Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock tower free this weekend

Thu, 24 May 2012 11:59:14 -0700 Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park will offer free climbs on the climbing tower this weekend. / Special to the Citizen-Times CHIMNEY ROCK Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Parks climbing tower on the Meadows will be open to guests, weather permitting, for a free climb 12:30-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, with paid park admission.

Colorado: Chimney Rock close to national monument status

Wed, 16 May 2012 23:20:38 -0700 House passes bill to establish southern Colorado landmark with bipartisan support By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY Chimney Rock, a southwest Colorado landmark that once marked the ultimate outlier of the ancient Chaco culture, is one big step closer to gaining national monument status. The U.S. House this week passed the Chimney Rock National Monument Establishment […]

Chimney Rock shopping center to get landmark

Sat, 19 May 2012 20:06:11 -0700 Inside the Chimney Rock shopping center, surrounded by Academy Sports and Outdoors and Best Buy, sits a lone pecan tree and a chimney; both seemingly out of place by the continuous construction in the area.But the chimney once attached to the home of Dr. Emmet V. Headlee and…

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9 Responses to Chimney Rock

  • Dimitri says:

    Are Haunted House Stories Nothing Interesting/overdone These Days? In my haunted story, it is based on the Fundamentalist Christian Hell House theme.

    There was a Hell House created by fundamentalist Christians, but one day it became inhabited by real fallen angels who twisted the house; sulfuric smells, cold air, grieving naked statues, snake skins, goat horns hanging on the walls, bird-people statues, paintings of Bosch’s Earthly Delights and Dante’s Inferno and Lakes of fire and a sculpture of the Gates of Hell by Auguste Rodin, dusty furniture, pictures of the infernal cities of Dis and Pandaimoneum, books like the Devil’s Bible and Faust and The Devil in Love, Faustian Bargain papers, Devil’s bridges pictures, the Devil’s Trill music, pact inks, devil’s chimney rocks, jewels of red carnelian, chrysolite, white moonstone, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald, pinned bat wings and devil’s coach horse beetles and flies, she-wolf skins, red wigs, wall paintings of dragons and man-headed bulls, and fire designs.

    The house would make noises, make changes, crack windows and mirrors, create heavy smoke from fireplaces, the pictures/paintings would move, objects float around, etc.

    • Curator says:

      This sounds more like special effects than a haunted house. It’s nice that you have a knowledge of infernal culture, but a truly scary haunted house story comes from the reader’s imagination as much as from imagery. Try reading the Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. (Not the movie — the orginal book) The house plays on the emotional weaknesses within the characters and very little is actually seen. You might also have a look at Stephen King’s The Shining and Rose Red.

  • Catherine says:

    PLEASE Homeworkk Helpp? What are the literary devises in this poem?


    Leopold Staff

    I built on the sand
    And it tumbled down,
    I built on a rock
    And it tumbled down.
    Now when I build, I shall begin
    With the smoke from the chimney

  • Anonymous says:

    What Is A Better Location For A Small Family? Looking for a house in the Katy area. I work near San Felipe & Chimney Rock. Price range is between $150K-$200K. Are the neighborhoods better north of I-10 or south of I-10?

    • Curator says:

      To me cinco ranch is a good place for a small family. It is peaceful and quiet, and also has some amazing beautiful modern home. But sugarland is also a good place to live. The homes there are pretty decent, but the schools there are amazing. The schools such as Village school, Quail Valley GT academy, Fort Settlement, and etc. Those are all amazing schools in Sugarland for their academic performance.

  • Anonymous says:

    I NEED HELP WITH A POEM A.S.A.P.!!!? Okay, I need to hand in an assiment (DUE TOMMORROW OMG!) I need to right a SHORT (5 sentances or so) poem about The Beatles (english rock group…y’know?) anyways…it HAS to be a simile poem…like comparing Thr Beatles with somehting else in this world (ex. he smokes like a chimney, she was as bright as a light, he eats like a pig) omg and I’m SOOOO sorry to ask help for my homework on yahoo…but…honestly…I’m not much of a poet…I have NEVER asked for homework help before! I just can’t think! Please help me! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

    • Curator says:

      I’d make reference to their songs and/or album titles in the poem. I reference 5 albums below and 7 songs in the 5 line poem below.

      Along Abbey Road I walked, Yesterday
      A Day in the Life of the Beatles,
      Sinking in a Yellow Submarine, Help!
      I pulled a Revolver, for Something New
      A Day Tripper? Eleanor Rigby whispered “Let it Be”

  • Anonymous says:

    Can My Husband Be Sued For Making Repairs On His Deceased Mother’s House That Is In His Brother’s Name? My elderly mother-in-law saw an older house she liked and her son financed it for her in his name. She paid the mortgage and other expenses that were associated with the house up until she died in 2008. The house sat vacant for two years. In 2010, my husband and I hit a rough patch (he had both legs amputated and had started dialysis and was extremely angry) and needed some “me” time (which lasted a whole week before he was back home). His brother, who he has had a troubled relationship with most of their lives, said he could move into their Mom’s house if he needed a place to stay. My husband said he would pay the mortgage while staying in the house since there had been some changes on his brother’s job and his money was a little tight. My husband had not been to the house since the burial and was heartbroken at how it was overgrown with brush and deteriorating. There was mold growing throughout the house, broken windows, etc… With his numerous health issues, he couldn’t just go in and roll out a mat and get comfy (his brother said he thought that’s all he was going to do). In the meantime he and I were talking and my husband tried to convince me that we could “downsize” and save money by moving into his Mom’s house (much smaller house equals much smaller mortgage and upkeep). My husband and his brother had discussed him buying the house after the first of the year for what he owed on the house. Since it was so much smaller than our house we figured with savings we could later add on once it was ours. I gave it some thought while we worked on fixing up the house. Using our own money and tools, had all the brush and weeds cut down and removed, we painted the entire inside (neutral colors; antique white with white trim), removed all the old interior doors to put up new ones, sanded and re-stained the hardwood floors, had the bricks fixed on and around the chimney (water was leaking in and there were cracks in the ceilings), remodeled the bathroom (new tile, mirror, tub, and sink to make it more handicap accessible for my husband), put up new sheet rock in the kitchen pantry, put in new tile on the kitchen floor, closed in two windows (that had rotten wood and holes in the sheet rock and mildew and mold) to create a wall. The windows were the original ones from when the house was first built. My Mother-in-law had her front porch closed in to create a new addition/den area. We had a new power meter added (someone had stolen it from outside the house while the house was vacant). This “renovation” took place over the period of a year and a half. It took a little longer than anticipated because my husband, uncle, and sons were doing the work themselves. A few of my husband’s other family members came over and assisted as well. A lot of the work stopped when my husband keep going in and out of the hospital. We decided not to downsize because the schools in that district were not up to par but said that we would finish what we started. My husband brought in a contractor to finish everything up and install the new bathroom. His brother is said to be upset that we “made changes” to his house and it took too long. He feels that he could have had someone renting the house thus “loosing him thousands of dollars”. Now he feels that he can sue for the money he could have made had he “rented” out the house instead of letting his brother have it when he was “trying to give him somewhere to stay”. I personally know that his brother is just being mean and hateful because he thought my husband and I were going to split up and didn’t. He also has issues with his baby brother now making more money than him. He has started sending ugly text messages saying you killed my Mama (who had been ill for some time and died from COPD) and messed up my house, etc… Of course my husband is very hurt because he has always wanted a closer relationship with his older brother. I wanted to know if he has a case even though I don’t think it’s fair that he is using his “going though something” (Mama loved you more than me pity party) to try and get back at my husband who is choosing to ignore him and staying away from him. The inside of the house is looking fantastic by the way and my husband was looking into getting the roof fixed, etc… but said he is done since his brother wants to act a fool. Curious at your thoughts.

    • Curator says:

      He can sue, although he’s going to have a hard time making his case. After all, in addition to all of the improvements the mortgage was being paid by your husband, if I understand correctly. He’s lost nothing, and gained many improvements. It will be a waste of half a day for you two, but it’s doubtful that your brother-in-law will come out ahead.

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