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Buzz Williams has been in the news a lot lately. Here the latest.

Virginia Tech uses picture of different coach on Buzz Williams bio page (Photo)

22 March 2014 | 6:56 pm When making the hire of Buzz Williams official with a press release, the staff directory of the Virginia Tech athletics website was also updated with information about Williams past stops and accomplishments. Of course, a photo of Williams was included too except there was one problem. The photo used was not a picture of Williams.–photo-185646911.html

Williams leaves Marquette to coach Virginia Tech

22 March 2014 | 12:33 am Buzz Williams is headed to Virginia Tech after six mostly successful seasons coaching at Marquette. Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock announced Williams' hiring Friday night in a statement. Williams will be formally introduced at a news conference Monday in Blacksburg. ''I am confident he will energize our fan base and help make Virginia Tech basketball competitive in the Atlantic …–ncaab.html

Buzz Williams stunningly leaves Marquette for Virginia Tech

22 March 2014 | 12:08 am Buzz Williams won a battle at Marquette and left. Not necessarily the bloodiest, most savage battle. But it was one brutal enough that scores were settled and his athletic director was effectively kicked to the curb by an interim president while Williams remained in place.

Virginia Tech hires Buzz Williams, puts his fired assistant on website …

22 March 2014 | 5:59 pm But seriously, this is kinda impressive: I typed in "Buzz Williams" into our photo tool, and hundreds of photos of Buzz taken since Monarch was fired in 2012 came up. Typing in "Scott Monarch" yields zero photos. They had to

Marquette's Buzz Williams Inks Deal To Become Virginia Tech's …

22 March 2014 | 4:25 am In hopes of turning the Hokie men's basketball program around, Tech signed Buzz Williams to a 7 year, $18 million deal.

Marquette coach Buzz Williams leaving for Virginia Tech –

22 March 2014 | 2:36 am Marquette University is looking for a new basketball coach after announcing Buzz Williams is leaving after six years.

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11 Responses to Buzz Williams

  • LeBigMac says:

    If I’m Virginia Tech Bball Fan, Should I Be Feeling Good About The Buzz Williams Hire? …so, is this guy good, decent, like a Brad Stevens or what?

  • What Would You Name These Babies – A Girl And Boy From Each Category? For each of the categories listed below, just a first and middle name for a boy and a girl! So, you should end up with 20 names in total! Also wanted to note that all these names come from lists on =)


    Girls – Aviana, Coco, Embry, Harlow, Harper, Ireland, Mirabella, Monroe, Winter

    Boys – Dexter, Flynn, Jackson, Knox, Lyric, Moroccan, Moses, Skyler, Viggo


    Girls – Atta (A Bug’s Life), Celia (Monster’s Inc), Colette (Ratatouille), Edna (The Incredibles), Elinor (Brave), Helen (The Incredibles), Jessie (Toy Story), Sally (Cars), Violet (The Incredibles)

    Boys – Bruce (Finding Nemo), Buzz (Toy Story), Carl (Up), Dashiell (The Incredibles), Fillmore (Cars), Mike (Monster’s Inc), Randall (Monster’s Inc), Remy (Ratatouille), Woody (Toy Story)


    Girls – Adhara, Alya, Cassiopeia, Luna, Maia, Meissa, Nova, Talitha, Venus

    Boys – Altair, Aries, Izar, Jupiter, Mercury, Meteor, Orion, Sabik, Vega


    Girls – Alethea, Clementine, Emmeline, Evangelene, Jessamine, Lucinda, Minerva, Octavia, Sonya

    Boys – Ambrose, Bartholomew, Byron, Granville, Harrison, Langdon, Maxwell, Silas, Verne


    Girls – Amabel, Circe, Cressida, Fenella, Honora, Jacquetta, Lucienne, Phaedra, Verena

    Boys – Adair, Casimir, Fielder, Griffith, Leopold, Nealon, Oberon, Thaddeus, Winslow


    Girls – Aurelia, Eleanor, Genevieve, Hazel, Iris, Matilda, Pearl, Phoebe, Vivian

    Boys – Cyrus, Edmund, Emmett, Gideon, Josiah, Noah, Oscar, Theodore, Tobias


    Girls – Aquarius, Danube, Evian, Firth, Loire, Marina, Misty, Oceane, Rain

    Boys – Brook, Caspian, Ford, Hudson, Kai, Marsh, Neptune, River, Wade


    Girls – Aria, Bliss, Cadence, Dancer, Halcyon, Lark, Pixie, Sonnet, Whimsy

    Boys – Arrow, Chance, Justice, Oak, Prince, Ranger, Seven, Timber, Wilder


    Girls – Catherine, Elizabeth, Emma, Isabel, Jane, Laura, Margaret, Sarah, Sophia

    Boys – Alexander, Charles, Daniel, Henry, James, Joseph, Michael, Thomas, William


    Girls – Cashmere, Clove, Effie, Hazelle, Katniss, Marvel, Portia, Primrose, Rue

    Boys – Brutus, Caesar, Cato, Darius, Finnick, Gale, Haymitch, Peeta, Seneca

    xx SupernaturalSweetHeart xx
    May as well add my own answers!

    – Harper Monroe & Flynn Moses

    – Elinor Collette “Elli” & Dashiell Fillmore “Dash”

    – Alya Talitha “Aly” & Orion Jupiter

    – Emmeline Octavia “Emmy” & Langdon Ambrose

    – Amabel Jacquetta “Bel” & Thaddeus Oberon “Thad”

    – Phoebe Matilda & Theodore Noah “Theo”

    – Loire Oceane & Wade Caspian

    – Aria Cadence & Ranger Arrow

    – Isabel Sophia “Izzy” & William Michael “Will”

    – Primrose Effie “Prim” & Haymitch Peeta

    • Curator says:

      ♥ Mirabella Coco
      ♥ Skyler Flynn
      ♥ Violet Elinor
      ♥ Dashiell Buzz
      ♥ Cassiopeia Venus
      ♥ Aries Jupiter
      ♥ Evangeline Minerva
      ♥ Maxwell Byron
      ♥ Lucienne Honora
      ♥ Leopold Adair
      ♥ Phoebe Hazel
      ♥ Noah Emmett
      ♥ Misty Oceane
      ♥ Brook Neptune
      ♥ Pixie Bliss
      ♥ Justice Chance
      ♥ Isabel Sophia
      ♥ Alexander Daniel
      ♥ Primrose Rue
      ♥ Gale Seneca

      { Marie, Skye, Violet, Dash, Cassie, Aries, Evie, Max, Luci, Leo, Phoebe, Noah, Misty, Brook, Pixie, Justice, Issie, Alex, Rose & Gale }

      This was fun! Thanks 🙂

    • Curator says:

      How High – Method Man And Redman
      Wiz Khalifa And Snoop Dogg – Young Wild And Free
      Snoop Dogg Ft Pharell Williams – Lets Get Blown
      Afroman – Because I Got High
      Dr Dre Ft Nate Dogg – Xxplosive
      Dr Dre – The Next episode
      Dr Dre – Still D.R.E
      Eminem – Must Be The Ganja
      Eminem – Crack A Bottle
      D12 – Blow My Buzz
      Sorry If I Named Too Much

  • Ally Smith says:

    What Are Two Major Events That Happened In The 1960s? I also need to explain whether or not I agree with the actions of the US government took during this event. I have been researching this for hours. Please any help or idea.

    • Curator says:

      The Civil Rights movement made great changes in society in the 1960’s. The movement began peacefully, with Martin Luther King and Stokely Carmichael leading sit-ins and peaceful protests, joined by whites, particularly Jews. Malcolm X preached about Black Nationalism. After his assassination, the Black Panthers were formed to continue his mission. In 1965, the Watts riots broke out in Los Angeles.

      The Supreme Court decided in Engel v. Vitale, 370 U.S. 421, 1962, that prayer in the public schools was unconstitutional. As the 1960’s progressed, many young people turned from mainstream Protestant religions to mystic eastern religions such as Transcendental Meditation (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) or Zen Buddhism. Respect for authority declined among the youth, and crime rates soared to nine times the rate of the 1950’s. Marijuana use soared. Well known Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary encouraged the use of LSD as a mind-opening drug. The hippie movement endorsed drugs, rock music, mystic religions and sexual freedom. They opposed violence. The Woodstock Festival at which 400,000 young people gathered in a spirit of love and sharing, represents the pinnacle of the hippie movement. Many hippies moved to Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, East Village in New York City, or lived in communes.

      When Fidel Castro, soon after overtaking Cuba, declared that he was a communist, the United States broke off diplomatic relations. Castro seized American property. The CIA attacked Cuba in an ill-fated mission at the Bay of Pigs. In 1962, a spy plane identified long range missiles in Cuba. President John F. Kennedy readied troops to invade Cuba, and the Soviet Union prepared to fire at US cities if we made a move.

      Vietnamese Soldier on Bike in Da Nang John F. Kennedy was young and charismatic, and his brief reign as president was often called Camelot. He was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. His Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson became president, and was reelected the following year. To prevent communist North Vietnam from overtaking South Vietnam, the United States sent military advisors and then soldiers. It was largely a secret war until 1965, when massive troop buildups were ordered to put an end to the conflict. The draft was accelerated and anti-war sentiment grew in the US. College students organized anti-war protests, draft dodgers fled to Canada, and there were reports of soldiers reflected the growing disrespect for authority, shooting their officers rather than follow orders. Johnson, blamed by many for the war and the racial unrest in the country, did not run for reelection in 1968. John Kennedy’s brother, Robert campaigned for the nomination for President and he, too was killed. Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965 and Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968.
      Long hair was popular for both young men and young women. (John and Gail Williams)
      The Space Race, begun by the Soviets in 1957, was highlighted by Alan Shepard, the first American in space in 1961. In 1963, John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, in Apollo XI, were the first men to walk on the moon in 1969. The surgeon general determined that smoking was a health hazard, and in 1965 required cigarette manufacturers to place warnings on all packages and in all ads. The first clone of a vertebrate, a South African tree frog, was produced in 1967. Dr. Denton Cooley implanted the first artificial heart in a human, and it kept the patient alive for three days until a human heart could be transplanted.

      People became more concerned with their health and their environment. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring awakened the environmental movement and the Sierra Club gained a following. Ralph Nader’s book, Unsafe at any Speed, led to the consumer movement.

  • William says:

    How Can I Make My Hair Fall Straight? Okay, I’m a guy (kinda’ obvious with the name William right?) and i usually keep my hair really short( verging on buzz cut-short) but i have always wanted to grow my hair out since middle school. i could never follow through with it because of the way my hair grows. I’ve got really thick, soft hair, so whenever i start growing it out, once it get about halfway down my forehead, it starts to bunch up and get really thick and it makes me look retarded. almost like a mix between Harry Potter and Coconut Head. is there a way to make my hair fall straight instead of bunching up like that? would a straightener do that? because my hair isn’t curly or anything, it’s just really thick.

    • Curator says:

      Hair straighteners will definitely do the trick! You will be able too lay your hair the way you want it too lay. Also if its long-ish hair, try and dry your hair with a hairdryer the way you want it too lay and it will work also, probably best too do that first then use the straighteners! 🙂

  • Will 2 Capfulls Of Evan Williams Whiskey…? I’m just curious if 2 capfulls of Evan Williams bourbon whiskey is enough to get me drunk or at least a little buzzed? I only ask because I’m curious if that much is enough to get me buzzed or drunk because I don’t drink… pretty much ever, last time I drank was months and months ago.

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