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  • Daniel says:

    Does Anyone Know What A American High Diploma Is? I’m from England and basically I’m in my last year of secondary school and I have been looking at different colleges and I found a boarding college called ACS COBHAM I really like the school will probably apply to the school I emailed the school and asked what courses do they do? The said IB (international baccalaureate) and American high diploma. I want to become a pilot when I grow up but I know I will need English, science, and maths I was told I can’t take IB because I didn’t take languages so I’m just wondering what is American high diploma and what subjects can I take in it?

  • Bryan says:

    What Should I Do With This Girl? So i sit next to this girl in class and i am pretty sure she used to be interested if she isn’t still
    And would just prefer to think she does so save the dick comments
    Ive just been a complete wuss about asking her out and think i blew it with her today
    A little background we have one college class and i had to move seats cause i couldn’t see the board and was walking directly towards her when i casually looked up to see her looking right into my eyes and she looked down immediately
    So the next class i sat over by where she did and started talking a bit later and over the next week or two got to know her a bit and started to realize she is really a cool chick
    So of course now i get all nervous and what not and have been a wuss about asking her out lately although i feel like ive played it pretty cool around her
    She sometimes packs up her stuff early then stands up right as i get up to leave and we walk from class so i feel like she is kind of waiting for me?
    Also she never dressed up for class but since that day she has never shown up without makeup lip gloss like she always looks really good now
    And since i commented on how green her hazel eyes looked one day she has worn green or purple eye liner or sometime to make them stand out and be more green like every day since
    Another time, she had her hair in a braid and i liked it so i turned to her to tell her, but she had removed her hair band and just let it hang straight, then i said oh i liked your hair but you undid it
    Well not 2 seconds later she put it back in a braid and then said she didnt want it to get in her face even though she wears it straight every single other day and it never seems to bother her
    Well today im walking to class and i see her so i catch up to her and she starts talking about how well she needs to do on the test on friday and she is gonna ask this other girl to study
    Then in class our professor was talking about the test and how he had office hours after class and i mentioned to her i was going to go so she said ill come with you i want him to explain it more
    Then we talk about other stuff and at one point we held eye contact for over 10 seconds so i’m thinkin she totally still digs me although this has happened a few times between us so i feel like she is just comfortable with prolonged eye contact
    Then class ends and im packing up she starts talking to the girl next to her, doesn’t say anything to me so i walk outside and decide to wait for her cause she did say she wanted to go to office hours after class
    Im standing outside of the door and the teacher walks out with her right behind him and he says something to me, i respond and walk off behind her then i try to say hey are you…? but she didnt turn or anything but i think she could hear me and im pretty sure she knew i was there
    As she walked out the door to the building she turned her head, glanced back out of the corner of her eye and walked off kindof fast and like turned the corner quickly, or at least i feel like it was
    So i decided to turn a different direction and went to office hours and she was not there
    Am i totally overlooking what happened after class? Should i text her and ask her about studying tomorrow? I dont know what to do with this chick.

  • Johnny says:

    I’ve Finally Realized There Is No God? I used to rattle on these boards, when I was a devout Catholic, against atheism. I used to beg atheists to demonstrate a proof that God does not exist. I now apologize. This will get long.

    I’m a 21 year old male college student. I even considered the priesthood. Now I know that all I used to believe was a fanciful illusion guided only by the fact that it made me feel good in order to fill a void in my life – acceptance, love. I was a lonely six year old boy asking my mommy to hold me, metaphorically.

    I know God doesn’t exist because he never answered my prayers. I just asked for faith, and I never received it. I went to daily mass, received the Eucharist, and tried to live as a virtuous Catholic. By doing so, I traded away my youth, got made fun of, and I have gained nothing. I feel God has not kept his promises, therefore there is no God.

    Now what meaning is there to life? Which Dostoevesky novel should I read?

    Please pray for my idiot of a soul.

  • Carlos says:

    Please Check My College Essay!? “Attention , passengers flying with British Airways to the Miami International Airport on flight 204 can start boarding the airplane”. As I started lining up, I glared at what would be the end of the year. I remember trying to capture every single characteristic of that last moment, from the architecture of the very modern Heathrow International Airport to the utterly stressed people running across it. I asked myself “How can a simple transition from location A to B set such big changes in motion? Are these people conscious of what their trip will mean in their future?”. Because ten months before, my mind surely couldn’t grasp the answers.
    I feel uncomfortable thinking that anyone who knows me wouldn’t be aware of this part of me, therefore, here I am, reminiscing and narrating it as a wondered spectator rather than the actor. Yet before experiencing the intensity of leaving home, I had to make a decision whether to travel to Germany and spend a whole year out there in the world or stay at home, in my comfort zone. I chose to take a risk by going away even if I knew I would in a way have to start over – a new family, new friends, and a new place to call home.
    I believe walking has changed me. Not that type of routinary walk to school but walking alone at midnight through the Monckenberg Strasse in Hamburg. It may seem odd but in all truth, that moment as I walked unchallenged by life is the most vivid memory I possess. Yet, more striking than the mental image of the century old Parisian-like avenue, what captures me is the simplicity of that moment. It just opened my eyes on how life is really uncomplicated if we want it to be and on how a bit of freedom can go a long way. And I’m not talking about the concept of freedom society is accustomed to hear about but the innocent freedom felt by a teenager. Even felt greater when compared to what people in my home country live day-to-day. And I found , then, promenading through a lone avenue, freedom in it’s purest most adamantine state.
    Change is quite tricky. It can come as loud and strong like a storm or as quite and suspicious like a whisper. To me, the collection of hundreds of experiences throughout the year is the great catalyst that changed who I was. Besides discovering how hard work and effort are evenly important to self-enjoyment, I learned how the exchanges of cultural diversity are the major weapon against prejudice and ignorance. The more independent, self-secured, and tolerant I became, has proved to fortify the person that I am. I truly believe that I became a whole.
    A whole. An explorer of my limits. A connoisseur of that street.

  • Evanskadijah says:

    Do You Think Its A Good Idea To Get An Apartment? Im a sophomore in college. I have been living in the dorms for those 2 years. But for my junior year i was thinking of getting an apartment with my boyfriend and our friend. I can pay my half of the apartment with grants and loans that I get for school. I also have a job interview soon so hopefully I can get the job for extra money. My friend has a job over the summer so he’ll be making money. And hopefully my boyfriend is getting a job with his dad during the summer. We plan to pay the entire apartment up front with our grants and loans. I understand its not going to be easy just like that but its cheaper to live in an apartment then pay $9,000 on room and board. My family doesn’t think its a great idea.

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