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End Is Near For Bruised Bulls

14 May 2013 | 6:50 pm The little engine that could finally threw a gear. The Chicago Bulls might have been the most heartwarming tale going this postseason, but it's over.


14 May 2013 | 6:05 pm Chicago Bulls bench watch during the second half of Game 4 of an NBA basketball playoffs Eastern Conference semifinal against the Miami Heat on Monday, May 13, 2013, in Chicago. The Heat won 88-65.

Heat back home, chance to finish Bulls off

14 May 2013 | 5:45 pm (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh). Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3) drives the ball against Chicago Bulls guard Marco Belinelli (8) during the first half of Game 4 of an NBA basketball playoffs Eastern Conference semifinal on Monday, May 13, 2013, in Chicago.

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Bulls vs. Heat: Nate Robinson and the <b>Chicago Bulls</b> train that <b>…</b>

14 May 2013 | 1:00 pm The Chicago Bulls regressed to the mean hard Monday night, playing historically bad offense in an ugly loss. Let's remember to praise an undermanned squad for doing so well beforehand, while also acknowledging how

Heat vs. <b>Bulls</b> Game 4, NBA Playoffs 2013: Miami mashes frigid <b>…</b>

14 May 2013 | 1:26 am The Chicago Bulls were ice cold in Game 4 against the Heat, as Miami seized a 3-1 advantage with an 86-65 win, trouncing a team that seems to have run out of luck. Share on Facebook · Tweet post · + Comments

The <b>Chicago Bulls</b> love to make terrible plays –

14 May 2013 | 1:07 am The Chicago Bulls tried to even their series against the Miami Heat. It didn't go particularly well.


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10 Responses to Chicago Bulls

  • WiLtz says:

    Who Wins This Playoffs Among Some Of The Greatest Teams Of All Time? 1995-1996 Chicago bulls vs 2012-2013 Miami Heat
    1999-2000 LA Lakers vs 1998-1999 San Antonio Spurs
    winners face in the finals

  • Mia Alexis says:

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  • WiLtz says:

    As A Miami Fan, I Wont Go As Far As Saying Heat Is The Greatest Team Of All Time, Would You? I am a Heat fan but let’s not get too excited by the team’s present success. This team for me will beat “A LOT” of teams of any era but “NOT ALL OF THEM” especially the 1995-1996 Bulls. I forgive kids today, obviously they have not seen this Chicago team but lemme disect the strengths and advantages the bulls had that would spell disaster against this Heat and below would be the usual and strongest starting five for both teams.

    95-96 Bulls:
    center- luc longley
    power forward – dennis rodman
    small forward – scottie pippen
    shooting guard – michael jordan
    point guard – ron harper


    today’s Heat:
    center – chris bosh
    power forward – udonis haslem
    small forward – lebron james
    shooting guard – dwayne wade
    point guard – mario chalmers

    We already know what the heat can do so lemme describe what the bulls looked like and what how they did in 1995-1996 season. For one, this team was complete. Their defense was unforgiving. They had great defenders on the wing in Michael, Scottie and Ron. These 3 never allowed no easy transition offense. They have lock down defense from the inbound pass not allowing the other team’s point guard to even execute a play. You go down low then they will clamp down on defense plus they had one of the greatest defenders of all time in Dennis Rodman. So you’ll have MJ who won DPOY, Dennis Rodman also DPOY winner in fact 2 times and can defend all 5 positions, Scottie Pippen one of the most versatile and one of the greatest wing defender then you have a Ron Harper another pesky defender. I have not mentioned this team won 72 games right? Well that’s consistency for you. Would Heat have outrebounded this Bulls? Hell No, Rodman in this season just won his 5th straight rebounding title and so was Michael Jordan in the scoring department.

    I would imagine match ups would be Bosh vs Longley. Bosh is a much better player but he would have a hard time scoring against luc and the help defense was automatic. I think Rodman would have taken care of Lebron and of course he better be ready being doubled by Scottie and Ron. Haslem wouldn’t be much of a problem for the bulls. Michael would certainly give D Wade hell and Ron Harper would have schooled Chalmers. See, just looking at these head to head, i can’t find a hole where Miami would dominate. Lebron at powerforward? Bulls had Dennis and Scottie could guard him too but who would stop Michael? Wade is quite small for Mike. Lebron James? Scottie would have feasted on the smaller Wade or maybe you can put Battier in? Less scoring for the Heat then? How about the bench? Heat got Allen, Battier, Miller and Cole and Bulls had ker Kerr, Brown, Caffey and the great 6th man Toni Kukoc that could lead the team in scoring anytime MJ or Scottie decides to take a break.

    Miami is great but not the strongest ever. Oh i almost forgot, Bulls also had the greatest coach of all time Phil Jackson.

    • Curator says:

      No. Not even close.

      You already made the case for those Chicago Bulls, which had 3 Hall of Fame starters, including the greatest player ever, with one of the better centers in the league in Longley, with the best 6th man in the league in Kukoc.. Those Bulls were without a doubt better than Miami.

      You look at the ’85-’86 Celtics. They had 5 All-Stars in their starting lineup all under the age of 32, 4 of them being Hall of Famers. They also had Bill Walton, Hall of Famer, who won 6th Man of the Year that year. That team was much better than Miami.

      The ’01-’02 Lakers… They went 16-1 in the postseason. They swept the Spurs and the Kings, who in my opinion were the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the league that year. Had Allen Iverson not exploded for 50 points, they would have went 16-0 in the postseason. They were better than the Heat.

      The ’86-’87 Lakers.. They had Magic Johnson playing at a level equal to what LeBron is playing at now, along with 2 other Hall of Famers, along with a better supporting cast around them. They had 4 guys averaged over 17 points per game, and 7 guys average over 10. In comparison, Miami this year had 2 guys average over 17, and 4 guys average over 10. Better than Miami

      The ’83 Sixers.. Moses Malone and Julius Erving, 2 of the top 15 players of all-time, both in their prime, along with All-Stars Mo Cheeks and Andrew Toney, both in their prime. They went 12-1 in the postseason, sweeping the Showtime Lakers in the Finals. Better than Miami.

      I could probably name a few more.. ’08 Celtics, Tim Duncan and David Robinson’s Spurs, many of the 80s Lakers and 80s Celtics teams, the Bad Boy Pistons, just about every one of Jordan’s championship teams..

      Miami is too flawed. They don’t rebound well, they lack a quality PG (although LeBron helps make up for that with his playmaking), they rely too much on the 3. They are a great team, but there have been many dominate teams in league history that didn’t have such large flaws.

  • Songoku says:

    Agree Or Disagree: Lebron James Will Retire With 8 Championship Rings? The Heat are unstoppable!! NO ONE can beat them in a 7 game series! Lebron will retire with 8 championship rings, 8 Finals MVPs, and shall be remembered as the greatest basket ball player EVER!!!!

    • Curator says:

      Man that’s quite a stretch,, I am a Miami heat fan and Lebron is my 2nd most favorite of all time but i think you have to consider a lot of things. Right now only 28 years old, he is a 4-time MVP, he can possibly win 2 to 3 more. He will be a 2-time champ very soon and may win 2 to 3 more. He most likely will be the main man in every finals appearance so he may win 2 to 3 more Finals MVPs.

      So he still has maybe 6 at his best years right? Questions are, how long will Wade stay healthy? Will Lebron stay in Miami with the whole team intact? Im not sure how long will guys like Miller, Andersen, Allen play competetive basketball, maybe 2 more years? How about other teams? Will they not adjust to keep up with the Heat? They probably will. OKC will get better as Durant matures. Chicago will be back strong next year with D Rose and who is to say Bulls won’t get a good back up scorer? How about New York if they learn team ball? Assuming your scenario happens, would lebron win 9 more scoring titles? DPOY award? Will he end up averaging 30 pts a game? MJ was 6-0 in the finals, Lebron already lost. MJ stayed in Chicago, made his team better. I like lebron bruh but it is just too hard to imagine that someone will break Michael’s records and accomplishments.

      I like the idea, I doubt it would happen but it would be awesome if it will.

  • David Lee And Amare Returned Before D.Rose? David and Amare both returned before D.Rose, When Amare wasn’t suppose to return ALL playoffs, And David Lee broke his hip, But returned to give his team a boost, Why doesn’t Rose return to give his teammates and fans energy?
    @Delonte East, I didn’t say he needed to play, I said come in the game, Play one possession, And exit, To give the teammates and fans a boost
    @leap of faith, I’m not a heat bandwagon, I don’t even like the Heat, By insulting me i’m not going to give you best answer, Retard

    • Curator says:

      Aint he supposed to be the leader of this team? What do leaders do? LEAD,, Rose has been cleared since mid Feb,, They say he’s been having a mental issue, what? has he gone retarded? Nah that’s disrespectful, wont go that far. All im sayin here is, at 4 or 5 guys have suffered injuries and still are fighting with injuries, how could someone just sit back and watch his teammates fight through pain when he’s 100 percent healthy? I remember MJ fighting with that flu like symptom, Scottie with a bad back, Isiah with the sprained ankle and so on. just show up man and don’t say oh I might play, oh the return is still up in the air, SHOW UP ALREADY man. I aint even a bulls fan but me bein a fan does not have nothing to do with Rose’s character.

      I dont know about Rose man but it’s obvious that Lee and Amare want to play, WIN or LOOSE. Would Kobe or Lebron sit you a game in the playoffs? Aint hatin here man. Mad respect for Rose’s game but i question his character, mental toughness and leadership. After this game, it’s too late now. Us fans would have appreciated it if he already played in game 2 after Chicago beat Heat.

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