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No. 9 Mizzou beats No. 13 OSU 41-31 in Cotton Bowl

4 January 2014 | 9:02 am For No. 9 Missouri, the Cotton Bowl was more than just a meeting with old rival Oklahoma State. This game was about maintaining the SEC's decade-long Cotton Bowl dominance in which the Tigers were responsible for the league's only blemish. ''That was always in the back our mind,'' said running back Henry Josey, who ran for three touchdowns. ''We had to hold up the rep for the SEC.'' Josey's …–ncaaf.html

Mizzou wins wild Cotton Bowl

4 January 2014 | 8:15 am Mizzou 41, Oklahoma State 31 Henry Josey scores 3 TDs including game-winner with 3:08 left and Michael Sam seals it by forcing a fumble that Shane Ray returns 73 yards for the final score.

Henry Josey, Mizzou snatch Cotton Bowl win over Oklahoma State

4 January 2014 | 7:56 am ARLINGTON Last year Henry Josey didnt get to play at all. And Missouri didnt make a bowl game for the first time since 2004. Now Josey and the Tigers are Cotton Bowl winners, after a 41-31 win over Oklahoma State at AT&T Stadium.

2014 Cotton Bowl final score: Missouri outlasts Oklahoma State 41 …

4 January 2014 | 5:34 am Jan 3, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Missouri Tigers running back Henry Josey (20) celebrates scoring a touchdown with teammates during the first half against.

2014 Cotton Bowl results: Missouri wins a Texas-sized shootout, 41 …

4 January 2014 | 5:31 am Henry Josey's three touchdowns carry the Tigers to victory.

2014 Cotton Bowl Oklahoma State vs. Missouri: NFL Draft prospect …

3 January 2014 | 10:00 pm As Bowl Week rolls on, the Giants should be watching the Cotton Bowl. And so should Giants fans.


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10 Responses to Cotton Bowl

  • James says:

    Hey Let’s All Over-React Like Bob Stoops!!!? Tigers beat the Cowboys in the Cotton Bowl. So that means one thing-Big 12 is definitely “beatable” and “over-rated”! Let’s face it, if not for all that BCS bias, the Big 12 wouldn’t have any national championships!

    Lol haven’t seen such over-reactions over one game as I have the past 24 hours over Alabama losing. Come on people, let’s have some common sense! No matter which conference is the best, those teams obviously still can’t win every game!

    SEC is what, 6-2 this bowl season? And 7 straight Championships! Let’s not over-react to one game but instead consider the larger picture! 🙂
    Lol doesn’t matter where they came from…stop living in the past. Point is SEC is 6-2 overall this bowl season but for 24 hours ESPN, Stoops, etc. acted like all that mattered was Sooners over Tide. Hello, 7 years plus of kicking @ss is far, far more important than any one game!!!

  • Angela says:

    My Cat Isn’t Coming Back Home….? Ok, First of all my cat she’s been spayed and stuff like that she likes to catch birds and rats and bring them and show it to us and we had her for 3 years almost 4 now and I’m freaking out she hasn’t came home for 2 days treats don’t help and she’s not that playful. What should i do? Do you think she has been eaten by a coyote and died or she could of got stolen she’s a calico her breed isn’t rare so i don’t think anyone would take her, and she usually walks around the deck and the backyard and next to the side steps of my house there is this huge creek and she goes there sometimes and always comes back, there is also raccoons around the creek they were on my deck once but the cat was inside.We called her a lot especially at night.The main question also is, Should i get another cat? or should i keep looking and not give up?
    And what do you think happened to her?

    • Curator says:

      When cats bring home their catch it means they love you. They are sharing their survival stash with you–food means life for all animals; when they go the extra effort to drag it home–it’s to share, not to show. They are not humans, their actions are purposeful. Your cat must have love you very much and your concern for her reflects that love. Cats venture off for several reasons: some retained the nomadic streak, some wander off due to lack of attention from their humans, some because they can’t get in the house so they seek shelter elsewhere, some get tired of their human family and take off, some get stolen/kidnapped, etc. The reason is endless. If she wanted and could get back, she will. If you do not have a entrance way for her, meaning she has to be let in to get in, then built/make a weather proof safe shelter for her outside and put it in a place so you can see her when she returns so you can tend to her immediately. Put an old 100% cotton t-shirt with your scent or something with her scent in her return shelter. I would not leave food out–water is okay–if you keep vigilant (this is important–because if she returns and can’t get into safety, she’ll go off again). Be alert–she could be injured or starving and will need your immediate assistance–beyond your loving “welcome home” affections. When she comes back; you should give her her favorite can food then. While you set up a temporary shelter for her, you should also check the animal shelters and post pictures in shopping areas, schools, any place that allows you to do so. Someone might have thought she’s a stray and took her home. Whatever happened, wherever she is, you keep your love for her–that energy is good all around. You could get another cat anytime. When your 1st cat do come back, just make sure you pet them both at the same time–equal love at the same time. If they are not friendly in the beginning, keep them in separate rooms with their own litter box AND use a divider where they can see and smell each other; keep their food and water bowl and beds in the same area. The idea is to allow them to share space and good moments together. Focus your energy towards usefulness with love for her in your heart. Don’t get tied up in emotions, get active in finding her. You’re wasting time guessing. When you have time, walk around the neighborhood/area and ask around. Someone must have seen something–and don’t forget to post those missing pet pictures, they really help. I have a friend whose cat came home after six months! I have taken in 4 strays–no one looked. I didn’t report them to the shelters. I figure they had their reasons for leaving their former home and if they want to stay with me they’re welcome. I wish you and your cat(s) the best!

  • Geet says:

    Please Help I Have A 1 Month Old German Sheperd I Just Dont Know How To Manage Because Their Mother Just Died? I want to know how much to feed and their physical needs ?And please answer fast because its my first time with puppy

    • Curator says:

      Alright, calm down! Being a German Shep. you need to be a lot more careful with it. You know it is going to miss its mother, definitely and here’s where you come in. Try feeding the pup with milk take a small soft cotton ball dip it in a glass/bowl of milk/water whatever you are trying to feed it with and gently squeeze the cotton ball in the pup’s mouth. REMEMBER, not to open its mouth too wide, gentle with pups. That’s all you can do where feeding is concerned.
      Now, for the time when it will fret for its mother, gently pick him up pet him, hold it close to your chest make it feel like you are there for him. Do this, but most importantly consult a good Vet. don’t trust a breeder where such a pup is concerned.!

  • Kristyn says:

    Can I Dye Polyester Batting? I want to make an Evil Minion, of polymer clay, then the tutorial i watched said for the hair to use purple fuzzy stuff, I could not find any purple cotton balls or anything.
    I was wondering, can I put my polyester batting in a bowl with food coloring and let it soak an hour or do then let it drain so its purple?
    I have Morning Glory, High Loft, Quilters Polyester Batting what can I do to make it purple?

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