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Go Daddy-serviced Web sites go down; hacker takes credit

Mon, 10 Sep 2012 16:37:22 -0700 One hacker claims responsibility for an outage affecting sites for which Go Daddy provides hosting and DNS services. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-57509753-83/go-daddy-serviced-web-sites-go-down-hacker-takes-credit/?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20

Go Daddy-serviced Web sites taken down in apparent attack

Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:50:39 -0700 One hacker claims responsibility for the outage affecting sites for which Go Daddy provides hosting and DNS services. http://rss.feedsportal.com/c/32447/f/475521/s/2346cf91/l/0Lnews0Bcnet0N0C830A10E10A0A90I30E5750A97530E830Cgo0Edaddy0Eserviced0Eweb0Esites0Etaken0Edown0Ein0Eapparent0Eattack0C0Dpart0Frss0Gsubj0Fnews0Gtag0F25470E10I30E0A0E20A/story01.htm

Some Go Daddy services back online after outage

Mon, 10 Sep 2012 14:51:43 -0700 Go Daddy Corp. reports that many of its customers' websites and e-mail services hosted by the company are offline. http://www.azcentral.com/community/scottsdale/articles/2012/09/10/20120910go-daddy-services-go-down.html

GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites, Anonymous …

According to many customers, sites hosted by major web host and domain registrar GoDaddy are down. According to the official GoDaddy Twitter account the company is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. Update: … http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/10/godaddy-outage-takes-down-millions-of-sites/

Supporter of Anonymous Takes Credit for Go Daddy Attack …

A supporter of Anonymous, the loose hacking collective, claimed responsibility for an attack that apparently brought down Web sites hosted by Go Daddy. The company's site was down Monday afternoon, as were many of the … http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/10/member-of-anonymous-takes-credit-for-godaddy-attack/

Go Daddy acknowledges issues with sites, is 'working on it – Engadget

Go Daddy looks to be having a rough one today. Users are complaining of issues with sites and email addresses tied to the popular and oft-controversial. http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/10/go-daddy-acknowledges-issues-with-sites-is-working-on-it/


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7 Responses to Go Daddy

  • Anonymous says:

    I Am Involved With Two Men Right Now….how Can I Choose Between The Two? I fell in love and married my husband, we were married for 7 years and 2 months ago we got divorce. We had lots of problems the big one, he was ignoring my emotions and rejecting me in bed for years which got me really depressed. Plus he wasn’t financially responsible and was constantly putting me in debt. Last year, I met a guy at work, fell in love with him and asked my husband to move out and that guy moved in. I must say I have a 5 year old daughter with my husband (ex). The new guy was very loving and honest so I had a great time with him, but my daughter couldn’t adapt herself with the situation. Also, my husband just realized what he had, got depressed, tried to win me back, went to marriage counseling and counseling and finally got a good job and started being super nice to me. The new guy was great in bed, but I realized he had a little temper problem and anxiety issues. Plus my daughter was having a difficult time. So I asked him to move out and got myself a new place living with my daughter. Now, both my ex-husband and ex-boyfriend are trying too hard to win me back. Finally I gave in to my ex-husband thinking it might work out this time, even though I divorced him cause I didn’t want to be married to him. He has been very nice and loving towards me, his bed problems are sorted, he pays for everything, is being financially responsible, helps out around the house and my daughter is very happy. Problem is, I still love my ex-boyfriend who is madly still in love with me. He is constantly telling met to move out and move in with him. My ex-husband already knows I am still talking to him, and I have feelings for him and I am considering going back to him, but he is still being super nice so I am starting to have my feelings back for him. My daughter cries and says she doesn’t’ want to live with my ex-boyfriend and she wants her daddy to be in the house. But I can’t quite leave my ex-boyfriend for good because he became kind of my best friend, plus I see him everyday as we still work together. But I am not sure about him either, cause of his anxiety issues.

    What should I do? I am really in a very confusing situation…. I can’t break no body’s heart…… and one heart will be broken…. Problem is I can see that they are both extremely in love with me…. I know my husband wasn’t nice to me before, but maybe the counseling changed him…. and my ex-boyfriend has no right of my daughter, but he picked me up when I was down….. I really did fall in love with him,,, and I was in love with my husband……???? Don’t know what to do…

  • Domain Dns Change At Go Daddy? ? Domain dns change at go daddy?

    If i changed my dns before worthless go daddy went down.Will my domain take a **** so i cant use it either?.Sunday night i happen to change my dns for my hostgator to host it and it i dont know if it went threw i doubt it but if it did complete am i still screwed.Go daddy is down due to anonymouse! Hacker i dont know how long it will be down for damn thats crazy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is This Sentence In Correct English Please? I am wondering if the sentence below is in proper English please ?

    ” My Google/Go Daddy account apparently has recently been disabled. It’s very possible that this issue has been created by the same people who has forced my Facebook to be canceled several months ago. I am going to wait a few more days to see if my account is reestablished. If not I won’t continue my postings anymore. Regards. ”

  • Anonymous says:

    My Blogger/ Go Daddy Account Has Been Disabled. What Should I Do? I have purchased a domain name using Google Blogger/ Go Daddy and been using it for 1 year. I just realized today that Google has disabled my account without any reason. What should I do? My next domain payment is due in October , of course I am now going to pay and renew if my services is not reestablished. Unbelievable ! What should I do? Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Won’t My Internet Load A Specific Site? I have wi-fi connection in my dance studio where I connect both my iPad and iPhone through and am able to get on all websites except godaddy.com and my personal website that they are hosting. I also have an HP desktop that is plugged into the router that uses the same Internet and it is the same problem. Every website except those specific websites that I have accounts with. I tried one of those websites that checks if they are down and neither are down. I converted my phone to 3G and it went to godaddy but I waited forever on my website to load on 3G before I became impatient. On my iPad it will say that safari can not open the page because the server could not be found and on my desktop it will that it is not connected to the Internet at all. I reseted my network settings on my iPad and iPhone and reset my modem and still nothing. Go daddy’s support phone line has been ringing busy. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous says:

    Having The Ex-husband And His Wife For Dinner… What Should I Make? So let me give a small back story to the situation…

    My ex and I were divorced almost 5 years ago. 2 years ago I was married again, he and I had our issues, but finally got past them, and have become friends. My husband and he get along very well, and my daughter loves the fact that daddy and mommy get along without fighting or arguing. We have had just him over for dinner before, and it always turns out just fine.

    Now, previously I had my own issues about his new wife, things I felt she did out of spite where my daughter were concerned, and my ex-husbands relationship with our daughter. She had also once tried to contact my husband and tell him things to try and split us up. Which caused my husband to have an automatic dislike toward her.

    However, my ex and I did have a conversation concerning her, and their separation last year. Apparently, she had been dealing with a lot of depression, and other issues and was finally working through them. Not long after this conversation, she sent me a message telling me she wanted to put our issues in the past and be friends. I told her I wasn’t ready at that time to just move onto friendship territory with her, and it was something I had to think about. I decided that she had to prove herself to me.

    After an issue that happened (that I do not wish to go into) she and I did end up having a conversation via text messages, and it was quite civil. Then my husband said something that completely floored me. He suggested that we invite them BOTH over for dinner this weekend, and if it went well maybe do something around the holidays for my daughters sake After discussing it, we decided that if she really wanted to try and get along, we should give her the opportunity. I am all about second chances. I’m not saying I am going to jump right into being friends with her, but considering that my ex has become friends with my husband, something he never HAD to do, and he and I being friends now, I feel it only fair to extend her the same opportunity.

    When I called my ex, he was genuinely pleased with the idea and agreed. We even discussed the possibility of if it went well, perhaps a small get together around the holidays, and our daughters birthday would be good for our daughter.

    That all being said… I don’t know what to make for this dinner. Obviously, one side of me wants to make something super impressive. But at the same time I don’t want to go overboard. Typically when my ex would come over we had spaghetti, or chili, or even ordered pizza. I was thinking something like chicken cor don bleu or stuffed peppers. Something nice, but not overly extravagant (or expensive!!!) Any ideas or thoughts?

  • Anonymous says:

    I Need Help With An Out Of Control 4 Year Old Boy? My son is almost 4 and a half years old. Since about age 3 he has changed. The best way to describe him is, he is a miserable and unhappy child. It breaks my heart. Nothing makes him happy, he is rude to my husband and I as well as others. He started his second year of preschool this year. Last year went well. Only one phone call the entire year. I was impressed. This year has been awful. He hates school, fights me the entire way out the door. Hits and screams at me, “I hate you, you idiot.” Once I finally get him to his classroom and its time for me to go, the teachers have to restrain him so that I can even leave. He is screaming and hitting them. Dont get me wrong, all the kids in the class are crying. They all are sad that their mommy’s, daddy’s or grandparents are leaving. Its normal. But my son is the only one physically fighting and screaming at the top of his lungs. They tell me that it takes about an hour of him not cooperating with any activity before he finally settles in and actually has a good time. When I pick him up he tells me all the fun he had, and what he ate. But thats followed by, I hate that school and I dont want to go back EVER! I just feel so lost! He is just as miserable and bad at home =(. Ive tried time outs. He wont even stay seated. At all. Ive tried putting him in his room for the time out. He screams at the top of his lungs and bangs on the door. I was sure the cops would show up. Ive even tried spanking him. He just looks at me and screams, ” That didnt hurt!” He never sits still.. always bouncing around the room and deliberatly annoying those around him. People dont even want to come to my house anymore. The only time I can get him to settle for a little while is with a favorite tv show, or a game. He loves computer games, and his nintendo DS. He is not like other four year olds. He’s just not. I see all the other kids in his class and I have friends with kids the same age, and he is different. I need help.
    Thank you, I have made him an appt at our local guidance center just to be sure. I really dont want to medicate him =( .. I’m hoping they can tell me what I am doing wrong and can somehow help.

    I understand what you are saying. Recently I have began to tell him that I will not talk to him if he is acting that way.. and the tantrum Stopped!! Much sooner than it normally would =) .. But it doesnt help me for school. I cannot ignore him. I have to make him get in the car.. hitting and screaming the entire way. Then I have to make him get out of the car and walk in. The teachers cannot simply ignore him while I am trying to leave. They have to grab him, otherwise he chases after me. Once they grab ahold of him the screaming and hitting begins. Then they have to get him away from the other children. They cannot risk him harming them, even if it was on accident.

    I understand that you dont understand the importance of preschool.. but I do. No, there are no neighbors his age.. and no I

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