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Former major leaguer Curt Schilling says he has cancer

6 February 2014 | 5:48 am Former major league pitcher Curt Schilling, now a television analyst, announced that he is battling cancer.,0,7775777.story?track=rss

Curt Schilling announces he has cancer

6 February 2014 | 4:39 am Super Bowl victory parade in Seattle draws about 700,000 revelers.

Curt Schilling battling cancer

6 February 2014 | 1:56 am May 21, 2012: Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, center, departs the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation headquarters in Providence, R.I.

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Curt Schilling Diagnosed With Cancer – Business Insider

6 February 2014 | 4:24 am Three-time World Series-winning pitcher Curt Schilling, now a commentator for ESPN, says he has been diagnosed with cancer. "I've always believed life is about embracing the gifts and rising up to meet the challenges,"

Curt Schilling diagnosed with cancer |

6 February 2014 | 3:23 am Curt Schilling — a standout pitcher who belonged to three World Series championship teams before becoming an ESPN analyst — has cancer, he announced Wednesday.

Curt Schilling diagnosed with cancer – Over the Monster

6 February 2014 | 1:03 am Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling announced Wednesday that he has been diagnosed with cancer.


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7 Responses to Curt Schilling

  • Trilobiteme says:

    Why Did God Use Curt Schilling Bloody Red Sock To End The Champion Drought For Boston? A Red Sock to end the Red Sox’s championship drought God is pretty funny

    Curt Schilling I hope God heals you from cancer

  • DMac™ says:

    Have Any Pitchers Lead The League In Wins In Their First Season With A New Team Since 2000? Of course! I wouldn’t have asked this if it’s never happened since 2000.

    There’s been a few pitchers that have done this since 2000.

    So, how many pitchers have led the league (AL or NL) in wins in their first season (full season, NOT part of a season in the same league) with a new club?

    Also, to get best answer, name the pitchers, the years that they did it, and how many wins did each of that year?
    Oh, if they’re tied for the league (AL or NL) lead in wins, that’s FINE.

    • Curator says:

      Does Curt Schilling count? In 2001, his first full year with the Diamondbacks he had 22 wins. He had joined Arizona midseason in 2000 so I don’t know if he qualifies.

      Russ Ortiz had 21 wins for Atlanta in 2003.

      If Schilling doesn’t count for Arizona, I know he qualifies with 21 for Boston in 2004.

      CC Sabathia had 19 for the Yankees in 2009.

      Roy Halladay had 21 for the Phillies in 2010.

      Gio Gonzalez had 21 for the Nationals in 2012

      So that’s five different pitchers. Six different occasions if you count Schilling in 2000.

  • BBWAA Hall Ballot Released: Any Worthy Ballot Rookies? The 2013 Hall ballot was released today. Skipping right to the 19 first-timers, who among these do you consider Hall-worthy?

    Moises Alou
    Armando Benitez
    Sean Casey
    Ray Durham
    Eric Gagne
    Tom Glavine
    Luis Gonzalez
    Jacque Jones
    Todd Jones
    Jeff Kent
    Paul LoDuca
    Greg Maddux
    Mike Mussina
    Hideo Nomo
    Kenny Rogers
    Richie Sexson
    JT Snow
    Mike Timlin
    Frank Thomas

    Lots of obvious talent. Lots of steroid accusations, allegations, and suspicions.

    I think only Maddux unquestionably has the merits to get elected from this lot. Oh, some others might join him on stage next summer, but he easily stands tallest here.

    Anyway… who here would you vote for, if you could?
    2014 ballot, obviously. Typed too fast.
    I agree with nil discussion that several names here are Hall-worthy — but given how the voters have been gorging on stupid pills in recent years, of both the “damn everyone from the steroids era” and the “no one EVER gets my vote on their first ballot” varieties, I expect that such a double-whammy will suppress just enough votes to keep every ballot rookie, not named Maddux, from gaining the plaque this time around. Glavine, Thomas, Kent — meritorious for certain and likely plaque-bound in time, but not in 2014. Silly voters.

    • Curator says:

      Among the first-timers, I would vote for:

      Greg Maddux
      Frank Thomas
      Tom Glavine
      Mike Mussina
      Jeff Kent

      In addition, I would vote for the following hold-overs:

      Barry Bonds
      Roger Clemens
      Mike Piazza
      Jeff Bagwell
      Tim Raines
      Curt Schilling
      Craig Biggio
      Mark McGwire
      Alan Trammell
      Edgar Martinez
      Larry Walker
      Rafael Palmeiro

      That’s 17 players, all of whom I would consider deserving. Obviously, one can only vote for ten, but I believe all of these players deserve my vote.

      I would not vote for Jack Morris, Lee Smith, or Don Mattingly – I believe these three are the least deserving returnees. Morris was an above-average pitcher whose prime neatly coincided with years beginning with 198, but that doesn’t mean he was the best pitcher of his era – I’d rank a number of other pitchers as better than him. Smith was a long-term closer but there have been plenty of other relievers who were better. Mattingly had a nice peak, but it wasn’t such a good peak that it deserves the HOF on its own, and he has little else going for him.

      There are also a number of players and others I’d induct who are not on the BBWAA ballot, from Torre, Cox, and LaRussa to Bobby Grich, Bill Dahlen, and Sherry Magee.

  • The Mick "7" says:

    What Are Your Thoughts On This Coming January’s HOF Voting? How Interesting Will This Voting Be? Player

    Jeff Bagwell 4th
    Craig Biggio 2nd
    Barry Bonds 2nd
    Roger Clemens 2nd
    Edgar Martínez 5th
    Don Mattingly 14th
    Fred McGriff 5th
    Mark McGwire 8th
    Jack Morris 15th
    Rafael Palmeiro 4th
    Mike Piazza 2nd
    Tim Raines 7th
    Curt Schilling 2nd
    Lee Smith 12th
    Sammy Sosa 2nd
    Alan Trammell 13th
    Larry Walker 4th

    Veterans Committee

    Dave Concepción Player
    Bobby Cox Manager
    Steve Garvey Player
    Tommy John Player
    Tony La Russa Manager
    Billy Martin Manager
    Marvin Miller Executive
    Dave Parker Player
    Dan Quisenberry Player
    Ted Simmons Player
    George Steinbrenner Executive
    Joe Torre Manager
    First Year Candidates

    Greg Maddux
    Tom Glavine
    Frank Thomas
    Jeff Kent
    Mike Mussina

    • Curator says:

      So many great and near greats on the ballots.

      Players first, Craig Biggio. He deserves HoF recognition, and then Jeff Bagwell. Oh boy, the killer b’s together again! Then Mike Piazza! Can anyone else claim they went from a 62nd, draft choice to be the best hitting catcher of all time?

      I am not a fan of Jack Morris but if he makes it, then the voters are smarter than me.

      The rest can wait as far as I am concerned. 2015 is only one year away.

      Veterans Committee. Gotta go with Marvin Miller. Too late to honor him while still alive. I call him “Marvelous Marv”. He should be thanked by every free agent that ever lived and all future free agents. His inspired maneuvering to get an arbitration panel involved in player/owner salary negotiations led to the Peter Seitz interpretation of the reserve clause that finally favored the players and that is directly responsible for free agency.

      Managers: LaRussa, love him or hate him, he belongs in the Hall. Bobby Cox, a truly great manager. Yes

      I am on the fence with Joe Torre, but if he makes it, it is OK with me.

      First timers. Greg Maddux, I wish it could be unanimous but it won’t happen. (I should have made this my first player listing)! Anyway I got him in here.

      All others in any category can just wait!

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