Christopher Columbus

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The Last Days of the Incas (Kindle Edition) tagged “christopher columbus” 9 times

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22 July 2012 | 6:41 am The Last Days of the Incas The Last Days of the Incas (MP3 CD)By Kim MacQuarrie Buy new: $29.1017 used and new from $19.98 Customer Rating: 4.3 Customer tags: captain cook(8), fidel castro(8), charles darwin(7), christopher columbus(7), columbus(7), exploration faucett(6), on the origin of species(6), hernan cortes(6), fidel(6), lost in the jungle(6), rush limbaugh(6), conquistadors(5)

By Fire, By Water (Kindle Edition) tagged “christopher columbus” 6 times

19 February 2012 | 2:17 am By Fire, By Water By Fire, By Water (Kindle Edition)By Mitchell James Kaplan Buy new: $3.49 Customer Rating: 4.3 Customer tags: historical fiction(9), literary fiction(8), spain(7), christopher columbus(6), award winning(3), prize winning(2)

By Fire, By Water (Paperback) tagged “christopher columbus” 18 times

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The Cartographer ~ 1492 (Paperback) tagged “christopher columbus” 17 times

21 July 2011 | 6:41 pm The Cartographer ~ 1492 The Cartographer ~ 1492 (Paperback)By Othniel J. Seiden Buy new: $18.8512 used and new from $9.98 Customer Rating: 4.3 Customer tags: historical fiction(19), christopher columbus(17), adventure(17), 1492(17), ancient spain(16), inquisition(16), columbus(15), human rights(14), betrayal(13), controversy(12), humanity(8), columbus journal(6)

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask People About Christopher Columbus

15 October 2013 | 10:57 am Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street about the story of Christopher Columbus. It didn't go so well.

Christopher Columbus the Barbarian – The Guardian Express

14 October 2013 | 5:31 pm Christopher Columbus, the mighty, brave explorer who fought against brutal elements and sailed from Spain to discover that the earth was round, really did none of that. Christopher Columbus was a savage barbarian who

22 People Not Celebrating Christopher Columbus … – The Urban Daily

14 October 2013 | 3:01 pm Today marks the 79th time that America has celebrated Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer credited in many history books with discovering "the new world," when his ship The Santa Maria landed in The Bahamas in

Admiral of the Ocean Sea- Christopher Columbus, by Samuel Eliot Morison 1942 wDJ

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Facsimile of 1st letter.. by Christopher Columbus..while returning f/ 1st Voyage

15 October 2013 | 3:27 am $16.00
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LIFE OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS by Morison Easton Press Leather

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4 Responses to Christopher Columbus

  • Ivy says:

    My Parents Never Let Me Speak, Always Tell Me I’m Wrong And Constantly Cut Me Down? I’m a 22 year old female living at home due to health issues (brain tumor). My parents are huge republican conservatives (and I do not say that as a bad thing- everyone is entitled to their opinion), while I do not consider myself a part of any party or affiliation. The reason I bring this up is because my dad is madly obsessed with politics and hating anyone who has different opinions than him (everyone with a varying opinion is automatically wrong and stupid). He’s obsessed with money too and it sort of causes issues.

    Everytime I try to have a mature conversation with him about different subjects (mostly non politic related- I avoid that topic), he treats me like I’m stupid if I bring up an alternative view. He cuts me off and keeps saying “WRONG!” over and over while I’m still talking. We were just talking about history and I told him how Christopher Columbus had created many atrocities. He tried to argue with me even though I was citing an interesting paper I had read. When I left the room, he told my mother how much of a stupid liberal (he calls people with different opinions “pieces of s***”) I was (he labeled me as this if I challenge his perceptions). My mom then blamed my dad for “steering me wrong” and not making me into a republican conservative like I’m some sort of failure and an idiot in their eyes..when nothing I said had to do with politics and I don’t consist myself anything.

    I told them I heard them, crying, and my mom told me that I’m “so arrogant” for having a different views and that I’m basically turning into someone she doesn’t like.

    I’m a very shy natured, gentle person that just likes interesting facts and reading..they interrupt me and make me feel so stupid and unlikable. No one else treats me this way, I’d like to add. Everytime I bring up something interesting or new that I’ve discovered that might be different than what they’ve learned, they shoot me down.

    I never feel listened to and I never feel like anything I say has any worth. It makes me hate myself. I can’t tell my parents this or talk with them. I’ve tried and they always tell me that I’m wrong in some sort of way. I always tell myself to just stop speaking about things, to shut up..but since I don’t have many people to share things with (friends moved away and I only have a boyfriend), I always end up speaking again…just to be put down and made to feel bad.

    What should I do? Should I go to a counselor so I have at least one other person to speak to? I don’t want to feel bad about myself anymore…

  • Carl says:

    Why Do People Think That Christopher Columbus Discovered America When There Were People Already Here? How can you discover America when there were people already here, that would be like me discovering your car in the parking lot and declaring that it is mine, and then calling you savage because you did not give the keys quick enough.

    • Curator says:

      White Christian Cultural Arrogance

      But to their discredit, they really did try and make their discovery a real discovery by waging the largest genocide in man’s history ,the Genocide of native Peoples .

      To your analogy ,if I kill you (like we did the Native People) ,the car does belong to me for there will be nobody left to contest my claim .

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