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  • ♀♂ Name This Or That (“Boy Meets World” Version)? Actors = Left
    Characters = Right

    • Bennett “Ben” (Savage) or Cory (Matthews)
    • Danielle (Fishel) or Topanga (Lawrence)
    • Rider (Strong) or Shawn (Hunter)
    • William “Will” (Friedle) or Eric (Matthews)
    • Matthew (Lawrence) or Jack (Hunter)
    • William (Daniels) or George (Feeny)
    • Trina (Davis) or Angela (Moore)
    • William (Russ) or Alan (Matthews)
    • Betsey (Randle) or Amy (Matthews)
    • Lily (Nicksay) or Morgan (Matthews)
    • Anthony (Quinn) or Jonathan (Turner)
    • Maitland (Ward) or Rachel (McGuire)
    • Lee (Norris) or Stuart (Minkus)
    • Blake (Clark) or Chet (Hunter)

    The names in () are the last names, which don’t have to be part of the answer.

    Please don’t pick neither or both.

    All together, which names do you like more: the actors or the characters? Which names are your favorite and least favorite? Why? Also, if you watched the show, which characters are your favorite and least favorite? Any reasons why?

    Star if you like this or want more. =)

    • Curator says:

      Cory – if his full name was Benjamin instead of Bennett then that would be my choice
      Danielle – I always thought “Topanga” was totally made up and not at all feminine-sounding
      Shaun – I prefer the u over the w – I actually like Rider Strong’s middle name more than his first (King)
      William “Will” – the name Eric always reminds me of The Little Mermaid, whereas William reminds me of Shakespeare
      Jack – as in Jackson and Hunter isn’t that bad either – I’ve never cared for the name Matthew
      William – Daniel (singular) isn’t too bad either
      Angela – though Davis is okay for a boy
      William – Russ isn’t horrible either
      Lily – though Morgan isn’t horrible
      Jonathan – I also think Anthony is a good middle name and Quinn wouldn’t be bad
      Blake – Hunter would be better, but it was a last name

      I liked 8 character names and 6 actor names.

      My favorite of all the names I picked was Shaun just because it’s different
      If I were to use a last name for my favorite, then it would be Quinn (maybe for a girl), Russ (probably short for Russell) or possibly Davis
      Again, I also like Rider Strong’s middle name, which is King and that could be a nickname for Kingston or stand on it’s own.

      My least favorite of the first names I picked was Cory – of the last names it would be Hunter

      No one character ever stood out as being my favorite.

  • Smarties says:

    When Is Girl Meets World Going To Be On Tv…? Also I know Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and Topanga Lawerence (Danielle Fishel) are going to be on the show, but what about Mr.Feeny (william daniels), Eric (will friedle), and Shawn (rider strong)?
    And why is the show on Disney and not ABC or something they’re going to kid up the show
    If anyone didn’t know, this is the sequel show to Boy Meets World, which is one of my all-time favourite shows ♥

    • Curator says:

      They start filming next month if they cast the Daughter soon.
      Shouldn’t be airing until at least mid 2013/late 2013
      Only Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage are going to be 2 of the main characters.They aren’t going to make it exactly like boy meets world.The others from boy meets world might make guest appearances but not as a main role.They are focusing on Cory and Topanga’s Teenager Daughter

      They are prob airing it on Disney because of the kid fanbase. Would be better if they stuck it on ABC with Last Man Standing/ Malibu Country like a TGIF they did back in the 90’s

    • Curator says:

      About Cory and Topanga’s Teenager Daughter Riley.It’s called Girl meets World
      Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will be back playing Cory and Topanga

      It will air on Disney sometime in mid or late 2013.They start filming in February

    • Curator says:

      Yea now that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will be apart of it. I’ll watch to see how it is

      Wow she looks so different. She looked better before

  • Jay says:

    Are You Going To Watch The Boy Meets World Sequel? Who Else Is Excited?
    I hope they keep it light and not too dramatic
    Kathy did you or your daughter like Boy Meets World?

    • Curator says:

      Yea but i hope Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage return as Cory and Topanga otherwise I’m not sure it will work out to well
      I just hope Disney doesn’t ruin it too much
      But hopefully it will work out

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