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Tue, 15 May 2012 20:55:26 -0700 Vernon Beh Wei Zhen, the home alone boy who fell to his death from the 14th floor of a flat, had written the note in English. He even thanked his family and friends for being nice to him.

Death notices, 5/16

Tue, 15 May 2012 20:53:00 -0700 The following notices have been submitted for publication in the Wednesday edition of the San Angelo Standard-Times.

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Tue, 15 May 2012 19:35:54 -0700 Foul play has not been ruled out in the death of Penal teenager Karen Pustam who died in mysterious circumstances last Friday. Yesterday police said investigations into the 15-year-old students death were at a sensitive stage and they could not divulge further information.

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6 Responses to Death At A Funeral

  • Anonymous says:

    Can Someone Help Me With Myappeal And Proof Read It? Dear Financial Aid Appeal Committee,
    My name is Sharese Banister and I am writing this letter in concerns to appeal the suspension of my financial aid at Albany State University. This letter will provide you the information of my performance in classes and not meeting the guidelines for SAP. I have recently been accepted into Albany State University for the Summer of 2012. Unfortunately, I do not have the necessary funds to further my education as a math major and in hopes of becoming an Accountant and/or Finance Consultant. Classifying me as a first-time freshman does come with trials and tribulations, but having the mind set of working hard will payoff in the end. I did have the mind set of working hard, but with my troubles occurring during the previous semester put me in the predicament that I am in at the moment.
    During my Spring semester of 2012 at ASU, there were 2 deaths that occurred in my family. These actions took a drastic fall toward me and my performance in the 3 classes (Intro to Bio-Science, Survey of American History II and Pre-Calculus) I was attending at the time. I began traveling back and forth between Albany and Atlanta attending funerals, which I was not in control of. This affected my attendance on most days. Even with me attending class, my concentration level was not at its highest and was not able to focus on obtaining the minimum GPA to be eligible for further financial assistance. In addition, with my mother being $6,000 in debt from her previous job, we barely have the essential assets to help me in covering the costs for this term. Also, while attending the spring semester, I was kidnapped off of the campus and was reported to the campus police, but no actions took place and no justice came into play.
    For this summer, the 3 classes that affected my GPA will be the classes that I am repeating for the sake of my major. If I do not complete these classes, this will lower my chances in getting my degree and graduating in May 2015. It would be a great opportunity for me to continue my education and stay on track with my major and stay on top of my classes and grades, but with that I will need the additional financial aid to do so. I am a hard-working and dedicated student, and I would like the chance to prove to you that this semester will not be a disappointment. I will try my hardest to be a great student and show you that you made a great choice by giving me a second chance. Please take this letter into deliberation and please offer me another chance to demonstrate my devotion and dedication to my education.
    Thank you very much for your time,
    Sharese Banister

  • Anonymous says:

    Is This Good? Am I Still Switching Tenses I’m Trying Not To Make It Too Confusing For The Readers? Chapter One

    A trail of blood led to Scarlet’s body. Chief Spears was Elmwood’s Chief police.
    He was a tall and beefy man with no hair and tiny bits of crumbs of glazed donuts in his large black mustache.

    Spears looked around to find missing teeth scattered along with half her fingers.

    The tiny pieces of glass were cracked into her thick skull where the dark liquid oozed through her long dirty jet black hair.

    Her soiled skin was now torn violently from her flesh with as large hole in the middle of her chest, along with the multiple bruises and scars.
    There was a knife sliced through her wide forehead with a note attached:

    “You’ve been warned.”

    The night was young, just before chief Spears had Scarlet’s body taken away, there was some writing on Scarlet’s left arm that spelt:


    Spears found a burnt crumble piece of paper on the ground that the murders left behind that read:

    “The cops won’t stop until they find us. Stall them and anyone else who asks. It’s payback time and you owe us big time; sell us out… it’s your funeral.
    The Anderson’s have tons of money in their safe …we want it…all of it. What you breathe in will kill you.”


    Chief Spears placed the note into a plastic bag searching for more evidence, before taking off. Everywhere on the news there been non-stop talk about Scarlet’s King death.

    Charles, Scarlet’s father came home five minutes after Scarlet was kidnapped. He eyes shot up at the mess around him dropping his things.
    He called out Scarlet’s name repeatedly searching every room until he reached the kitchen.

    Charles tried to sit down pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes when he saw the bloody hand prints on the wall and marble floor.
    He made some calls before he heard about a Scarlet’s death on the news.
    His heart began to beat faster as if it was about to burst motionless in the middle of it all.
    “How could this happen.”

    Charles was upset about the mess, but more upset to find out his sixteen year-old daughter was never coming back.

    It took two and a half hours to clean up everything. The bloodstain was a little difficult to clean off the walls and carpet.

    There were strands of Scarlet’s hair in the corner of the wall where the bloody fingerprints were. Charles grabbed the cloths from her shirt and the murders cloaks that were hanging on the rusty nail.
    There was about five or more questions rumbling in his head gathering the last pieces of glass on the floor. He looked out the window to see Mrs. Carlson and her bushy black cat with a haunted glow never taking their eyes off of him.

    Charles gave a polite smile, but Mrs. Carlson expression never changed. She has bags under her dull chocolate eyes and creamy deep wrinkle lines.

    Her hair was like cotton with a stopped over back as if she’s been carrying invisible weight upon them.

    She was never a mean person, she use to be quite nice and very sweet and smelt like lavender. Her husband passed away three years ago in a horrible accident.

    Mrs. Carlson went to the store for supplies to make her homemade cobbler. On her way home the wind whipped around the corner, moaning and warning her that her husband was running out of air.

    Mrs. Carlson arrived home shortly after her husband death. The house was trashed with shattered glass everywhere.

    She didn’t know how to react shaking with fear. She pressed her hands against her small lips looking over at the bloody words on the wall that read:

    “You’ve been warned.”

    Now she was just a bitter old woman with hatred of the world chasing anybody away who dared step foot in her yard with her cat Cyrus.
    A memorial service was to be held at Elmwood Baptist Church Saturday at 2:00 o’clock p.m. Charles gather some things from Scarlet’s room closing the door behind him.
    The phone rang numbers of time. The first time no one answered, then, there was heavy breathing.
    At first Charles thought it was just, some kid with nothing better to do, but the third call didn’t seem like a prank.
    The cold water chilled his body wiping the tears from his big puffy eyes. Without saying a word Charles didn’t bother to grab a late night snack, instead he went to bed with a photo of him and his wife Angela King of sixteen years, and Scarlet in the middle with a big smile showing off her cheekbones.
    Charles smiled placing the picture on his night stand, and then everything faded into darkness.

  • Anonymous says:

    A Death In The Family…? My grandfather died on May 2, 2012 and I missed 3 days that week to be with grandma and was very depressed and then I missed another day for the funeral and I have test to take at school that I missed and I am so depressed and I have stress to. Any help.

    • Curator says:

      It is quite upsetting losing a loved one, But for now, take time on your test. After that, have fun! Hang out with friends, and make sure your grandmother is okay! It is tougher for her, the least you can do for her is stay strong.

  • Anonymous says:

    Comment On This Poem…Full Of Pride? I am only 13, so don’t be to harsh.

    Full of Pride – By Brook Ellis

    In the dawning dusk of Somerset,
    Was the nearing end of World War One; in which many fleed from in fret,
    On the morning of Tuesday; Tuesday the first,
    Was a man holding a baby boy who had just been birthed,
    His name was John; John Bishop to be exact,
    Wisps of blonde hair, with blue eyes and skin that was intact,
    He was born to be a fighter; to fight away the dastardy sinned man,
    The man who who started all this mess, Hitler, the dastardly sinned man.

    As John grew up alongside his father; his mum died from a disease named cancer,
    “I shall kill myself!” said his father to the sky, for his wife’s death this was his answer.
    From that day forward; John was fully alone,
    And he knew that his destiny was to be a soldier; and that his death was prone,
    He knew he would die one day at war, shot with a gun or stabbed in his side,
    But until that day he knew he’d have to live his life full of pride,

    One day he joined the army; and trained for many years,
    For World War Two was on it’s way, and John was listening to every word with his ears,
    “Next week, war is expected to commence, between Germany and Britain,”
    “And our job is to make sure that everyone is safe, from human to kitten!”
    Each day dragged by; more training then more,
    And then on my birthday; a Tuesday once again, we were told to get in the boat and grab an oar,
    We did as we were told; me and my many peers,
    Not too long later, we heard a bomb shoot, shooting down my friend aside me and increasing my many fears,
    I tried not to let my tears escape; and held them in for a while,
    But when my second then third friend’s were beaten, I had to gently let my tears slide onto the floor in a pile,

    When war was over; I was proud to say I was not defeat,
    But my friend’s weren’t let off to easy; for they lay in their blood, I knew they were beat,
    Many bodies were flown back to England; many funerals to place,
    And I was one of the ten to survive; the one with a bullet in the face,
    I got shot only once; but once that time I lived to this day,
    Which once again I am very proud to to say,
    “I was not defeat,” but in another battle this time in Iraq, I died,
    I died with yet another bullet in my face, but I am glad to say I lived my life full of pride….

    • Curator says:

      Wow amazing poem! For a 13 year old, that is a huge accomplishment and i think you should be extremely proud! Probably even consider a career in writing!? Well done! 🙂

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