First Day Of Summer 2013

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At least 3 dead, 11 wounded on first day of summer

22 June 2013 | 2:11 am At least three people were killed and eleven others wounded in shootings in Chicago Friday, the first day of summer.

First day of summer 2013: What is a solstice anyway?

22 June 2013 | 12:01 am As the whimsical animation on Google’s homepage indicates, Friday marks the first day of summer, thanks to the solstice. But what exactly is a solstice?

At least 3 dead, 11 wounded in shootings

21 June 2013 | 8:12 pm At least three people were killed and eleven others wounded in shootings in Chicago Friday, the first day of summer.

It's The Weekend And The <b>First Day Of Summer</b>! | American Glob

21 June 2013 | 9:58 pm It's The Weekend And The First Day Of Summer! June 21, 2013. And not a moment too soon. I had a very long week this week. So long that I didn't have time to blog last night but I'm back tonight. Sometimes it's tough to be a solo blogger.

<b>First Day</b> of Winter <b>2013</b> Celebrated With Google (21 <b>Days</b> Late In <b>…</b>

21 June 2013 | 1:06 pm Google is also showing a doodle for Summer Solstice 2013 (the first day of summer) in countries where that is today. Here's a look at that doodle, or you can check out the video from Simon Rger below, which shows the

Second heat alert of season issued on <b>first day of summer</b> |

21 June 2013 | 12:16 pm EMSA has issued its second heat alert of the season just in time for the first day of summer. By Thursday night EMSA had reported five heat-related calls.

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  • BLW_KAM says:

    Horse Show Fees Explained? My daughter is entering her 2nd season of local horse shows. I’m still confused about how the fees work and it’s hard to get a solid answer from her trainer (who checks out everyone at the stable at the end of the show and tells us the amounts). I could use some help.

    She will be showing here:
    Here’s more:

    Are stall fees per day or for the whole show? (The show is Friday – Sat.)
    Office fee and medic fee are flat and mandatory?
    Do we pay a Class Division Fee and the individual classes fees?
    Is it common to pay the trainer a flat amount? (In our case it’s $125 per day for show days and $50 per day for hack days).

    I don’t mean to knock her trainer who we really like. It’s just the stable is very, very small and is run by a family of 4 people who are insanely busy and a bit hard to pin down.

    Thank you in advance for reading this long-winded question!
    Oops. bad link above, redo:

  • Brandon says:

    Whitish Pale Leaves On Miracle Berry Tree? I bought a 2 ft miracle berry (Synspalum Dulcificum) tree online a few weeks ago. So I mixed peat into the first 5-6 inches of the soil in the 5 gallon pot full of topsoil a week or two after I planted it and decided I might as well prune the dead/dry/holey leaves and left it in the summer sun. After one day, one day, almost all the leaves took on a whitish pale palor, and it’s even visible on the other side and is not mildew. The day after, some started turning brownish where the white spots were. What could be the problem?

    And anyone recommend a cheap method to test pH of soil that is tried and tested? (not the one time use kits or labs please)

  • Shania says:

    Need Information About This, Or Thoughts On What I Should Do? My Whole family knows, i’m turning 17 on July 29. I have a boyfriend, that i love to death and really care for more then anything in this world. Me and him were talking for a while about me (my idea though) moving out in January, probably like the second week or third week whenever my exams are done here in my school. I’ll be graduating early like one part of the year i’ll be in 11th grade then the last part of the year be in 12th grade so i can graduate in the class of 2014, by the way I live in north carolina. So does my boyfriend, i was planning on moving in with him even though he’s in college (just graduated in 2013) I know I might be told that i shouldn’t do it, but i know what i want in life and i want to be around him plus away from the drama. Back to the subject well, me and my boyfriend were thinking i could finish my high school year if i gradate next year (without the school back firing again like they did in 10th grade about me getting out of their early) in his old high school *Apex Nc* so i can possibly finish school and not be around the drama and fighting. That i live in every night and day around my step brother, mom, and real brother. It will give me a chance to start to live on my own, and be around my love of my life. Also I was planning on trying to get a job for the rest of the summer, and working until january or until i get enough money in a bank that i can gather my stuff up and then up and leave without my mom giving me more pain. Thanks to her i’ve been in the hospital more times i can count on my hand and toes because she would fight with me about stuff i wanted to do, and that would help me with my life.. (Anxiety Attacks, and one almost heart attack) Thanks to her and my stupid father that left us made me lose my first job, and it’s been trouble ever since. I really don’t know what to do, or who to talk to anymore about anything..Can someone give me some info about what to do on this?

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