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Cat saves 4-year-old California boy from vicious dog attack

15 May 2014 | 6:39 am Tara the cat is credited for saving her four-year-old owner from a dog attack outside his California home Tuesday afternoon.

Cat saves boy from dog attack

15 May 2014 | 5:27 am A heroic cat saved its young owner from a dog attack by hurling itself in between the canine and the four-year-old boy in Bakersfield, Calif., Tuesday.

Family Cat Saves Boy From Vicious Dog Attack

15 May 2014 | 3:38 am Brave Tara raced to the rescue and launched herself at a dog mauling a four-year-old boy outside their family home in California.

Heroic cat saves boy from dog attack Erin Burnett OutFront – – CNN …

15 May 2014 | 1:05 am A little boy is attacked by a dog and guess who comes to his rescue? A dog's worst enemy. No, not the neighborhood mailman, but a cat. Jeanne Moos has the story.

AMAZING VIDEO: Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack | Fox News …

15 May 2014 | 12:22 am Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, was riding his bike when a dog snuck up from behind and dragged him off of it. Jeremy's cat, Tara, then raced onto the scene, hurling herself at the dog and chasing him away.

VIDEO: Incredible moment heroic cat saves boy, four, from vicious …

14 May 2014 | 9:11 pm WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT*** THIS is the incredible moment a heroic cat saved a four-year-old boy from a vicious dog attack.

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10 Responses to Cat Saves Boy From Dog

  • Amanda says:

    Why Would A Dog Come Up To Someone And Attack Them For No Reason Like This Video?

    They said the dog is getting euthanatized too and he has no aggressive breeds in him, what would make him just attack him for no reason like that?
    No one answered my question, this isn’t a debate about euthanizing the dog. I’m asking why that dog attacked for no reason as you people stated the child did nothing to provoke the dog, so why would a dog attack for no reason? Especially a dog who lives in a neighborhood with residence and sees people all the time.
    And it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owners.
    Okay I’m asking WHY that dog attacked for no reason. No one is answering that, that is my only question.

  • Whats This Name Of This Movie? Its about a boy who live out in the country whos been wanting dogs for pets. So he started making money and saving to buy 2 puppies. When he finally has his two puppies, he raised them to adult dogs. In this first scene of this movie the boy and his two dogs when for a walk in the woods and they came across a large cat. The boy was trying to escape but the dogs kept barking at the cat and the cat killed one of the dogs. So the boy took an ax and started to kill the cat with it. His other dog died of old age at the end of the movie where he buried it. Does anybody know this movie?

  • Ellie says:

    Any Good Sims 3 Sim/family Ideas? I keep getting bored while playing the sims 3. I make a family, play them for like an hour then I get bored of them. Are there any original ideas of sims or families I can play which are interesting?

    I don’t really like the pre-made sims already on there and I prefer to customise them myself. I don’t want a plain 2 parents 2 children family. A good storyline, wacky families, occupations etc will be appreciated.

    I have the Island Paradise, Seasons, Ambitions and Generations expansion packs.

    • Curator says:

      Sims 3 Family Ideas
      Idea 1:
      One young adult male sim, he is always saving money and invents things.
      He has the flirty and great kisser trait
      He gets a girlfriend, and after he gets the fertility treatment lifetime wish, him and his girlfriend either have twins or triplets, then they break up and he keeps one of the children.
      His child ends up hating him and they get into fights all of the time.
      The child tries really hard at school and gets a great job
      The child moves out and finds a lovely partner and they have 3 children.
      One child loves his grandfather to pieces and turns out to be like him.
      Idea 2:
      2 elder sims, who are married and they have a kid, who is a young adult. The elder man is a scientist and the grandmother is unemployed. Their daughter is also a scientist and her boyfriend is a athlete
      Their child moves in her boyfriend, and the boyfriend hates her parents and they always get into fights.
      They get married and have one child together. The Grandmother starts arguing with the father and the couple split up (this is when they have just become adults)
      The father and child move out and then the mother hates her child and adopts another, who turns out to be a super smart doctor, who finds a lovely partner, and they have 5 kids who all have different personalities.
      Idea 3:
      3 sims, who are housemates (1 girl and 2 boys), who live in an apartment in Bridgeport. The girl is a doctor, one of the men is a fireman and the other is ghosthunter.
      The 2 boys fight over the female and only 1 of them gets her in the end, they all have the flirty trait. They have a really nice wedding and go off to France for their honeymoon. When they get back the girl finds out she is pregnant and the other man gets really jealous when the baby is born, so he becomes a vampire and when the child gets old enough he turns them into a vampire. The married couple hate the man and try for another baby but they never get another one. Their baby joins the dark side of the vampire. The child has the evil trait and joins the criminal career.
      Idea 4:
      Boyfriend and girlfriend move into the town of Twinbrook with their cat and dog. The male has the following traits: Slob, evil, snob, workaholic, flirty, whereas the woman has the following traits: neat, good, friendly, family orientated, flirty., she works as a police woman and the boyfriend works in the criminal career, they keep on fighting and fighting. The man and woman are careless and the woman falls pregnant but they don’t know it yet. The man cheats on her and they break up and then the woman finds out she’s pregnant and tells her ex and he hates the baby and when the baby is a child he is mean to it when they visit.
      Idea 5:
      The two young adults are already married and have a girl toddler, they move into Sunset Valley and the wife falls pregnant. The children grow up happy and do well in school, they have lots of toys and their parents spoil them, as they have good jobs and earn good money (scientist and designer). Then one day out of the blue their father dies in a swimming pool. The family are devastated and the mother turns to alcohol and drugs, she replaces the kids toys with a bar and she gives up her job and makes her teenage daughter get a part time job. Their lives fall apart. When the teenage girl ages up into a young adult she takes her younger sibling with her, and she gets a job (film career) and meets a charming man, who cares for her and her sibling. They get married and her sibling finally moves out and they remain extremely close. They do not talk to their mother anymore and hate seeing her around town. After they get married they go to Egypt and she falls pregnant. After they return the husband adopts a kitten and they have their baby.

  • Caitlin says:

    Do I Own This Cat? I have a long complicated story to tell here with this question so bear with me. Two days ago I went to my friend’s home while she was in school to pick out a cat. She rents a trailer on a farm that is owned and operated by a family, and there are about 20 farm cats. My friend’s mom was home and she had came outside for a couple minutes, at the most, to ask which one I was taking. I told her that I was going for the one tiger striped one. She went back inside. I was seriously trying to get this cat but it was no use he kept running off & wouldn’t let me get within reaching distance. So I chose another one I liked and left. I had a vet appt scheduled already since I have a dog at home & did not want to bring fleas and worms home to her. And I did this during the school day so that my dad was at work when I got it. Anyway, I paid $95 for all that this kitten needed, turned out he was 5-6 months not just small like I had thought. This kitten had fleas, worms, scabs all over from irritation, could feel his bones, the cat virus, ear mites, ear infections…. I have another appt in 3 weeks for 2nd shot & possibly getting him fixed. So I take this boy home and he loves it here, genuinely does. So sweet. When my friend texted me asking which one I picked, I told her & she said it was her cat Jesse. I guess it was given to her mother from her aunt and they considered him theirs. He was still a farm cat tho, sick & never inside w/ them. It was an honest mistake but she went psycho …

    • Curator says:

      I wouldn’t worry about it too much. While technically all the cats on their properly were their cats, you were not trespassing. Tell her to go ahead and call the cops. The cat was neglected – you have the vet records to prove that. Tell her that you will report her for animal neglect if she pursues it. Tell her that if she continues to contact you, you will press charges for harassment. Record every time she sends you a message and save them. It’s going to cost her much more to get the cat back than it’s worth. Again – be sure to tell her that animal control will be very, very interested in these neglected cats. I am sure they don’t have rabies vaccines, and that in most areas is subject to a fine. I’m sure that may change her mind.

  • Alisha F says:

    A Different View Of My Puppy? This is a different view of the puppy I posted about earlier, this one shows his face and it is from 3 weeks ago the day I got him….he has tripled in size since the day I brought him home
    Yes he has been to the vet the morning I picked him up from the pound, he has since gained a good amount of weight, and has an appointment this Thursday to have his last puppy shots and his rabies shot….I posted another picture of him from last night where hes stretched out on the couch beside me….

    • Curator says:

      Pit Bull mix! What a sweetheart. He is scary skinny though, agreed, I’m so glad you’ve fattened him up a bit! I don’t know how much you know about pitties, but they are AMAZING dogs. They have a bad reputation but it’s complete BS. If I know only one thing in this world, it’s that the average pit is a very good dog. I work with dogs, at a kennel/daycare/grooming place, so I’m very hands on with a great variety of dogs, and without hesitation I would say the sweetest best behaved dogs that come through are the pits. Lots of bad people get pits because they think they’re mean looking, and then they make them mean, hence the bad reputation, but any dog can be MADE mean with enough abuse and neglect :(. Pits have a remarkable bond with their humans, general like humankind very much, can be protect, and are more likely to be dog aggressive and cat aggressive and must be socialized with both extremely thoroughly as a pup. I also recommend socializing any dog, especially large breeds, with children from a very young age. Pits properly socialized with kids seem to have a special fondness not seen in all dogs for the young humans. These dogs are very intelligent, and fairly easy to train, although any stubborn streaks must be addressed. I LOVE pits; they are super fun and sweet and silly. They always want to do whatever it is your doing, and fit in very well in the human world. They love the game tickle lick attacks, I’ve no idea why, but it’s adorable, and they tend to be very cuddly 70 lbs. lap dogs. Be very wary of any animal aggression, as even the best socialized dogs sometimes display this when they come of age. Neuter by one year of age.
      He may even be a pit Lab mix! That would be very fun. Either way he’s obviously fun though. What a sweet boy, his eyes just scream “I love you.” It’s so great that you saved this little boy from the pound. Any dog that is part pit and/or black in color has a lower chance of getting adopted, so it’s wonderful that he’s with you in a nice home now. Make sure to train him well, so he can be a little pit bull ambassador, and help change their image. Pit bulls really are just the best dogs, and now that you have a pit, you’ll probably feel like joining the cause and showing everyone how great the babies are. My boyfriend’s dog, who is just amazing, if half pit and he’s changed a lot of people’s minds about the breed. Most people can’t even correctly identify a pit, which is part of the problem. Anyway, you two are very lucky to have found each other, and I’m excited for your many years of perfect love together. Also I’m pretty jealous of your dog, he is perfect. My next dog is going to be a pit mix as well, but we still have a few months more of planning.

  • Kibafang90 says:

    I Have Animals I “cant Afford”. Opinions? So, i went and brought home 2 rats living in terrible conditions. They were terribly socialized and constantly in fear. And underweight.
    I have a 30 , by 30, by 15 inch cage for them. They have play time. Snacks. Training sessions. Toys toys, toys. Hammocks. Fleece liners. They are fed oxbow. They have wood free newspaper cat litter in the litter box.

    I cannot afford large vet bills. For instance, one time of one the boys was diagnosed with a “light URI” at the vets office. The medication baytril would have costed me 42 dollars a week for a half pound rat.
    And if you know about rats, treatment could have been many weeks.
    Instead of buying meds there, i bought doxycyclin elsewhere and treated at home.
    They are very healthy rats now. Haven’t had any more issues with them.

    I get a lot of HATE from people telling others that “if you cant afford vet bills dont get the animal”.

    All i can think is how my favorite little rat would have died in misery without the joy of having play time outside of a cage, treats, comfortable naps, love.
    All because i cant afford vet bills like 42 dollars a week for 3-6 weeks or so.

    I also think about my dog. Shes adopted. Severe anxiety issues she came with, along with severe fear aggression.
    I have worked with her for many years, and will never stop training with her.
    I am 90 percent sure she would be put to sleep if she was not taken by us. My family luckily is just dandy with being around “special” dogs. Many families are not. Or they have children. ECT.
    I spend at least $150 a month on just dog food and supplement, orijin, the honest kitchen, raw foods, cosequin.
    My dog was involved in many dog sports. And she is very well kept, even in her advanced age.

    Do people honestly think just because i could not afford a 500 dollar bill up front, in one day, that means i should have overlooked these animals, and left them to another fate?

    Obviously people don’t know how to read. Or they are trolls.
    I did NOT buy my ADOPTED animals.
    If they did not come to live in my care they would most likely be dead, or living in terrible conditions. My DOG CAN NOT be re-homed, the chances of on spot euthanize for her would be very high due to temperament issues and such that she came to me with.

    I CAN and DO afford the BEST of food, housing, care, toys, stimulation. ECT
    I can tell you my dog has been involved in more dog sports than most human kids have been involved in.

    I would NOT be able to afford a massive immediate bill.
    Example: 500USD dollars up front at a vet office.

    Now have i payed many vet bills that were over 500 USD? YES.
    But i have to use a friends credit card if i don’t have the amount at the IMMEDIATE MOMENT, and pay them back over the course of 2 weeks for so.

    • Curator says:

      You saved the pets from being euthanized and you make them healthy and happy. You are trying your best to take care of them. You should consider pet insurance, I don’t know if they apply to rats though.

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