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  • Shilpi says:

    I Need Educational Counselling For What Do I Do Later On In My Career After BCA…Pleeeeeeease Help! :/? Hi…
    Im Shilpi
    I have got 78% in my 12th boards in Commerce (84 in Accounts, 70 in Maths).
    I am now in my final year (5th semester) of my bachelor degree…that is B.C.A. under PTU(DEP).

    I really want do to MBA. But i heard that it’ll be good if I have some job experience before doing MBA. So I wanted to know if good colleges will consider a student like me with BCA degree from PTU dep…or should I do some short term course on say C,C++,JAVA, Multimedia and get into a job?

    And if you say the latter…then please help me with names of good institutes that offer certified short term courses for C,C++,JAVA, Multimedia. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Girl says:

    This Guy In My Class I Like But Im Shy And Idk How To Make Conversation Help!? There is this guy in my class and at first i didnt notice him at all then one time i went to my othe class and saw him there and i looked at him and he was already looking at me. So it turned out that we both were in two of each others classes. Then as days went buy i started noticing that he looks at me a lotttt and smileees all the time but he seems shhyyy tooo so anywayss i see his friends around me a loooottt especially his buddyy whom i see everywhere i go and he looks at me and smiles. Sooo this one day i decided to say hii to him cuz he wouldnt make the move so he was passing by me and i said hiii and he said hii back. Then i followed him on IG and he liked one of my piks and yesterdaayyy i asked him to vote for me for college board and then he just started to make a conversation and asked if i wrote the paper and that was alll!!!!!! And i saw him around college allll daaayy and he made his friends to go and vote for me cuz i saw them there and i shouted saying if they voted he said yeaahh! Today in class i wasss soo shy to even look at his side and he did turn couple of times and looked and during break his friends came to our class again and i passed by them and just put my head down cuz i was tooo shy to look but i saw them looking at me when i walked by NOW I dont know what to do! Im sure he likes me but we r both shhyyy but how do i be friends with him? HELP Thank you for reading please help!!! I love you!

  • Beth says:

    Getting Engaged At 18? I am 18 (19 in march) and my boyfriend is 19 (20 in September). We are planning on getting engaged in August which is around our 1 year. I know that sounds early but we were on and off a year before that so all in all we’ve been together close to 2 years. We wouldn’t be getting married anytime soon… I’m going to college in August and I want to graduate first. So we would be engaged for 4 years. The only thing is I know most of my family wouldn’t be on board but I feel that me and him are ready. I am so in love with him and he is me. With all of this in mind, do y’all think it would be too soon to get engaged?

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