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  • Konstantino says:

    Can Any One Answer How This Country We Live In Is In Debt With Over 16 Trillion Of Dollars…..? The Federal Reserve bank prints 40 billion a week also hundred of billions of dollars go unclaimed along with the hundreds of billions of dollars citizens pay that they never claim an the state knows this so do the people they threw away their receipts daily yet other country’s around the world save there receipt’s in bags an shoes an fight over them even some times so they can claim them in taxes. or do i already know the answers to my questions an I’m waiting my time?

  • Syed says:

    Tax Information For Dual Citizen Holding U.S Passport And OCI? Information on Tax matters.

    I am a dual citizen holding U.S. and Overseas Citizen of India passports. I am resident in India for I.T.purposes. I am planning to move to U.S. and would like to know the following.

    1. Myself and my wife have an annual income of about Rs.400,000. each mainly interest from fixed deposits in Banks.Can this income after payment of I.T.can be sent to U.S.

    2.I am now a resident and if I become a non resident would IT rate would go up ? and also the senior citizen allowance I am now having would be allowed.

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