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  • Andrew says:

    Who’s The Best Celebrity Out Of These 12 People? Zendaya
    Andy Dick
    Sean Lowe
    Ingo Rademacher
    Dorothy Hamill
    D.L. Hughley
    Lisa Vanderpump
    Alexandra Raisman
    Wynona Judd
    Kellie Pickler
    Victor Ortiz
    Jacoby Jones

    • Curator says:

      From what I can find these skates were probably manufactured by CCM and they are the “signature” model for Canadian figure skating champion Lynn Nightingale. She was competing back in the Dorothy Hamill period, so I’m going to guess they are an older recreational model. Without seeing the box or the skates, I’m going to assume they are an average recreational figure skate, maybe a little better than average. Where did you get these skates, at a skate shop or sporting goods store, were they on clearance or did you buy them used?

      CCM is with Reebok and it looks like they are concentrating their efforts on manufacturing hockey skates now.

  • Anonymous says:

    My Butt Got Flat??? HELP!? Just a week ago my butt was perfectly normal a few days ago i sat for a long period of time and my bum was extremley sore afterwards and it hurt. Now it appears that my buttocks have gotten flat. My butt was the one thing i felt good about and was proud of on my body and now its gone! I had a butt that was very rounded and gave me amazing curves…and now i dont seem to have them anymore and my butt is still sore! I also have wide thighs that are about 6-7 inches more than my waistline which gave me a very curvy look-even some of my friends said they were extremely jealous of me. And with the wide hips and small waist line and my butt i thought i had the whole package and i was luckily blessed with a curvy body and now my butt is gone!! This has made me really depressed because it was the one thing that i loved on myself and i feel like a part of me has been taken away. And no i will not get plastic surgery to fix this. PLEASE HELP :'(

  • Ashly says:

    Okay Guys I Wanna Do My Hair Scene But Im Not Scene Would I Look Like A Poser? I really like this hair style but i dnt wanna look like a poser you know plz help

    • Curator says:

      Why not ask this in ‘fashion?’

      It’s your hair. Nobody has passed any laws saying you can’t have a particular hair style. Find your own style. Who gives a flying frak? In ten years ‘scene’ will be as passe as the Dorothy Hamill cut was ten years after she was an olympic medalist.

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