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  • Nazgul says:

    Is There Any DTH Service Provider In India Which Shows The Channels ‘PEACE TV Or Q TV’? I am going to buy a set top box(or dish TV) and I want to know if there is any DTH service provider which shows PEACE TV or Q TV (or both) on their network in India.

    “I was wondering if there is any Government issue on telecast of these channels or Service Providers are not showing them due to less public demand or on their own choice?”

    Please help me out so I could make a move and thanks in advance…

  • Sarah says:

    What Are The Best Alternatives To Cable Tv? In the last year, my cable bill has gone up 5 times. It is time for it to go.

    I am not a huge tv junkie but I like to watch Hallmark Channel, ABC Family, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. I also like AntennaTV and MeTV. I know that most of what I listed are broadcast network stations, however I live too far from transmitters for an antenna to be used. (I’ve tried a rooftop one, I can pick up 2 PBS stations and NBC if the weather is nice).

    Satellite is almost a third of what I’m currently paying and would provide everything but the AntennaTV and MeTV channels. Is DirecTV or Dish better?

    I am not a Netflix fan after their price jump and attempting to split services a while ago. But what about other streaming services? HULUPlus? Amazon? Redbox Streaming?

    I purchased a basic roku from a friend who upgraded his but I have yet to do anything with it. Is there a way to get network tv on Roku?

    I would love to spend under $20/month on my tv.
    Again, an antenna isn’t an option. I am not in an area that can get any channels aside from PBS. I wish it was because that would be a one time fee and I’d be set. I’ve tried a large multi-directional antenna with the amp and I still have the same luck as I do with an indoor antenna. I get PBS.

  • Quanisha says:

    My Teenage Son Hates Me And Everything About Me? My son is 16 and has dropped out of school. He is home schooled but only part time. Now he is complaining that he is lonely and bored. I dont blame him for leaving high school cuz he was being rejected by everyone. He doesnt make friends cuz he has social anxiety. All his life I have put him in after school programs. soccer, basketball. church groups. changed schools. but he never is happy. I bought him a new computer, android phone, Dish network. flat screen tv. he has a wii. a playstation. DS. but still is unhappy. Now he wants an xbox, new clothes, contacts… he is bored. He stays home alone all day. I annoy him. I am forbidden to be involved in his schoolwork or ask him if his homework is done or WW3 will break out. I resort to screaming and name calling because he just procrastinates and complains. He feels alone and unloved. He sees his best friend every weekend except when he has unfinished school work. We have been to counseling numerous times. I am usually home. Dont know?

    • Curator says:

      I agree, you are the parent… you must act like one.
      He loves you, he just feels miserable and is taking it out on you. Do not take it personally.
      Set ground rules… you MUST know if he is completing his school work!
      I like the the job idea. He should be earning these things he wants! He will also feel better about himself that way! Maybe he could work at a store selling video games? It should help.with his social anxiety too!
      Sounds like you are a loving and devoted mother! Keep up the great work! You are in my prayers!

  • Logan says:

    How To Change TV Input? Im staying at a hospital and want to play xdox. there is an hdmi input in the back of the zineth l20v54s but i cant get the tv to the hdmi channel i have a dish network 5.4 ir universal remote that has done this on many other tvs but it just shows channel bank 1/2/3/4 when i press input. the hospital has no remotes for it and no one here knows how to change it and there is nothing in any of the menus to change it Please help

  • Cameron says:

    Animal Planet On Dish Network? Hi! I wanted to know what channel Animal Planet was on with dish network? In the Pensacola area? I’ve read that its 184 but mine says that it’s TLC. We were wanting to watch the Puppy Bowl this year but we must not have AP. Can we order it? Thanks!

  • Larry E says:

    How To Install Outdoor Antenna Using Dish Network Wiring? I recently cancelled my dish subscription and have sent back the hardware except the actual dish. I am having a problem hooking up an outdoor antenna that is attached where satellite use to be. I ran a rg6 coax from my tv to the wall and hooked up the antenna outside and i am not getting a signal. what am i doing wrong and what should i do. is there a trick to the wiring? when we had dish, the receiver was in the LR. TV1 was HDMI, and TV2 was in the BR. Please help!!

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