jeff Saturday before seasons end, who made the Pro Bowl last year. So clearly Dietrich Smith is a solid starter. LT is the only question. Brian Bulaga is a pro bowler at RT. They drafted Derek Sherrod for LT, but he broke his leg. He’s coming back this year. We don’t know how he’ll perform but he’s better than Marshall Newhouse. And we can draft backups later in the draft. Marshall Newhouse just sucks. And last year we lost Bulaga so we didn’t have any starting tackles last year.
    What!???! Jerel Worthy is good but C.J. Wilson is young and serviceable? Are you serious? For one, Wilson is better than Worthy, Mike Neal is better than Worthy. Ryan Pickett is 34, and they run out of a 2-4-5 which uses two NT’s. Who they are trying to use Worthy in, but might draft another NT.
    @TNT at least your giving me reasons tho.
    Gore might have a year or two left, but the older you get the prone to injury you are. Lacy fits with the 49ers. But i agree he’s not the best RB in the draft. I think Lacy is overrated. But i chose him to spice things up and if they did do it, it would fit for Lacy, and the 49ers. But Hunter is injury prone. He always has been coming out of Oklahoma St. I had high hopes for him in fantasy football, but i’m ready to give up on him. So i think RB is a position they target at some point in the draft. But about the Jets, Sanchez needs WR’s. They don’t have a number 1 WR. Holmes is an afterthought.
    Desmond Trufant over Jonathan Banks is a toss up. If you go off of film, Banks puts Trufant to dirt. Trufant played poorly at the senior bowl. On the other hand, at the combine, Trufant killed it while Banks slipped pretty bad. It’s pure choice. Film or Combine?

    • Curator says:

      1. No matter what happens from here on out, teams will be weary of Lotulelei’s heart condition. Therefore, I don’t see him being a top 10 pick, let alone top 2.

      2. Dion Jordan is a 3-4 OLB, not a 4-3 DE.

      3. Cordrrelle Patterson is, without a shadow of doubt, the top WR in this year’s class, at least on paper. Keenan Allen will not go ahead of him.

      4. Um, RB is the deepest position for the Niners. They won’t take a RB in the 1st round. That’s just crazy.

      5. The Packers’ D-line is very good. Why draft a 3-4 d-lineman, when there are more pressing needs to attend to?

      6. Geno Smith will not fall to the late 1st.

      Sorry, but I can’t vouch for this mock draft. I know all mock drafts are flawed, but this one is just flat-out terrible beyond words.

      Edit: The Packers could use an offensive guard, an offensive tackle, a center, and maybe even a WR. They need to protect 12, who’s been sacked way too many times over the past several years.

      The Packers d-line consists of Jerrell Worthy (good), B.J. Raji (really good), and C.J. Wilslon (very young and serviceable).

  • STRAUSSIAN says:

    False Rape Accusations – How Can We Prevent Them? Check out these horrific cases of false rape prosecution:

    Jonathan Montgomery in Virginia (falsely accused of molestation; convicted and sentenced to 7 years; served four before release):

    Brian Banks in California (falsely accused of rape; plead guilty to avoid a life sentence and served five years):

    Matt Folino in Pennsylvania (falsely accused of assault and rape; wrongfully jailed then nearly put on trial):

    There are many, many more cases you can find at sites like Community of the Wrongfully Accused:

    How do we put an end to this? How can we protect the rights of the accused to prevent these kinds of judicial atrocities?

    • Curator says:

      If it is proven that the accuser lied, she should get the same sentence as the accused would have if he would have been proven guilty. I feel strongly about this.

  • Beastlygrl says:

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    2. Latrisha invested in stocks and tracked her income on a graph. If x is the month and y is her profit, which scenario would result in a y-intercept?

    a) Latrisha started her investment account with $100.
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    c) Latrisha borrowed $150 from her account in October.
    d) Latrisha invested 10% of her paycheck each month

    3. Which of the following represents a domain?

    a) the total hours spent sleeping as you get older
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