Coronado Beach

California's Coronado named nation's best beach

Fri, 25 May 2012 22:13:46 -0700 Coronado Beach, on a peninsula across the bay from San Diego, has near-perfect Mediterranean weather and a postcard backdrop.

Coronado beach ranks No. 1

Fri, 25 May 2012 10:02:54 -0700 San Diego's Coronado Beach ranks No. 1 in top ten list.

San Diego's Coronado beach named nation's best

Fri, 25 May 2012 10:04:54 -0700 Like a Hollywood star, Coronado's 1.5 mile-long beach literally sparkles, thanks to the mineral mica glinting in its sand.

Coronado Beach Takes Top Spot in America's Top Ten Beaches …

For those who flock to the sun, sand, and surf, Dr. Beach's annual rankings points out ten of the country's most scenic summer spots. Dr. Beach, or Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, is a professor and director of the laboratory for …

Pacific Swell : America's best beach: Coronado, California | 89.3 …

San Diego's Coronado was the only California locale to make Dr. Beach's annual list.

Coronado Beach named best in US | News Hours

Like a Hollywood star, Coronado's 1.5 mile-long beach literally sparkles, thanks to the mineral mica glinting in its sand.


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11 Responses to Coronado Beach

  • Mkt says:

    San Diego Vs. Orange County Waves (for Boogie Boarders)? We tend to visit OC in the summer & our 2 young kids enjoy boogie boarding. We are land locked so it’s not like they get a lot of practice.
    Newport Beach, say 30th street or so they can do those waves & have fun. Get past the Balboa Pier ….forget it. Too big for them. We visit The Wedge…but we don’t play in the water there – we’re beginners.

    So we’re considering San Diego this time. We’ve noticed wave differences from Newport to Balboa to Laguna……so what about SD?
    La Jolla … Carlsbad… Ocean…San Diego? Dare I ask about Coronado (doubt we can afford it!)?

  • Anonymous says:

    Are Gas Prices Really Falling, Or Have They Been Up For So Long, That It Just Looks Like They Are Down? I have been up since 5 am this morning. I really had a great time in San Diego this week with Surfing at Ocean Beach and Beach combing at Coronado. I’ll be heading back in August…I promise. Spring is in the Air, cuz I just killed a Black Widow Spider last night. After all, here in Maricopa County, the Nights in My Black Tights are Black as a Blonde Widow. My Choice is Pro American – ROMNEY RUBIO 2012 Surf’s Up for this Blonde Republican ha ha

    • Curator says:

      It is currently going down. However, average it is still up than before.
      Average gas( REPUBLICAN in OVAL OFFICE) : $1.80 – $2
      AVERAGE UNDER OBAMA: 3-4 dollars

  • Anonymous says:

    Hasn’t Chairman Obama Been CONvincing, When Fluking Goes Democrat Wrong In Colombia, Blame Bush? Mountain Grown Colombian Virgins – The Freshest Kind. Just tell them that you are no longer Fluking Sandra. Se Abla Espanol….Claro! I will tell you this much, no Democrat Predator Politicians for this South American Blonde in San Diego. Oh My, I hear “Home and Dry” by Gerry Rafferty echoing down the hall and beckoning me, here in this Victorian Titanic Romantic Surf City Wonder…The Hotel del Coronado, San Diego CA. Come take a Beach Moonlight Plunge in the Surf with Me, in Republican San Diego County. Hotel del Coronado Blonde Hotties for ROMNEY 2012
    WOW, don’t tell others that you were Railroaded and Derailed as Dave the Dunce by the DNC High Tech Peter North Biden Blame Bush approach to a World Peace of Colombian Tail.

    • Curator says:

      Greta you and I know that the only reason the secret service would think they could get away with something like this is if they had no respect for Obama in the first place.

  • John D says:

    Has Anyone Stayed At Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort And What Was Your Experience Like? We have stayed at the other three moderate properties and are looking for a new experience. Port Orleans Riverside has always been our favorite, but we have stayed there so many times that we want to try something new. We really did not like Coronado Springs.

    • Curator says:

      We stayed at Caribbean Beach this past trip, and we really enjoyed it. One thing about that resort is that it’s really huge and spread out. We paid for the “preferred location” room, which put us in walking distance to the food court/restaurant/pool area. It was definitely worth the extra $20 a night.

      The food court was really nice and had a fun vibe, and the table service restaurant there is also great. My kids loved the pool – the kiddie pool is really neat with a big pirate-ship theme, and the main pool has some fun slides. We also made use of the “quiet pool” located in our “island.” Each group of buildings has a plain pool, which was nice when we wanted a quick swim.

      The beach areas are nice, with hammocks and chairs, and you can go out into the lagoon on various boats they have for rent. We didn’t have time to do that, but might try it on a future trip.

      Our room was nice, and the service was great. No complaints at all about the accommodations.

      I think it would be worth a try. We really liked it a lot, and would definitely consider going back there.

  • Anonymous says:

    How Much Will This Trip To Disney Cost? My family and I want to go to Disney soon. We going to drive there from Iowa to Disney. We will stay for 6 nights at either the Port Orleans- Riverside or the Coronado. We will get 4 day parkhopper tickets and spend the extra day at Cocoa beach. So for a total, what will it cost for 6 nights, 4 day tickets, gas both ways, and some eating out? All answers are appreciated. I’m 14 and alls I want is to go back to my favorite place ever. My parents said we could go for under 4,000 dollars, so I just want to find a way to do that. Thanks! 🙂 (Also, which of the moderate resorts do you prefer??)
    The time we go will probably be near the end or middle of July
    Our car is a Honda CR-V and gets about 23 MPG

    • Curator says:

      A standard room during the summer at Coronado is $195 per weekday night, a bit more on weekends. Port Orleans is around the same price ($190 on weekdays). So for 6 nights during the summer, it will be about $1200.

      As for tickets, you didn’t mention how many people would be going, but for just you and your parents, three 4 day park hoppers will be $894, plus tax.

      Food, it depends. Breakfast+lunch+dinner per person is likely to be at least $30 per day if you’re buying all of your meals out. An average of $10 per meal, with drinks. Could be a little less if you focus on eating cheaply, or more if you guys go to expensive places for dinner and order steaks and lobster every night. 🙂 Altogether, assuming it’s just you and your parents, I would plan on at least $600 for food to be safe.

      Gas depend on a few factors (including how much goes up or down by the time you go, which is hard to predict). We usually spend, on average, $500-600 total on gas ($250-$300 each way) from PA to FL. You’re *almost* the same distance from FL as we are (just slightly farther), so I’m guessing it will be *pretty close* to that, or more if gas prices continue to go up.

      All of this barely adds up to $3500, and even though there are always “extra” expenses, just little things here and there that you didn’t think of, I doubt that’s going to be more than $500. I do think you could make the trip for under $4000.

  • Cody Kirk says:

    San Diego Vs. Los Angeles ; Overall Quality Of Family Life? I think ahead a lot, I want to ensure that the city in which I know I will be happy in the future,
    my child(ren) will also be happy and proud to hail from where they were born.
    I have ALWAYS since I’ve been a little child held such an attachment to the city of Los Angeles
    It’s just a wonderful city and which I have been living here back and fourth
    (going to my hometown in Delaware) for the past like 2 and a half years, I seem to adapt well
    But, as I said, I want my child(ren) to have the best quality of life growing up
    getting some of the best education, having the most fun, etc. overall be immensely happy because I hated growing up on the east coast in Maryland actually, the education system s^cks and there is nothing to do aside from driving to it. and I dont want my child(ren) unhappy

    I am currently back on the east coast, but I am exploring possibilities in San Diego, my mom used to live there in the 1980s and she said it was wonderful.
    I have found an apartment that is extremely cheap in downtown gas-lamp district, which is absolutely thrilling also close to many stores so there is job possibilities
    I always have heard so many good things about San Diego, contrary from Los Angeles.
    I have never thought I would like SD for a place to live but Im not even sure I have only been there twice to La Jolla and I went to Coronado Beach

    I am placing the city of San Diego and the city of Los Angeles on a weighing block
    I do not want any negative comments (ex. L.A. is a cess pool, /San Diego is Overrated etc.)
    I just want the positives and negatives of living in both, the overall quality for a young single adult male, (i am 19, probably plan to move back in a year or so)
    which City would I more likely be able to meet someone that I want to settle down with an begin a family, which city would be best for my child(ren) to grow up in-in terms of education, overall quality of life for them to have things to do etc.

    Please Help, it Means So Much To Me
    I Just Want to Be Happy in Where I Choose to Fully Settle Down and Raise a Family
    I Want to Be Happy Knowing I Made The Right Decisions in Life
    I Will Be Happy Knowing My Child(ren) Will Be Happy as Well as Proudly Grow Up in The City
    Loving Where They Came From

    • Curator says:

      Sorry, but I can’t guarntee your happiness. Nor can I guarantee your children’s happiness. It doesn’t matter where you live, your kids are going to be unhappy teens. Heck, you’re still a teen.

      Listen, if you found a place in the Gaslamp District, power to you. Enjoy. But realize that the GD is not Coronado, and is not family-friendly.

      Same with LA. You don’t move downtown to raise a family. But if you live out in Pacific Palisades, it’s very nice there.

      I don’t think either is “better”. Both are good. It’s really just a matter of preference. If you have an opportunity in one, then take it.

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