Chris Bosh Injury

Chris Bosh injury could give Pacers bigger inside edge on Heat

Mon, 14 May 2012 07:18:57 -0700 If the Indiana Pacers had a major edge in one area coming into their second-round series with the Miami Heat it was in the paint. But in a Game 1 loss to the defending Eastern Conference champions, the Pacers big men failed to exploit that advantage for four quarters. The Heat outrebounded Indiana including 15 offensive boards and used a strong second half to take Game 1, 95-86 . Read full …

Chris Bosh suffers abdominal injury in Game 1, did not return

Mon, 14 May 2012 04:33:42 -0700 Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh left Game 1 with an abdominal strain and didn't return.

Chris Bosh Injury Could Doom Miami Heat: Fans Take

Sun, 13 May 2012 20:26:00 -0700 Now that my beloved New York Knicks are out of the playoffs, I can concentrate on the other playoff series in the NBA. And I start with the seemingly unbeatable Miami Heat. On Sunday May 13, 2012, the Heat took a 1-0 lead against the Indiana Pacers. But it was a costly victory. The face of the Heat-Pacers series changed in one play.–nba.html

Chris Bosh Injury Update: Heat Feel 'Better' About State Of …

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Chris Bosh's Injury, And Why The Heat Might Be In Big Trouble …

The Heat won Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, but if they lose Chris Bosh for an extended period of time, they're in big trouble.

Chris Bosh Injury Update: Season Would 'Have To Be Extended' For …

Chris Bosh just spoke for the first time about an abdominal injury that will sideline him indefinitely, and he gave an interesting, if slightly confusing, answer on his future status. The Miami Heat forward was asked when he might …

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13 Responses to Chris Bosh Injury

  • Anonymous says:

    Basketball Section: If The Heat Go To The Finales…? Will Lebron Choke as usual and Wade will choke because of injuries so will Chris Bosh step up and win one for his baby boy?

    BQ: Will Lebron get finales MVP if he scores the same stats as last years finales even If Bosh steps up and carries the Heat throughout the series dropping 40+ points a game with 10+ rebounds?

    • Curator says:

      @ Kobe fan …HAWKS? are you serious? no way in hell the Hawks could beat the Heat

      I don’t see why some think Spurs could beat the Heat…i don’t like Miami but unless OKC ends up in the finals vs the Heat Lebron gets his 1st ring this year

  • Kibby says:

    Why Is Everyone Ignoring Chris Bosh As MVP After He Led The Heat To #2 In The East? With Dwyane Wade injured for many games, he had to step up and take the challenge.

    Rose won last year’s MVP because he had to “carry” the team when they had too many injuries… and Bosh had to do the same thing.

    • Curator says:

      I think Bosh should get the MVP, no because he deserves it.
      we should give him the MVP just so he won’t cry about it.

  • What Is Your All Nba P*ssy Team? Im talking about the top 5 players who did nothing but whine their whole career and piss away their talent. By succumbing to petty injuries as well.

    Heres mine

    G Baron Davis
    G Vince Carter
    F Tracy McGrady
    F Chris Bosh (only because he is literally a P*ssy)
    C Jermaine O’Neal

    No bias. Actually used to be a big VC and TMAC fan

  • Anonymous says:

    Josh Smith Snubbed Again!!!!! Any One Thinking Someone Should Get Injured In The Heat Knicks Game? I never like to wish harm upon anyone. but josh smith got snubbed again. For “basketball purposes” i assume. Im not talking major injury just something to get say chris bosh out til monday. Paul pierce should fake an injury like he did in the finals. He’s the last celtic I wanna see in the All star game. He’s career is not as accomplished as KG or Ray Allen. Even Rondo looks to have a more impressive career then Pierce. Pierce is good but he didnt deserve the pick.

    • Curator says:

      Josh Smith got snubbed because coaches don’t like him, for some problems he had his first years with the coach in ATL, it had nothing to do with basketball that he got snubbed(he’s got snubbed the last 3 years, he was the main ATL player but they keep choosing JJ2, and Horford no matter what), since 4 players on the East have lesser stats, and less importance to their teams(Smoove’s carrying the Hawks this year).

      It really shows how coaches, and players need to shut up when they criticize the public for their voting, since they’re politicking at least as much.

  • Anonymous says:

    Evaluate My 2012 East Reserve Allstar List? East Reserves

    G- Brandon Jennings (Better stats than D-Will (20+ ppg) and the Bucks are doing way better than the nets)

    G- Joe Johnson (Maintaning 20 PPG and Hawks are doing well)

    F- Chris Bosh (Back to averaging over 20 ppg and playing a key role in the Heats success this season, proved himself with Wade injury)

    F- Danny Granger (Pacers playing extremley well and is averaging more ppg than Paul Pierce and the declining Celtics)

    F- Josh Smith (Done a great job maintaning Hawks after Al Hofords injury)

    F- Ryan Anderson (Playing great for the Magic and stepping up, averaged over 23 ppg last month, currently at 17 and 7)

    G- Andre Iguoduala (Somebody from the 6ers has to make the team and Iggy is by far their best player)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hows My Fantasy Basketball Team? PG: Kyle Lowry (Draft)
    SG: Tyreke Evans (Draft)
    G: Stephen Curry (Draft)
    SF: Danillo Galinari (Free Agency)
    PF: Pau Gasol (Trade)
    F: Antwan Jamison (Draft)
    C: Al Jefferson (Draft)
    C: Anderson Varejao (Draft)
    UTIL: Jose Calderon (Draft)
    UTIL: Lou Williams (Free Agency)
    BN: Drew Gooden (Free Agency)
    BN: Tyrus Thomas (Trade)
    BN: Tony Allen (Free Agency)

    the scoring is h2h each category
    i had an auction draft and i already have lost andrew bogut and andray blatche to injury
    i was really struggling in blocks so i traded Chris Bosh for Tyrus Thomas and Pau Gasol


    • Curator says:

      It’d help to know the size of your league..

      (I just picked up Booker on Washington for blocks,and scoring.He will benifit a lot from Blatche being out.)

      I really like your team if say,you’re in a 12 team league,and for a 10 team league it should also be competitive.

      I lost Bogut on all of my fantasy teams,which is like a sharp stick to the eye;I was expecting a huge season from him.

      I have Tyrus on 1 of my teams,but my patience is growing thin with him.He’s only had like 1 really productive game this year.


  • P0Ps says:

    Im Starting To Think Chris Bosh Isnt Very Tough…? He sent me a text message saying he will be out tonight with another injury after burning his tongue drinking hot coffee,

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