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Courtney Stodden's Separation Agreement With Teen-Loving Hubby …

11 November 2013 | 11:44 pm Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison release weird separation agreement! Read it HERE!

Courtney Stodden Draws Up Bizarre 'Separation Agreement' With …

10 November 2013 | 2:48 pm Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have signed off on what can only be described as a bizarre "separation agreement." Neither Stodden, 19, or Hutchison, 53, has filed for legal separation in the courts.

Courtney Stodden Just Wants To Spread Her Wings & Fly …

9 November 2013 | 5:27 pm Courtney Stodden explains her reason for leaving the love of her life!

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11 Responses to Courtney Stodden

  • Gypsygirl says:

    Dating A Guy Who Is A Real Player? Are realation ship is like the song the way (By ariana grande ft mac miller)
    Im 13 hes 16 and he is really a player like extremely !
    And i’m just telling you what we look like because I feel like it lol
    I look almost exactly like the 16 year old Courtney stodden and have the same measurements but the thing is im tanner that’s it lol and I act just like her and dress like her and wear the 8 inch heels 24/7
    And my bf he has brown hair and brown eyes (AHH SO HOT) and he spikes his hair and he is extremely tan and he has 10 pack abs and muscular arms (Ahh so sexy lol) and he is taller then me lol and he is funny and sweet but hes a real player but I want some help with like keeping him I really like him and with dating him I flirt but he gets there number he calls them he even will call them and call them babe and stuff I once grab the phone and flipped out and he just kissed me and hung up the phone lol
    But hes flirting with every girl and I guess I will have to be ok with it 🙁 I really really like him and he is flirting with them sometimes he wont pay attention to me until another guy looks at me (He will notice when they say something or whistle ) And then he wont take his eyes off me its so weird
    But he has dated so many girls and he talks to his ex’s and stuff and he is my first bf and I want him to be my only bf don’t say im stupid and young but I love him I tell him that all the time and he once said yeah whatever or yeah yeah you to
    But ok I need help dating a player and what was it like for you dating a player
    And a song that explains me is "Cant be tamed ' by miley cyrus
    Also his fave song is Lollipop by lil wayne (That's his ring tone when I call )
    But when he calls my ring tone is baby I
    When I text him his ring tone is high school
    My ring tone when he text is the way
    So you can see a difference there haahha

  • Gypsygirl says:

    Need Help With Dating A Player? So im a 13 year old girl (My bf is a 16 teen year old boy well duh he is a boy lol)

    So he is a player :/

    And I really like him and I need help with dating a player
    Like ok he thinks im extremely beautiful and a lot of people do (I myself dont like sounding so over the top of being conceded but I find my self pretty)
    I have long blonde hair to my booty and blue eyes Nd my hip bones kinda show and my waist is 23inch my hips are 36 and a half inch and my bust is a 34 D

    Then I wear a lot of make up (The full face make up like the Courtney stodden when she was 16 and 17 make up I actually look almost exactly like her but im tanner)
    So you get It I look like Courtney stodden when she was 16 but my hip bones shows a little and I am tanner and I dress exactly like her and I wear the 8 inch heels every day all day and my voice is a little like hers I act like her just so extremely much lol)

    But back to the topic (Im so off topic lol)
    So I need help with dating a player like is it a bad idea and the your gonna get your heart broken thing could you give example like how it was for you dating a player ?
    And thanks in advance
    he does flirt with other girls i mean i flirt with other guys but he gets the girls numbers and flirts with them but I really like him! And he is so sweet but he is a player and he is so attractive! He has brown/black hair he spikes his hair and his eyes are brown I love his eyes) And he is really really tan and he has amazing abs and muscles his arms are huge (Not like a scary body builder lol) And he has a 10 pack (Abs) And this will sound like so stupid but he has like amazing facial features he is just so attractive and his voice is sexy lol and he is so funny and he is amazing but he is a flirt lol
    A reply to Victoria , Yes yes I am 🙂

  • Moony says:

    What Does A TV Personality Do ? How Can You Become One? Like what does courtney stodden do?
    I never said I wanna be her.

    I’m asking whats a tV personality ?

  • Unknown says:

    Does Everybody Think Blonde Hair Makes A Woman Cheap? Or do you agree that it all depends on how they dress and their actual personalities?
    I’m a bleach blonde, and I love shocking people with the fact I read books and that I have a lot of individual beliefs and interests, and that my chosen career is community work, working with youths with problems and writing alongside it. I think people automatically think a bleach blonde would go down the hair and beauty path, or porn star and stripper path.
    I just actually do look better as a blonde than I do a brunette, but I don’t have a bad personality (at least I don’t think I do)
    And I don’t have fake breasts, or dress in tacky clothes like courtney stodden.

    Is this judgemental and stereotypical view of blonde haired women because of American films like high school movies where the queen ditzy bitch is stereotyped as blonde, and just because of playboy models.
    Don’t know about America but in the UK we have plenty of glamour models that are brunette to that make a living out off stripping off and showing of their fake breasts.

    Who actually believes the shallow blonde stereotype?

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