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Angels coach Don Baylor breaks leg catching ceremonial 1st pitch

1 April 2014 | 5:19 pm Ex-Angels star Don Baylor, now hitting coach, will have surgery after breaking his leg catching the ceremonial first pitch.

Don Baylor breaks leg catching ceremonial first pitch

1 April 2014 | 3:52 pm ANAHEIM, Calif. Los Angeles Angels hitting coach Don Baylor broke his right leg while catching Vladimir Guerrero's ceremonial first pitch Monday night. Baylor will have surgery Tuesday on his right femur. The injury cast a pall over opening day at Angel Stadium. Baylor, who joined the Angels' coaching staff …

Don Baylor breaks leg while catching ceremonial pitch

1 April 2014 | 3:42 pm ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) Los Angeles Angels hitting coach Don Baylor broke his right leg while catching Vladimir Guerrero's ceremonial first pitch Monday night.

Don Baylor Breaks Femur In Freak Accident [VIDEO] CBS Detroit

1 April 2014 | 1:54 pm SCOTTSDALE, AZ FEBRUARY 25: Don Baylor coach of the Arizona Diamondbacks looks on during a spring training game against the San Francisco Giants at Scottsdale Stadium on February 25, 2011 in Scottsdale, …

Tuesday Halolinks: Don Baylor breaks leg, bullpen breaks bad …

1 April 2014 | 1:48 pm It was a weird night in Anaheim as hitting coach Don Baylor broke his leg playing catch, and the Angels bullpen lost the game.

GIF: Don Baylor Breaks Leg In Freak Accident During Ceremonial …

1 April 2014 | 1:48 pm Los Angeles Angels batting coach Don Baylor broke his leg in a freak accident while catch the ceremonial first pitch from Vladimir Guerrero on opening day. The team announced that Baylor broke his femur and will have …

1992 Coca Cola Classic can from the USA, Colorado Rockies / Don Baylor

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Don Baylor 2013 Topps Update Series Chasing History Auto #CHA-DBA – ANGELS

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2013 Topps Archives Baseball SHORT PRINT – Don Baylor SP – ANGELS

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2013 Topps Archives Don Baylor SP #234 Mint!!!

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1971 Topps Dusty Baker/Paciorek/Don Baylor RC #709 SP PSA 5 – Rookie OF

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8 Responses to Don Baylor

  • Anonymous says:

    What Are My Chances Of Getting Into Baylor University? Do I have a chance of getting into Baylor? My GPA is a 6.01 (3.42 on a 4-point scale). I have a single D on my transcript thanks to geometry, but everything else is an A or a B and almost all my classes are honors/AP. My SAT/ACT scores are kinda average but medium-highish. I’m also in a lot of clubs and have done quite a few volunteer work. Will Baylor accept me???

  • ELS3.9.81 says:

    Chance Of Getting Into UT Austin, Baylor, UH, Or Texas Tech For A MS/PhD (please Read)? 3.30 GPA – Math Major/Econ Minor – UT Dallas – Current Sophomore

    Haven’t taken GRE yet.

    No relevant work experience to econ (it’s hard to find econ jobs without a masters…).

    Research experience with an Oxford PhD in economic development, research experience in cliometrics with a PhD candidate from UT Dallas, research experience in economic inequality with a Stanford PhD.

    President of the Economic Honor Society, past President of the International Political Economy Club

    Past internship as an Econ Analyst in a foreign underdeveloped country, Past internship as a linguist in a foreign underdeveloped country.

    That’s all that’s relevant really.

  • Madi says:

    What College Should I Go To? I’m from East Washington, I have the University of Washington, Baylor and the University of California San Diego. Are those good schools, I am looking to go for my undergraduate because I want to go into the medical field as an anesthesiologist or neurologist. What other schools should I look into?

  • Austin says:

    Wisconsin Vs Baylor? Who Will Win? In regular season I would say Wisconsin, but the way Baylor has been playing I have to think they will win. Go bears!

    • Curator says:

      My Bracket has Baylor going all the way to the championship game. Rooting for Baylor, but you can’t predict the craziness of this tournament.

  • Colin says:

    Can I Het Into Baylor University? I have a 3.4 gpa top 39% of my class and I scored a 1690 on my first sat attempt can I get in are there things I can do to boost my chances?

  • Samantha says:

    Which College Should I Attend? Accepted into:
    -Seattle University ($12,000 scholarship)
    -University of San Francisco ($13,000 scholarship)
    -Loyola Marymount University ($2,700 scholarship)
    -San Diego State University
    -California State University, Long Beach

    Rejected from:
    -University of Washington
    -University of San Diego
    -California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

    Wait-listed at:
    -Baylor University
    Now, Baylor is out of the question. Also, I think I have already dumped San Diego State and Long Beach from my list. LMU is the most expensive school, closest to home and also gave me a smaller scholarship than the other 2 Jesuit schools. I’ve visited USF twice and loved it and the scholarship is larger than Seattle’s yet it also a bit more expensive (not by much but it evens out percentage wise). I have visited Seattle as a city, but never the school but I’m going in about two weeks to do so.

    Personally, I’m an outgoing person. I was voted Class-Clown, I’m into theatre (but not insane about it like some people), and I’m in love with city life and cold weather. I’m from suburban LA and I’m ready to leave. I have never had a boyfriend and I would like to experience that in college.

    Honestly, I don’t care if you’re gay but USF, obviously, will have a higher gay population which makes it harder for me, a straight female, to get a guy. Seattle will have more potheads, not that I care but I don’t partake in it.

    Any thoughts? I would also love to talk more via e-mail!
    Adding on, since I ran out of characters, I want to enjoy college. I didn’t really enjoy high school to my fullest and I want to change that next year. I loved certain things about each school:
    -co-ed dormitory floors
    -paid extra curricular activities
    -bus pass system
    -rent-a-car service
    -class size
    -TV station

    Seattle U
    -class size
    -bus pass system
    -(I’m not as educated on the school as USF)

    I’m really tied to SU and USF. Yet, LMU isn’t quite out yet.
    ALSO, I plan to go to law school afterwards. My number one law school, currently, is Vanderbilt in Tennessee. USF has a nice pre-law track but I don’t wanna base my entire decision on that. I want to minor in Theater and English. I’m currently signed up as a Political Science major, but that’ll probably change.
    I really need a young, experienced person to talk to about this. Thanks, and sorry for so many “updates”.

    • Curator says:

      Here is how I would use deductive reasoning to choose the school.

      1.) Look at the top 2 schools that you got into offering the largest scholarship.

      2.) Evaluate the schools programs to see which school supports your choice filed of study most. If you do not know what you want to study… look at the school that offers the most majors/minors you would be interested in.

      In all honesty, college is so large and goes by so quickly the little details such as the location, campus style, and people won’t really matter so much. No matter which of the schools you pick, you will end up finding some good friends and grow to like or even love the school. It is more important to choose the school that will benefit YOUR personal career growth the most. Take it from me, I ended up getting into the school I hated the most… and after about a year… I grew to really like it. Also, the school I picked really supports my major so that is one of the most important things. Be smart, worry about what matters the most, because regardless, college will be fun. So just do some research to see which one will benefit you the most, and that should be your choice. Best of luck!

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